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Why Does Beth Hate Jamie on Yellowstone? Their Complicated Relationship Examined

Why Does Beth Hate Jamie on Yellowstone? Their Complicated Relationship Examined

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In the compelling narrative of Yellowstone, the intense sibling feud between Beth and Jamie Dutton stands out as a central plot point, often leaving viewers intrigued.

To answer why Beth hates Jamie so much, we dissect the complex dynamics between Beth Dutton and Jamie Dutton, offering a comprehensive analysis rooted in key Yellowstone episodes.

Through this exploration, we aim to shed light on the reasons behind Beth’s deep-rooted animosity towards Jamie, a consistent thread in the intricate narrative of the Dutton family’s power struggles and interpersonal relationships.

Why Does Beth Dutton Hate Jamie Dutton?

Beth hates Jamie in Yellowstone because he is the reason she can’t have biological children. As a teenager, Beth got pregnant with Rip’s baby and asked Jamie for help. Without telling her, he took her to an abortion clinic on the reservation that required sterilization as part of the process.

Leaving her in the dark about the consequences of the abortion is a betrayal Beth could never forgive Jamie for.

Beth and Jamie on Yellowstone

The fact that they have very different ideas about values, morals, and the world in general is also a reason for their toxic relationship.

Not to mention Beth has always known Jamie is adopted and not of Dutton blood. Aware of his family history, Beth is convinced Jamie has evil in him and has vowed to make his life a living hell.

Why Did Jamie Have Beth Sterilized?

As we found out from a flashback in Season 3, Jamie has knowingly let her sister be sterilized without even consulting her. At the clinic, the only method of abortion available required sterilization. However, despite all he took away from her, Jamie has always acted confused about her sister’s hatred towards him.

According to a reveal by Yellowstone stars, Jamie believes he acted in his sister’s best interest by having Beth sterilized. Taking her to an abortion clinic at the Indian Reservation was the only way to keep the incident from John and protect Rip as well.

Astonishingly, in Jamie’s mind, he did nothing wrong, which explains why he is so ignorant about his sister’s rage.

From his perspective, he was there for Beth in times of need and did his best to protect everyone involved.

Below is a brilliant video of Beth and Jamie’s troubled friendship:

Does Beth Ever Forgive Jamie?

Beth can never forgive Jamie for agreeing to a hysterectomy without her knowledge. She puts his betrayal down to Jamie being evil and is determined to turn every waking moment of his life into misery.

Beth also despises Jamie for repeatedly betraying the family that took him in. She loves her father and wants to please him more than anything in the world, which involves destroying those who make a move against him.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, actress Kelly Reilly who portrays Beth in Yellowstone raised an interesting point about her character:

“I feel really bad for Jamie sometimes. I think the relationship with Jamie and Beth is so toxic. It’s so full of betrayal. And so full of pain for her. But I think the reason why all of that exists is because she loved him.”

Before his dark act, Beth had no reason to hate Jamie. And so, it’s logical that she loved him as a sister would a brother, which is why his betrayal has scarred her for life.

Why Does the Dutton Family Hate Jamie?

Growing up, Jamie dutifully followed the path John Dutton assigned him. He went to Harvard, became a prominent lawyer, and protected his family to the best of his abilities. And yet, all the Duttons have given him is mistrust, abuse, and hatred.

The Dutton family’s hatred toward Jamie stems from differing personalities and views. They believe that he does not have the best interest of the ranch and his family in mind. The fact that Jamie is also not a true Dutton contributes to the family’s dislike of him.

Jamie and Beth Dutton arguing violently

At the start of the series, the Duttons’ hatred for Jamie is not obvious, save for Beth Dutton. The first major conflict between Jamie and the Dutton family happened when he “selfishly” refused to step down from running for attorney general.

The result? Disownment.

Moreover, some fans speculate that when John found out about the abortion clinic in Season 4, Beth’s lifelong grudge against Jamie became his own.

Why Did John Dutton Adopt Jamie?

In a shocking revelation of Yellowstone Season 3, we found out that Jamie is in fact adopted. He was only three months old when his father beat his mother to death and the Duttons took him under their wing.

It is not known why John and Evelyn Dutton adopted Jamie. Some fans speculate that his mother was Evelyn’s sister or somehow important to John.

Although unexpected, Jamie’s adoption story explained a lot about the way the Duttons treat him. Family ties could have certainly played a role in him becoming a Dutton, but we can’t be sure yet.

Who Is Jamie Dutton’s Real Father?

Jamie Dutton’s real father is Garrett Randall. He served his sentence in prison for the murder of his wife and has been living on a remote ranch before reconnecting with Jamie.

When he found out John was not his biological father, Jamie sought out his real dad for answers. Upon meeting, he questioned Randall about his past actions, who was quick to admit and justify his crime.

Through manipulation, Randall was able to win Jamie to his cause and convince him to fight for the “Yellowstone empire”.

As we later found out, the ex-prisoner was behind the series of attacks on the Dutton family at the end of Season 3.

As a result of these attacks, Beth’s disdain for Jamie only increases. Once she finds out that it was Jamie’s father who was responsible for the assassination attempts on the Duttons, she is furious. She gives Jamie an ultimatum and in the end, Jamie ends up shooting Garrett to save himself.

Jamie then disposes of Garrett’s body at the train station where Beth ambushes him, taking a picture of him to use as blackmail. Beth made it clear that she still despises her brother.

Jamie and Beth’s Feud in Season 5 of Yellowstone

Beth and Jamie’s feud has only grown in Season 5 as they are now out for each other’s throats. The sibling rivalry is at an all-time high in the final season of Yellowstone.

As Jamie wants John out of his role as governor, Beth wants Jamie dead. Knowing that Beth wants him gone for good, Jamie is teaming up with Sarah Atwood of Market Equities to get rid of his sister once and for all.

Sarah Atwood and Jamie Dutton in Yellowstone Season 5

Jamie told his assistant he wanted it to look like Beth died in a car accident or from a heart attack. The end of Yellowstone may see Beth and Jamie’s feud boil over, potentially resulting in the death of one of the siblings.

“We’ve got something coming. We’re both threatening each other now in some serious ways,” Wes Bentley, who plays Jamie Dutton, told Entertainment Weekly.

“It’s a mystery to me too where it’s going. I just know this is an inflection point….Something major will come of this moment between Jamie and Beth. This is kind of the final straw. He didn’t much how much Beth was really fed up with him until really recently, and I think that is now flipped a switch in Jamie that he feels similarly,” he continued.

Season 5 Part 2 is sure to have plenty of drama in store between Beth and Jamie.

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Tuesday 5th of July 2022

RECAP: Yellowstone (S3 Ep.5) reveals, finally, the tension between Beth and Jamie. In flashback, a sixteen-year-old Beth, pregnant with Rip’s child, approaches an 18- or 19-year-old Jamie for help. She needs an abortion. Likely for good reason, neither feels free to inform John Dutton, and Rip’s tenure on the show would not have lasted long.

Jamie understands the threat of scandal likely to accompany Beth’s visit to the local Livingston hospital so, with limited options, he takes Beth to the reservation clinic. There, he learns that Native American abortions carry mandatory sterilizations. Torn, yet cornered, he leads Beth inside.

Several issues, here. First, the show presents Beth as an unknowing participant in the procedure but, almost certainly, the clinician-in-charge would have alerted Beth to the full process, including ramifications, so to gain her informed consent; and, this, even more so given Beth’s non-Native status and the clinicians’ residence, there, on planet Earth with the rest of the county who, undoubtedly, had heard of the Dutton Ranch.

Secondly, while the show conveniently neglects to mention it, almost certainly the Duttons have a family doctor—some General Practitioner who makes house calls (and has done so for years) to patch up the kids and sip rye whiskey with John. The richest family for miles, without question, the Duttons would have this guy and he would constitute Jamie’s first call.

Thirdly, the practice of Native American sterilizations ended in the Seventies, long before Beth would have sought an abortion at a reservation clinic.

Finally, and most importantly, Beth’s sterilization followed one of two courses: tubal ligation (“tubes tied”) or hysterectomy (uterine removal). A hysterectomy is major surgery, requires hospital admission and a lengthy stay (two to three days). No way a surgeon proceeds on a minor without her father’s consent. Thus, only one rational means of Beth’s sterilization remains: tubal ligation. Beth had her tubes ties. Thing is, the reversal procedures on tubal ligation have a 50% to 80% success rate. (, which sets Beth’s future pregnancy chances, at least, at even money. Now, Yellowstone may reveal that Beth has undergone a failed reversal procedure but given its possibility, coupled with the likelihood of Beth’s informed consent (back when) and Jamie’s lack of options, Beth’s abiding hatred of Jamie feels misplaced.

I understand that “Yellowstone” wants to carry forward the plot point of “Beth’s hate and Jamie’s fear,” but the writers needed better homework. (Plot Point: 3 stars).


Thursday 2nd of February 2023

@Evie, I may stop watching Yellowstone as this sibling rivalry seems too off base and too intense. Jamie has always been a dutiful son as I see it. Getting old and no basis.

John Mc Chesney

Thursday 8th of December 2022

@Mike,The writers messed up. I know the doctor wanted me to know the consequences of sterilization before having a vasectomy.


Thursday 8th of December 2022


Thanks for that. That feud/plot seems off and I came to this page to find out what I was missing 😕

-scratchin ma head 🤷🏽‍♀️