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Is Teeter Leaving Yellowstone? Jennifer Landon’s Future Explained

Is Teeter Leaving Yellowstone? Jennifer Landon’s Future Explained

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Since her arrival in season three of Yellowstone, Teeter has become a fan-favorite. Her no-nonsense attitude, spunky personality, unique accent and bright pink hair have brought a new energy to Yellowstone.

Teeter is a ranch hand on Yellowstone Dutton Ranch who is played by Jennifer Landon. She fits right in among the bunkhouse crew, as she can argue, curse and fight just like any of the other cowboys.

Teeter is the only woman so far to be branded at the ranch. The Texas native is a hard worker and is loyal to Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

Fans were shocked when Teeter was told to leave the bunkhouse in season four.

Not only had she become a fan-favorite, but she was becoming a more predominant character and her relationship with Colby had become significant on the show.

Why Did Teeter Get Kicked Off Yellowstone Dutton Ranch?

Teeter got fired from Yellowstone Dutton Ranch after all females were evicted from the bunkhouse.

After ranch hand Lamarie sparked a violent feud between her ex-fling Lloyd and current romantic interest Walker, John Dutton declared there should be no more women in the bunkhouse.

Teeter was kicked out of the bunkhouse at no fault to her. Furious over the unfair treatment, she storms off the ranch without her pay.

However, in just the next episode, “Keep the Wolves Close,” Teeter returns to the ranch to get her job back. She makes an emotional plea to John and Rip, showing her brand in an effort to get her job back.

“So all that this is my home forever, that’s just talk? F******g scarred for life, it don’t mean nothing?” said Teeter.

Fortunately, Rip reassured her that her brand does indeed mean a lot and offered her her spot back in the bunkhouse.

A tearful Teeter thanks Rip for giving her her job back and promises she will continue to prove her loyalty to Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

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Jennifer Landon Said Filming Teeter Securing Her Job Was Emotional

In a ‘Behind the Look’ interview with Paramount Network, Jen Landon reveals that filming the scene where Teeter gets her job back was “quite emotional.”

While fighting back tears, she exclaims that Teeter getting fired was “devastating” adding that “as wily and rebellious as [Teeter] is, all she wants is to belong to a family.”

The scene is emotional as Teeter shows how much the ranch really means to her. “It does feel like there’s another emotional thing that ensures her place there,” says Landon.

The scene ends with Teeter giving Rip an awkward yet heartfelt hug while he’s on horseback before heading back to move into the bunkhouse.

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Is Teeter Leaving Yellowstone?

Teeter is not leaving Yellowstone and has un fact been boosted to a series regular from a guest star.

Now that she has once again secured her spot in the bunkhouse we will be seeing more of Teeter in season five.

Teeter, Yellowstone TV series characters

As Teeter has become one of the most popular characters on Yellowstone, fans can rest assured they will see plenty of her in season five.

Fans are eager to learn more about her back story and watch more scenes with her lively and spirited personality.

Who is Jennifer Landon?

Jennifer Landon is an American actress born on August 29, 1983, in Malibu, California. She is the daughter of actor Michael Landon.

Actress Jennifer Landon at a movie premiere
lev radin /

Michael Landon is most famous for his roles as Little Joe Cartwright in Bonanza (1959–1973) and Charles Ingalls in Little House on the Prairie (1974–1983).

Following in the footsteps of her famous father, Jennifer began acting at the age of five. She is best known for her role as Gwen Norbeck Munson from 2005-2010 in As the World Turns (1956-2010).

She took home three Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series (2006-2008) for her role in As the World Turns.

Jennifer then landed the role of Teeter on Yellowstone in 2020. To help her prepare for her role as a ranch hand, show creator Taylor Sheridan sent Jennifer to learn from a horse trainer in L.A.

On set, she worked with one of the wranglers to get comfortable with her horse.

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Saturday 24th of December 2022

Love Teeter


Monday 12th of December 2022

Teeter isn't from Texas. She is from North Texarkana, which is Arkansas. Travis, Taylor Sheridan's character, tells her to stop saying she is from Texas.

Edna England

Sunday 11th of December 2022

glad she's back now now Beth need not be so hard on Jamie she was the one who was in trouble not him . he's was a kid his self


Sunday 11th of December 2022

I really wish Beth and Jamie could actually love each other like brother and sister. The hatred is getting old and we have enough of that in our country that we have to hear about on the news everyday. But at least have one episode where Jamie has blackmail on Beth or something so she'll behave herself toward him. I like her spirited attitude though towards others.

Jeri Huffman

Sunday 11th of December 2022

The show keeps your attention as long as it continues to do so. Like other ones that lose the attention of many viewers.Thats very disappointing. But so far I'm loving everything about it!