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Why Did John Dutton Adopt Jamie? Jamie’s Parentage Explained

Why Did John Dutton Adopt Jamie? Jamie’s Parentage Explained

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In season three it came as a shocker that Jamie Dutton was adopted and John was not his biological father.

Jamie’s relationship with his family has always been rocky and learning that he was adopted only made things more complicated.

After discovering he is not a Dutton by blood, Jamie sets out looking for answers. He confronts his father about the topic and eventually meets his biological father as he discovers who he really is.

Jamie is surprised when he finds out his father is Garrett Randall, who just finished serving a 30-year sentence in jail for killing Jamie’s mother, Phyllis. It is a lot for Jamie to process, but he eventually forms a relationship with his biological father.

Why Did the Duttons Adopt Jamie?

After being sentenced to jail, Garrett hoped that his son would have a better life with a different family who could love him and provide for him.

The whole Dutton family alive at the start of Yellowstone Season 1

The Duttons were a prominent family in the area, known for giving second chances to people who need them.

In addition, the Duttons knew the Randalls, as they had known Phyllis before she married Garrett. It is likely that John Dutton adopted Jamie since he knew the Randall family and wanted to protect Jamie from any further harm.

“When he married the woman who gave birth to you, we begged her not to do it because we knew,” said John in season three. “But I guess she thought she could save him. I don’t know how to explain the chemistry of attraction, the thing that drives us to kill ourselves.”

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How Did the Duttons Know Jamie’s Mother?

In season three, John says that he knew Jamie’s mother Phyllis before she married Garrett Randall. However, there is very little information known about Phyllis and her relationship with the Duttons.

While there is not a lot we know about Phyllis and how she knew the Duttons, many fans have their theories.

John Dutton and Jamie Dutton arguing on Yellowstone

Some believe that Phyllis was Evelyn’s sister, whereas others think that Phyllis could actually be a Dutton herself.

Since Phyllis’s maiden name has not been revealed, we don’t know who she truly is. However, it would make sense for the Duttons to adopt Jamie if his mother was somehow related to them.

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Who are Jamie’s Biological Parents?

Jamie Dutton’s real parents are Garrett and Phyllis Randall, and originally Jamie went by the name Michael Randall. The Duttons adopted Jamie when he was only three months old and raised him as their own.

Jamie’s father struggled to make ends meet, and his mother struggled with a drug addict.

After coming home from work one day, Garrett was horrified to discover young Jamie crying and sucking on a crack pipe. Phyllis was not watching her baby as she was busy hooking up with another man.

Jamie Dutton and his biological father Garrett Randall in the Yellowstone TV series
Jamie Dutton and his biological father Garrett Randall

Garrett became overwhelmed with anger that Jamie was put in such a dangerous situation. In an outburst of fury, Garrett murdered Phyllis for putting Jamie’s life in danger.

Garrett spent 30 years in jail for murdering Phyllis and Jamie spent that time being raised by John and Evelyn Dutton.

Upon being released from jail, Garrett tells Jamie that he killed his mother to save Jamie’s life.

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Jamie and Garett Randall’s Relationship

After learning the truth about his heritage, Jamie meets Garrett. At the time Garrett is living on his own on a farm.

After some time, Garrett is able to bond with his son, expressing that he is proud of him. Eventually, Garrett even moves in with Jamie at his new home. Jamie even introduces him to his child and his child’s mother, Christina.

However, things go south when Jamie learns his father is behind the attacks on Beth, John and Kayce in season three. Garrett has a vendetta against John for his wife Phyliss and for John not standing up for him in court.

After Beth discovers the truth about who was behind the attack on the Duttons, she confronts Jamie.

Beth gives Jamie three options: she would report both Jamie and Garrett to the police, she would tell Rip that Garrett tried to kill her or Jamie himself could kill Garrett.

Jamie is overcome with emotion and begs Beth to change her mind. After she wouldn’t budge, he decided the only way out was to kill his father himself.

Jamie Dutton killing his father Garrett Randall at the end of Yellowstone season 4

While on the ranch, Garrett tells Jamie he loves him while taking in the sites. Jamie then shoots Garrett in the head and kills him.

When taking Garrett’s corpse to the train station to dispose of it, Beth catches Jamie in the acting and takes a photo of Jamie holding his dad’s corpse as evidence flor blackmail.


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