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Who Is Jamie’s Real Father in Yellowstone? Jamie FAQs Answered

Who Is Jamie’s Real Father in Yellowstone? Jamie FAQs Answered

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Jamie Dutton has a rocky relationship with his family. His family constantly looks down on him despite Jamie regularly trying to please his father.

Yellowstone fans had quite the surprise when it was revealed that John Dutton was not Jamie’s real father.

The revelation came as a shock to Jamie, as he had no idea he wasn’t a true Dutton.

Who is Jamie Dutton’s Biological Dad?

Jamie Dutton’s real father is Garrett Randall. Jamie met Garrett after he was released from jail after serving a 30-year sentence.

Garrett went to jail after killing Jamie’s mother Phyllis when Jamie was just three months old. At the time, Jamie was known as Michael Randall.

Jamie Dutton and his real father Garrett Randall on Yellowstone
Jamie Dutton and Garrett Randall

Jamie’s father struggled to make ends meet while his mother was a junkie. One day, Garrett got home to find young Jamie crying and sucking on a crack pipe.

While this was happening, Phyllis was hooking up with another man.

Garrett became overcome with anger that Jamie was put in such a dangerous situation. In a fit of rage, Garrett murdered Phyllis.

After murdering his wife, Garrett was sentenced to jail and Jamie was adopted by John and Evelyn Dutton. He was still just a baby when the Duttons brought him into their home.

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Why Did Jamie Kill His Dad?

Jamie Dutton killed his dad after Beth Dutton gave him an ultimatum. Beth said she would report Jamie and Garrett to the police, she would tell Rip that Garrett tried to have her killed or Jamie himself could kill Garrett.

Jamie begged Beth to change her mind. However, with Beth not budging, Jamie came to the conclusion that the best choice would be to kill his father himself.

Jamie Dutton and Garrett Randall on Yellowstone

Jamie had grown close to his father after finding the truth. He began to distance himself from the Duttons while getting to better know his biological father.

Even upon being released from jail, Garrett appeared unchanged, still hating the Dutton family. He blamed John Dutton for not standing up for him while testifying in court.

In return for his anger, Garrett ordered attacks on John, Beth, and Kayce that were planned out by his former cellmate Terrell Riggins.

After getting to know each other more, Garrett went on to live with Jamie at his new home. He even met Jamie’s son and his former campaign manager and fling.

Jamie Dutton about to shoot and kill his dad Garrett Randall

Though he had been growing closer to his father, Jamie shoots him in the head because of Beth’s blackmail. The two had even been bonding right before the incident, with Garrett telling Jamie he loves him. Jamie then disposes of Garrett’s body at the train station.

Beth was on hand while Jamie was disposing of the body, taking photographic evidence. This gives John the power to have Jamie wrapped right around his finger.

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Why Did the Duttons Adopt Jamie?

Prior to Jamie being born, the Duttons were friends with the Randalls. It is likely that the Duttons adopted Jamie because of the fact they knew Phyllis before she married Garett.

Jamie Dutton and John Dutton on Yellowstone

After having to give up Jamie for murdering his mother, Garrett hoped that his son would have a good life on the ranch living with the Duttons.

“When he married the woman who gave birth to you, we begged her not to do it because we knew,” said John in season three. “But I guess she thought she could save him. I don’t know how to explain the chemistry of attraction, the thing that drives us to kill ourselves.”

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Very little information is known about Jamie’s real mom besides that her name was Phyllis and that she had an addiction. However, some fans speculate that she could have been a Dutton herself or was even Evelyn’s sister.

As Phyllis’s maiden name has not been revealed, there is no way to know if she bares any relation to Evelyn or John.

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