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Heartland Cast and Character Heights and Ages Explained

Heartland Cast and Character Heights and Ages Explained

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The much-loved TV series, Heartland, has been popular with both equestrians and non-equestrians for all its 16 seasons.

Set in the beautiful Alberta countryside, it follows the adventures of the Fleming-Bartlett family with a focus on horse trainer Amy Fleming.

Although the show is fictional, its relatable characters hold a special place in the hearts of the audience. As such, you may have found yourself wondering about the true ages and heights of the cast compared to their on-screen counterparts.

While some of the Heartland actors are quite close to their characters in age, others are further apart than you may think!

One particular cast member is an entire generation younger than his on-screen counterpart. Read on to find out who it is!

Amber Marshall as Amy Fleming

Amy FlemingAmber Marshall
Age (Season 1):1519
Age (Season 16):2934
Birthday:October 5th, 1991June 2nd, 1988
Height:5′ 4/5″ (Estimate)5′ 5″
Zodiac SignLibraGemini

Amber Marshall is a Canadian actress who plays Amy Fleming on Heartland. She was born on June 2nd, 1988, Amber is 34 years old, 5′ 5″ tall, and has the Gemini zodiac sign.

The actress is five years older than her character Amy Fleming, who is currently 29 years old on the show. However, her youthful appearance allows her to portray the role very accurately on screen.

For 14 seasons, Amy and her romantic partner Ty were the main characters of the show, until Ty passed away due to complications from a gunshot wound.

Her zodiac sign of Libra explains her balanced personality and endless patience when it comes to dealing with troubled horses and their difficult owners.

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Graham Wardle as Ty Borden

Graham Wardle who plays Ty Borden on Heartland
Ty BordenGraham Wardle
Age (Season 1):17 years old21 years old
Age (Season 13):29 years old36 years old
Birthday:1990September 6th, 1986
Height:5′ 11″ (Estimate)5′ 11″
Zodiac Sign:UnspecifiedVirgo

Graham Wardle is a Canadian actor born on September 6th, 1986, in Mission, British Columbia. He is now 36 years old and 5′ 11″ tall, and we believe his character Ty is also supposed to be around 5′ 11″.

Graham studied Motion Picture and Production at Capilano University in Vancouver before beginning his career as an actor.

For the majority of the series, Ty is one of the main characters and eventually becomes Amy’s husband and the father of their daughter, Lyndy.

Around 2019, Graham made the decision to leave Heartland, which caused widespread outrage among fans.

Since exiting the show, Graham has been dedicating his time to personal projects, such as hosting the Time Has Come Podcast.

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Michelle Morgan as Lou Fleming

Actress Michelle Morgan who plays Lou Fleming on Heartland
Lou FlemingMichelle Morgan
Age (Season 1):23 years old26 years old
Age (Season 16):38 years old41 years old
Birthday:UnspecifiedJuly 16th, 1981
Height:5′ 8″ (Estimate)5′ 8″
Zodiac Sign:UnspecifiedCancer

Michelle Morgan is a Canadian actress, producer, and director who plays Amy’s sister Lou on Heartland.

Born on July 16th, 1981 in Calgary, Alberta, Michelle’s zodiac sign Cancer. She is 41 years old and 5′ 8″ tall, which is estimated to be the same height as her character.

At the beginning of the show, Lou steps in to help run the family business after the death of her mother, Marion. Over the seasons, she becomes a successful businesswoman and the mother of Katie.

In Season 6, she also adopts a young girl named Georgie with her husband Peter.

Michelle was 26 years old when the series started back in 2007, whereas her character was 23 years old.

In general, the Heartland directors seem to cast actors close to their character’s age, which makes the whole series feel more authentic.

Shaun Johnston as Jack Bartlett

Character Jack Bartlett on Heartland height and age
Jack BartlettShaun Johnston
Age (Season 1):Mid-60s49 years old
Age (Season 16):Late 70s64 years old
Birthday:December 9thSeptember 9th, 1958
Height:6′ 1″ (Estimate)6′ 1″
Zodiac Sign:SagittariusVirgo

Shaun Johnston is a Canadian actor born in Ponoka, Alberta. He was born on September 9th, 1958, and is 6′ 1″ tall, making him one of the tallest cast members. We believe Jack Bartlett is also supposed to be around 6′ 1″ as he appears quite a bit taller than Amy and Lou.

Jack is the sixth-generation owner of Heartland Ranch and runs a successful cattle business called Heartland Beef.

He is also the grandfather of Amy and Lou and the great-grandfather of Katie, Georgie, and Lyndy.

The seasoned cowboy Jack is a Sagittarius, which explains his hard-working mentality and success in rodeo.

Few people know that Shaun is nearly 20 years younger than his character and spends long hours practicing Jack’s characteristic speech and walk.

Chris Potter as Tim Fleming

Tim Fleming in Heartland TV show
Tim FlemingChris Potter
Age (Season 1):40s47 years old
Age (Season 16):Early 60s62 years old
Birthday:UnspecifiedAugust 23rd, 1960
Height:6′ (Estimate)6′
Zodiac Sign:UnspecifiedVirgo

Chris Potter is a Canadian actor born in Toronto, Ontario, who plays Tim Fleming on Heartland.

He was born on August 23rd, 1960, and his zodiac sign is Virgo. He stands 6′ tall, which is likely around the same height as his character.

Although Tim’s age is unspecified in the series, we believe he is close in age to the actor.

Tim Fleming is the ex-husband of Marion on Heartland and the father of Amy and Lou.

Following Marion’s tragic passing, Tim made attempts to reconnect with his daughters and eventually became part of the family.

He is now married to Jessica Cook and they live on Heartland Ranch.

Gabriel Hogan as Peter Morris

Peter Morris on Heartland
Peter MorrisGabriel Hogan
Age (Season 2):Early 40s34 years old
Age (Season 16):Mid-50s49 years old
Birthday:UnspecifiedMay 17th, 1973
Height:Unspecified6′ 4″
Zodiac Sign:UnspecifiedTaurus

Gabriel Hogan is a Canadian actor born in Toronto, Ontario who plays Peter Morris on Heartland.

His birthdate is May 17th, 1973, which makes his zodiac sign a Taurus. He stands at 6′ 4″, making him the tallest cast member on the show.

Peter Morris is the ex-husband of Lou Fleming and the father of Katie and Georgie. The couple separated at the end of Season 8 due to Peter being away too much and finalized their divorce in Season 10.

Although they see other people in the meantime, Lou and Peter get back together at the end of Season 15.

Not much is specified about the character’s physical traits or age, but it has been speculated that he was in his early 40s when first appearing in Heartland.

Jessica Amlee as Mallory Wells

Mallory Wells in Heartland
Mallory WellsJessica Amlee
Age (Season 1):12 years old12 years old
Age (Season 16):26 years old28 years old
Birthday:UnspecifiedJuly 17th, 1994
Height:5′ 2″ (Estimate)5′ 2″
Zodiac Sign:UnspecifiedCancer

Jessica Amlee is a Canadian actress born in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. Her birthday is July 17th, 1994, making her zodiac sign Cancer. She stands at just 5′ 2″, making her one of the shortest adult cast members.

Amlee was just 12 years old when she first appeared on Heartland and has grown up on the show.

Her character Mallory Wells is a family friend of the Flemings and spends considerable time at the ranch as her parents are often away with work.

In Season 7, the actress decided to leave the show, saying “I needed to challenge myself in other ways.” However, she returns for two episodes in Season 10 and has also been revealed to return in Season 16.

After leaving Heartland, Amlee landed a series regular role on the Netflix original series Greenhouse Academy, where she played Jackie Sanders.

Alisha Newton as Georgie Fleming Morris

Georgie Fleming Morris on Heartland
Georgie Fleming MorrisAlisha Newton
Age (Season 6):10 years old12 years old
Age (Season 16):21 years old21 years old
Birthday:UnspecifiedJuly 22nd, 2001
Height:5′ 4″5′ 4″
Zodiac Sign:UnspecifiedCancer

Alisha Newton is a Canadian actress and equestrian born in Vancouver. She played the role of Lou and Peter’s adoptive daughter Georgie Fleming-Morris on Heartland.

Alisha Newton was born on July 2nd, 2001, she is now 21 years old, which is the same age as her character in the series. Her zodiac sign is Cancer, and she is just 5′ 4″ tall.

The actress is actually the same height as her character on-screen. This seems likely to be the case for the majority of the actors and characters on the show.

Alisha first appeared on Heartland in Season 6 at just 12 years of age, like her co-star Jessica Amlee. Similarly to Jessica, viewers could witness her becoming an adult on the show.

Alisha Newton has been absent from the last two seasons of Heartland, her most recent appearance being in Season 14.

From brief mentions of Georgie by other characters, we know that she has been away at university, focusing on her studies and show jumping.

Since there has been no official announcement to say that Alisha left the show for good, fans are still hoping for her return.

Kerry James as Caleb Odell

Caleb Odell on Heartland
Caleb OdellKerry James
Age (Season 2):21 years old21 years old
Age (Season 16):34 years old36 years old
Birthday:1987August 2nd, 1986
Height:6′ (Estimate)6′
Zodiac Sign:UnspecifiedLeo

Kerry James is a Canadian actor born on August 2nd, 1986, in Mission, British Columbia. He is currently 36 years old and was just 21 years old when he first appeared on Heartland.

His character Caleb started out as a ranch hand in the series working for Jack. His lousy attitude got him fired, after which he began a career in professional rodeo.

For the past few seasons, Caleb has been helping Tim run the rodeo school. He is married to veterinarian Cassandra and together they have a baby girl.

Like the actor, it is estimated that Caleb also is around 6′ tall in the series because he is taller than Lou but shorter than Jack, making him the exact same height as Tim.

Jessica Steen as Lisa Stillman

Jessica Sheen who plays Lisa Stillman on Heartland TV show
Lisa StillmanJessica Steen
Age (Season 1):Late 40s42 years old
Age (Season 16):Early 60s56 years old
Birthday:UnspecifiedDecember 19th, 1965
Height:Unspecified5′ 4″
Zodiac Sign:UnspecifiedSagittarius

Jessica Steen is a Canadian actress born on December 19th, 1965, in Toronto. She is 56 years old and 5′ 4″ tall.

Other than being an accomplished actress, Jessica is skilled in various circus arts and holds a diving certification.

In the series, her character is the glamorous owner of a Thoroughbred breeding operation called Fairfield Stables. She travels the world to see her horses race and often makes bold investments into potential new winners.

Lisa is married to Jack on the show and spends every minute of her free time at Heartland ranch.

Kevin McGarry as Mitch Cutty

Mitch Cutty on Heartland
Mitch CuttyKevin McGarry
Age (Season 1):Unspecified22 years old
Age (Season 15):37 years old37 years old
Birthday:UnspecifiedMarch 19th, 1985
Height:6′ 2″ (Estimate)6′ 2″
Zodiac Sign:UnspecifiedPisces

Kevin McGarry is a Canadian actor born on March 19th, 1985, in Kincardine, Ontario. He is 37 years old and 6′ 2″ tall, which made him one of the tallest actors among the Heartland cast. It is estimated that Mitch is also around the same height.

The Kincardine native began his acting career on stage before moving on to appear in film and television.

Like Caleb, Mitch originally came to Heartland as a ranch hand hired by Jack. He soon becomes romantically involved with Lou, and two eventually get engaged in Season 14.

However, at the end of the season, Lou discovers she still has feelings for Peter and breaks off the engagement.