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Who is Jake Ream? 8 Facts About the Jake Actor on Yellowstone

Who is Jake Ream? 8 Facts About the Jake Actor on Yellowstone

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The hit series Yellowstone is full of action, drama, and authentic ranch life.

Not only does the show have plenty of cowboy scenes, but several of the actors are real-life cowboys themselves.

Jake Ream is a real-life cowboy and the actor who plays Jake on Yellowstone. Ream is a horse trainer and actor who runs a training barn out of Palmyra, Utah.

Jake Ream is a Real-Life Cowboy Who Operates Ream Performance Horses

Jake Ream grew up riding horses and is a real-life cowboy. He started riding at a young age and grew up ranching, doing just about everything with horses he could do.

Ream’s older brother used to put him on quite a few wild ones, which helped him grow as a rider.

Horses continued to be an important aspect of Ream’s life and he has worked with many big names in the horse world.

Today Ream operates Ream Performance Horses in Palmyra, Utah. Ream Performance Horses specializes in cutting, offering colt starting and tune-ups. The facility features an indoor arena and covered stalls.

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He Worked With Renowned Cutting Horse Trainer Guy Woods

Actor Jake Ream on Yellowstone

Upon graduating from high school, Jake Ream got the opportunity to work for cutting horse trainer Guy Woods of EE Ranches.

Woods has been the resident cutting horse trainer of EE Ranches for 27 years, bringing home numerous major cutting horse titles.

While working for Woods, Ream got to work with a lot of big names within the performance horse industry. His experience working with Woods helped transform him into the trainer he is today.

He Met Taylor Sheridan When Sheridan Bought One of His Horses

Jake Ream first met Taylor Sheridan when he posted a horse for sale online. Sheridan, the creator, writer, and co-producer of Yellowstone, met up with Ream to try out the horse.

Upon riding the horse, Sheridan purchased it and began taking some lessons with Ream. The two developed an acquaintance and continued to work together.

He Had No Idea Taylor Sheridan is Famous

Actor Jake Ream

Upon meeting Sheridan, Jake Ream had no idea he was famous. It wasn’t until at a horse show when the secretary of the cutting horse association asked Ream how he met Sheridan.

When Ream stated that he knew Sheridan through selling him a horse, the secretary showed Ream who Sheridan was on the internet. Ream was surprised to find out that Sheridan is a celebrity working in the film industry.

He then went out to the trailer and said to Sheridan “so, you’re some famous guy or something?” The two shared a good laugh over the situation.

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He Began Working on Yellowstone When Taylor Sheridan Needed Help Teaching Actors to Ride

Right before the start of production for Yellowstone, Sheridan called up Jake Ream to ask for help teaching the actors to ride.

Ream agreed, helping lead the cowboy camp Sheridan organized to teach the actors the in and outs of being an authentic cowboy.

Over the course of four nights, Ream helped take the actors on a pack trip to learn to ride and work around horses. He taught the actors basic horsemanship on land that his grandfather owns.

After cowboy camp, Ream stayed with the production of the show, helping with saddling and wrangling horses. His main job includes making sure everyone is safe and the horses are all properly tacked up.

“Taylor got the best horses. I mean, I don’t think you’re gonna see a TV series nowadays or anything like that with the caliber of horses,” says Ream.

Taylor Sheridan Then Offered Him a Role as a Ranch Hand in Yellowstone

Rip Wheeler and Jake riding horses on Yellowstone

After proving to be a helpful addition to the show, Taylor Sheridan began giving Jake Ream some on-screen time.

Sheridan would give Ream a little bit of screen time here and there, including one of his first big moments doing a roping scene.

Ream proved to be a good addition to the cast, so Sheridan made his character a recurring role. Some of his on-screen time includes performing stunts for the show such as riding bucking horses.

Ream now plays Jake, a ranch hand at Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. To date, he has appeared in 31 episodes of Yellowstone.

“It’s for sure been interesting to go from never being around a movie camera in my life to watching all of it and see how it takes out. And then to actually sit down on your TV and watch it, it’s been fun,” says Ream.

Below is a brilliant behind-the-scenes Jake Ream interview:

What are Jake Ream’s Roles Outside of Yellowstone?

To date, Jake Ream’s only acting credit is Yellowstone. The main focus of his career so far has been working as a horse trainer. However, he has been with Yellowstone since season one and has become an integral part of the show, both on camera and behind the scenes.

Does Jake Get Branded on Yellowstone?

So far, Jake Ream has not been branded on-screen yet on Yellowstone. Jimmy became the first character on the show to receive a brand on-screen.

The other characters that have a brand include Walker, Lloyd, Rip, Kayce, Colby, Ryan, and Teeter. When a character receives the Yellowstone brand it signifies that a person is part of the ranch.

The Yellowstone brand also signifies leaving behind the previous struggles and hardships they had before working at Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

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