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10 Best Heartland Scenes Chosen by Fans

10 Best Heartland Scenes Chosen by Fans

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Heartland is possibly the most popular horse TV series in the world. Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Canadian Rockies, the show features horses, drama, and heartfelt family moments.

The secret behind the show’s success is excellent writing and execution by the producers, cast & crew. It’s easy to fall in love with the exciting storylines, lovable characters, and magical scenes of Heartland.

Ranking the best Heartland scenes has been extremely hard, simply because there’re so many of them. For our top 10 list, we have considered the scene’s importance, overall impression, as well as the opinion of fans, Heartland‘s producers, and actors.

Here are the top 10 best Heartland scenes!

*Warning: spoilers ahead*

10. Jack’s Wedding

In Season 7 Episode 18 “Be Careful What You Wish For”, Jack and Lisa elope while the rest of the family is cheering for Amy on a competition. Despite Jack and Lisa’s wish to keep this a secret, Tim unexpectedly shows up before the ceremony.

Naturally, Jack starts arguing and wants to send him away. Tim, however, insists on staying since Jack needs a witness and a best man.

After a moment of silence, Jack asks Tim “Wanna stand up with me?”, which is just such an important moment for the two of them. Given their history, this marks Jack’s ultimate acceptance of Tim as part of the family again. Tim, of course, accepts his invitation and they proceed to the ceremony.

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9. Georgie Can Stay

Season 6 introduced a new character to the Heartland universe. A runaway girl called Georgie shows up at the ranch, alongside a stray horse called Phoenix. Several episodes and adventures later, we find out that Georgie is here to stay.

In Season 6 Episode 10 “The Road Ahead”, Lou and Peter ask Georgie whether she’d like it if they became her foster parents. Next is a beautiful scene where the whole family gathers up in front of the house for some big announcements.

Lou and Peter arrive to tell everyone that Georgie is now officially a member of the family. Not only that, but Ty and Amy also announce their engagement. You can’t help but smile at the characters’ happiness, which makes this scene so wholesome.

8. Caleb Kissing Lou

This scene made it onto the list because it’s so utterly hilarious. In the second half of Heartland Season 6, Lou and Caleb overstep the boundary of their professional relationship when Lou tells him about her problems with Peter.

Throughout Season 6 Episode 14 “Lost and Gone Forever”, the two are trying to figure out what is actually going on between them. At the end of the episode, Caleb decides he can’t take it anymore and quits his job as a ranch hand.

However, just before leaving, he does something none of us would expect. He gets out of his car and theatrically kisses Lou, who doesn’t know how to respond. I think this scene made many fans’ jaw drop and is certainly one of Heartland‘s best moments.

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7. Amy and Spartan’s Liberty Work

In Heartland Season 5, Amy starts on a journey to reconnect with her “heart horse” Spartan. She discovers the magic of liberty horse training, taking her relationship with Spartan to the next level.

From this point on, we’re occasionally treated to beautiful scenes featuring Amy and Spartan working at liberty. A perfect example is the closing scene of Season 10 Episode 6 “The Green-Eyed Monster. Having neglected Spartan during her pregnancy, Amy turns to liberty work once again to spend some quality time with her horse.

The music, the light, the emotions are all perfect in this scene. Spartan is fully focused on Amy, responding to her signals at once. It’s a splendid moment, honoring the connection between human and horse.

6. Amy Jumping the Course Ty Built

The next scene is from Heartland Season 1 Episode 2 “After the Storm”. Amy’s mother Marion’s passing is still fresh in everyone’s memory and things aren’t quite back to normal yet. When Ty finds out Amy used to love jumping, he builds a course for her in the woods.

At the end of the episode, we see Amy enjoying the course with Spartan. The synchronized movements of horse and rider in the setting sun create a truly magical and harmonious scene.

At the end of her run, Jack drives past with Ty in the truck. Amy smiles at Ty in perfect happiness, a moment they will remember for many years to come. Even though it’s been a long time since Amy and Spartan first rode the course, this scene is still a fan favorite.

5. Amy and Spartan’s First Join up

And now we’re down to the top 5 best Heartland scenes of all time! Amy and Spartan’s first join up in Season 1 Episode 1 “Coming Home” is a classic moment all viewers will remember.

It’s been a few weeks after Marion’s tragic death and Amy is trying to get through to a traumatized Spartan. She has been relentlessly working with him in the round pen using her mother’s methods, but to no end. Until now.

In the iconic scene, Amy releases all her emotions towards Spartan, screaming “It’s not my fault! It’s not my fault!”. A few moments later Spartan walks up to her, which represents the beginning of their healing journey.

4. Amy and Ty’s First Kiss

Another iconic moment in the show is Amy and Ty’s first kiss in the Season 1 finale “Coming Together”. On the night of Amy’s Fall Finale victory, Amy and Ty have an intimate conversation in the barn.

Ty tells Amy how proud he is of her, and wants to tell her something else but doesn’t know how to. Amy famously says “Talking’s overrated”, after which Ty kisses her in a heated moment.

The fact that this scene comes so late in the first season tells Heartland apart from other drama series. The writers have been cautious not to give too much away too soon, making the show family-friendly and addictive at the same time.

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3. Ty’s Proposal

Ranking #3 on the list is Ty’s proposal to Amy in Season 6 Episode 9 “Great Expectations”. This scene has been long-awaited by Heartland fans, given that Amy and Ty have been together for several years.

Luckily, it was worth the wait. On the night of the big event, Amy and Ty were walking along the river near the fishing cabin. As they reach the teepee, the two hear the wild horses and see a shooting star, prompting Ty to say he wants to spend the rest of his life with Amy.

In the perfect moment, Ty asks Amy to marry him, who accepts without hesitation. And so begins a new chapter in the Heartland universe, filled with happiness, joy, and more heartwarming moments.

2. Here Comes the Bride

Two and a half seasons after the proposal, the wedding day of our favorite couple is finally here. In the Season 8 finale “Written in Stone”, the two tie the knot at the ranch in front of family and friends.

A moment that stands out in the whole ceremony is the arrival of the bride. Led by Georgie and Sugarfoot, Amy rides Spartan down a lantern-lit path in front of the house, at the end of which Ty awaits her. Tim and Jack also ride by her side.

The look Amy gives Ty as she approaches him is one of the most fulfilling moments in the entire series. After everything they’ve been through, the two are about to become a family and spend the rest of their lives together. The joy in the scene is overpowering not just for the characters, but the viewers also.

1. The Promise Ring

In Season 3 Episode 3 “Man’s Best Friend”, Ty and Amy are getting ready for the end-of-school dance. However, Ty’s truck breaks down on the way to the dance, leaving them with no means of getting to the event.

To make Amy feel better, Ty asks her to dance on the back of the truck. It’s a beautiful sunset, bathing the two in golden light as they dance. To mark this memorable moment, Ty gives Amy a promise ring, which she gladly accepts.

This scene was ranked as the best Heartland scene of all time because of its flawless beauty and perfection. It’s also the first time Ty expressed to Amy he’s truly serious about her. With everything considered, this scene has the power to brighten up anyone’s day, which is why it deserves first place.

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Tuesday 9th of August 2022

I love Heartland. I pretty much love all the actors. Great job to you all! God bless.