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Who Are the Beck Brothers on Yellowstone? Malcolm & Teal

Who Are the Beck Brothers on Yellowstone? Malcolm & Teal

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The Dutton family faces a lot of enemies throughout Yellowstone as they try to protect their land.

In season two, the main antagonists were the scheming Beck brothers.

So, just who are the Beck Brothers on Yellowstone?

Malcolm and Teal Beck are power-hungry businessmen who are a part of the real estate game against the Broken Rock Reservation and Paradise Valley.

The Beck brothers are displeased with the competition they have in Thomas Rainwater of Broken Rock Reservation and Dan Jenkins, real estate developer of Paradise Valley. Rainwater and Jenkins plan to collaborate on a casino. This disrupts the Beck brothers’ plan to get the prime land of Dutton Ranch and the Broken Rock Indian Reservation for their real estate desires.

Malcolm and Teal Beck on Yellowstone
Malcolm Beck (left and Teal Beck (right)

The Beck brothers are dangerous as they have connections with the Montana Free Militia and a Skinhead group.

Malcolm is also the head of the Montana Liquor Board, giving him the power to revoke the licenses of anyone he sees as a threat or enemy.

Who Plays the Beck Brothers on Yellowstone?

Malcolm Beck is played by Neal McDonough and Teal Beck is played by Terry Serpico. They both appear in six episodes of season two.

The Beck Brothers’ Attacks on the Duttons

The Beck Brothers end up on the wrong side of the Dutton family after taking things too far. They are stone-cold killers who are willing to do whatever it takes to get their way.

In their hopes to bring down the Duttons in their hunt for land, the Beck brothers issue a series of attacks against the family. Their most brutal attacks include targeting Beth and Tate.

Beth was viciously attacked in her office by two masked men sent by the Beck brothers. The attackers killed her assistant, however, Rip showed up just in time to save Beth from a brutal fate.

Beth and Rip were able to fight off and kill the attackers.

John Dutton and Malcolm Beck on Yellowstone

The Beck brothers are also behind the kidnapping of Tate. They hired a group of neo-Nazis to abduct young Tate and hold him hostage.

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What Happened to the Beck Brothers?

After Tate is kidnapped, the Duttons set out to rescue him and take down the Tate brothers in the process. It is the last straw in the feud against the brothers as the Duttons go in with a vengeance.

When Kayce finds Teal sitting on the toilet in his mansion, he shoots him in the stomach. After threatening Teal for more information, he is able to find out Tate’s whereabouts.

Upon getting the information he needs, Kayce shoots Teal in the chest and leg, killing him while he is still sitting on the toilet.

The Duttons then find Malcolm hiding out with the neo-Nazis he hired to abduct Tate. John ends up shooting Malcolm as he was fleeing from the scene. John then sits with Malcolm as he bleeds out, only to then walk away, leaving Malcolm to die alone.

Malcolm Beck and Teal Beck in the Yellowstone TV show

Kayce finds his son locked in the bathroom of the house and is able to rescue him. Tate’s head is shaved and he is clearly traumatized from the horrifying ordeal, but he is alive and now safe thanks to the quick work of his family.

The Beck Brothers are Based on Real-Life People

The Beck brothers are actually inspired by two real-life brothers. The real inspiration for the Becks supposedly own 300 casinos and gas stations.

“They are inspired by two actual brothers.”  says show creator Taylor Sheridan. However, when asked who, he responded: “That I can’t say. You don’t have to go back too far and that’s why I’m not saying any more. I don’t need them showing up at my house.”

While the true identity of the inspiration for the Beck brothers has not been revealed, some fans believe they are based on the Koch brothers.

Charles Koch and David Koch, also known as the Koch brothers, were American businessmen and political activists who were a part of Koch Industries.

Koch Industries is the second largest privately owned company in the United States.

While some fans enjoyed the addition of the Beck brothers, others were not a fan, finding them too arrogant and not beneficial to the plotline. Their ruthless actions make them among the top villains in the show.