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Where is 1883 Filmed? All Filming Locations (With Images)

Where is 1883 Filmed? All Filming Locations (With Images)

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As a prequel to the beloved series Yellowstone, 1883 has become a fan favorite itself. 1883 is Taylor Sheridan’s latest TV series and tells the story of the Dutton family’s origin.

The show is full of incredible acting, drama, heartbreak, and gorgeous scenery. So, where are all the incredible scenes in 1883 filmed?

1883 is filmed in Texas and Montana, with the majority of filming taking place in Fort Worth and Weatherford, Texas.

1883 Filming Locations in Texas

Texas is the primary filming location for 1883. Various scenes were shot throughout Fort Worth, with Bosque Ranch in Weatherford serving as the primary headquarters for filming.

As the show begins in Texas, it makes sense that the Lone Star State was used for many of the filming locations. For fans of the show, many of the film locations can be visited in real-life.

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Fort Worth Stockyards

1883 filming set at Fort Worth Stockyards
Creating the 1883 set at the Fort Worth Stockyards

The first two episodes of 1883 were filmed at the Fort Worth Stockyards. The production team worked alongside the Fort Worth Film Commission to make filming possible.

Production for the show completely transformed the west blocks of Exchange Ave in order to create Hell’s Half Acre. This included creating dirt roads, removing street signs, and creating custom facades to transform the area back into the 1880s.

Several businesses in the area were transported back in time for filming, taking away any modern features. The block of 200 W. Exchange and the surrounding area was also transformed for the show.

Tattoo Ranch

Tattoo Ranch
Tattoo Ranch 1883 filming location

Tattoo Ranch in Fort Worth served as the location for filming livery paddock scenes. Tattoo Ranch is a real-life tattoo parlor that fans can visit to get a tattoo or snap a picture of the iconic building.

Pearl’s Dance Hall & Saloon

Pearl’s Dance Hall & Saloon where 1883 was filmed
Pearl’s Dance Hall & Saloon
White Elephant Saloon on 1883
White Elephant Saloon set on 1883

Pearl’s Dance Hall & Saloon in Fort Worthgoes all the way back to the 1800s when the legendary Buffalo Bill Cody opened it as a brothel.

The saloon served as the filming location for White Elephant Saloon, where Billy Bob Thorton’s character said the memorable line “there’s only one killer in Fort Worth, and that’s me.”

Though most recently it has been a bar with live music and dancing, it is currently not open to the public.

Alps Building

Alps Building used for filming in 1883
Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency in 1883

The Alps Building in Fort Worth serves as the location for Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency in 1883. Though the building is not open to the public, it does host office space for multiple tenants.

Hooker’s Grill

Hookers Grill filming set on 1883

Hooker’s Grill transformed into a gambling den for 1883. The restaurant is only building to keep its facade construction that was created by the show’s production team.

Fans of the show can eat at the restaurant and enjoy its authentic 1880s exterior.

Fort Worth Herd Cattle Pens

Fort Worth Herd Cattle Pens

The Fort Worth Herd Cattle Pens keeps the history of Fort Worth alive by hosting two daily cattle drives along Exchange Ave.

Several scenes in 1883 feature characters walking a long the iconic cattle pens. Visitors can check out the cattle pens themselves and also watch a cattle drive.

Cody Building

Cody Building in Fort Worth used for filming in 1883 TV Series
Hotel Calhoun in 1883

The Cody Building served as Hotel Calhoun in 1883, where the Duttons spent their first night in Fort Worth.

Private offices on the second story doubled as Clare and Elsa’s hotel rooms, with the ground floor serving as the lobby. The lower level of the building is occupied by Rodeo Exchange, a cowboy-friendly nightclub guests can visit.

Farina’s Winery and Cafe

Farina’s Winery and Cafe of Granbury, Texas was also used for additional scenes for Hotel Calhoun. Shea and Thomas propose to James to join the caravan inside the charming cafe.

Visitors can stop by the restaurant to enjoy delicious Italian food or brunch.

6666 Ranch

6666 Ranch in Guthrie, Texas

The legendary 6666 Ranch in Guthrie, Texas, is owned by 1883’s creator and producer, Taylor Sheridan. Sheridan, along with a group of investors, bought the ranch in January 2022.

Doan’s Crossing camp from episode six, “Boring the Devil” was filmed at 6666 Ranch. In addition, episodes seven, “Lightning Yellow Hair” and eight, “The Weep of Surrender” were filmed at Dixon’s Creek.

Doan's Crossing 1883

Dixon’s Creek is located in a section of 6666 Ranch in Carson and Hutchinson counties near Panhandle, Texas.

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Bosque Ranch

Bosque Ranch, located in Weatherford, Texas, is also owned by Taylor Sheridan, the mastermind behind 1883. The ranch served as the primary filming headquarters for the show. The cowboy camp, along with other scenes, was filmed at Bosque Ranch along the Brazos River.

Texas State Railroad

Texas State Rail Road where 1883 was filmed

The train scenes were filmed at the Texas State Railroad between Palestine and Rusk. The Texas State Railroad was first established in 1881 and tourists can take a scenic tour of the Piney Woods of East Texas aboard the restored locomotive.

1883 Filming Locations in Montana

In addition to Texas, several areas of Montana were used for filming 1883. While filming in Texas the cast and production had to deal with the heat, Montana brought on frigid temperatures and mild blizzards.

Paradise Valley and Livingston

Paradise Valley filming location for 1883

Located in southwestern Montana along the Yellowstone River, Livingston is a small town with less than 10,000 residents.

Several scenes of 1883 were filmed in Paradise Valley near Chico Hot Springs along the outskirts of Livingston, Montana.

Paradise Valley is a major river valley of the Yellowstone River just north of Yellowstone National Park in Park County, Montana.

Clyde Park

Clyde Park is just north of Livingston and has a small population of just over 300 people. Filming for various scenes of 1883 took place in the charming town of Clyde Park, Montana.

Below is a behind-scenes video of how they transformed sets for filming 1883:

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