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You Can Spend the Night at the Iconic Yellowstone Dutton Ranch

You Can Spend the Night at the Iconic Yellowstone Dutton Ranch

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Fans of Yellowstone can experience what life is like as a Dutton by staying at the iconic Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

The beautiful sprawling ranch features two cabins guests can rent out.

Chief Joesph Ranch of Darby, Montana, is the real-life ranch used as Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

Nestled in the Bitterroot Valley, the ranch has incredible views of the Bitterroot Mountains and Sapphire Mountains, and the Bitterroot River.

Lee Dutton's cabin on Yellowstone which is at Chief Joseph Ranch

The 2,500-acre property is a guest and working ranch with a lodge, cabins, barns, and pastures.

The rustic wooden 6,000-square-foot lodge is an architectural masterpiece built in 1917.

Staying at Chief Joseph Ranch

When Yellowstone is not filming, guests can stay at one of the cabins at Chief Joseph Ranch.

The ranch offers the Fisherman Cabin (Lee Dutton’s Cabin) and The Ben Cook Cabin (Rip’s Cabin) for rental.

The Fisherman Cabin features beautiful views of the ranch’s scenic landscape, including overlooking the Bitterroot River. ​The cabin can accommodate eight guests and includes a full kitchen and a closed-in porch.

The cabin was used in season 1, episode 1 as Lee Dutton’s cabin, and later in season 2, episode 7, when John moves in to reflect on changing family dynamics.

View from the Chief Joseph Ranch rental cabin room
View from the Chief Joseph Ranch rental cabin room

The Ben Cook Cabin offers remarkable views of the ranch. It can sleep up to eight guests and features a full kitchen. The cabin is used as Rip’s cabin in season one and Kayce’s cabin in season two of Yellowstone.

The Fisherman Cabin costs $1,200 a night for four guests, with $50 per night per each additional guest for up to eight guests.

The Ben Cook Cabin costs $1,500 a night, with $50 per night per each additional guest, up to eight guests.

The cabins book up quickly, and reservations are not accepted when filming of Yellowstone is going on.

The cabins require a minimum three-night stay. Each reservation includes a tour of the ranch and sets. The lodge is unavailable for rent as it is the ranch owner’s private home.

Tourists staying at Chief Joseph Ranch touring the Yellowstone TV show set

When staying at the ranch, guests are welcome to bring their horses. Horses may be pastured or corralled, with the minimum cost for bringing horses being $25 per day for two horses.

Fishing is also available on the property, as the Bitterroot River offers excellent trout fishing. One mile of ranch property is along the Bitterroot River, where visitors may fish.

See the Chief Joseph Ranch here on Tripadvisor.

Can You Tour Chief Joseph Ranch?

Tours are only available for guests staying on the ranch. Visitors may not tour the ranch if they do not have a reservation at one of the cabins.

Though tours are only available to guests staying at the ranch, fans of Yellowstone are welcome to take photos at the iconic Dutton Ranch sign. However, during the show’s filming, security will be at the gate, and photos are not permitted.

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