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9 Best Yellowstone Spoilers From All Seasons So Far

9 Best Yellowstone Spoilers From All Seasons So Far

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For those unfamiliar with the show, Yellowstone (2018- ) is a hit Western-style drama series created by Taylor Sheridan. It follows the story of the owners of the largest cattle ranch in Montana who are in constant conflict with their neighbors.

Father and iconic ranch owner John Dutton will go to any lengths necessary to keep the family ranch intact.

To achieve this goal, he must go against land developers and Native American leaders and win the government to his cause.

So far, there are four seasons of Yellowstone available to watch on Peacock or the Paramount Network TV channel.

Yellowstone season 5 is in the making and will be released in two 7-episode installments on November 13, 2022.

Does Monica Die in Yellowstone?

Monica, character on Yellowstone

In Season 1 of Yellowstone, Kayce Dutton’s wife Monica suffered a head injury after she intervened in a fight at an Indian reservation school. The blow left her unconscious on the floor and had viewers worried she might have died on-site.

Fortunately, Monica doesn’t die in Yellowstone. She is rushed to the hospital where the doctors bandage up her head and send her home straight away.

Although it seems like the injury is not serious at first, Monica is visibly struggling in her daily life. One day, she suddenly passes out and finds herself back at the hospital. It turns out, she needed emergency surgery to treat a subdural hematoma she developed as a result of her injury.

Following surgery, Monica goes on to undertake long physical therapy to become her old self again.

Will John Dutton Lose the Yellowstone ranch?

In Season 3 of Yellowstone, Market Equities CEO Willa Hayes offers John Dutton $500 million for the ranch. It’s a very generous offer that would guarantee a high-quality life for all members of the Dutton family. Although the kids are all for it, John Dutton is a tougher nut to crack.

John Dutton so far hasn’t lost a single acre of the Yellowstone ranch. However, that’s not to say that he won’t, as rising property taxes will soon make a ranch of this size unaffordable.

John Dutton sitting on a chair with sunglasses on

It seems like all common sense leaves John when it comes to the family ranch. However, in Season 3, Episode 8 “I Killed A Man Today,” we find out the reason behind his unexplainable stubbornness. He promised his elderly father he would never sell the Yellowstone ranch.

“This is my home. I made a promise. Protect it, care for it, love it. Me and this family can’t break it,” John said.

And so John Dutton would rather fight till the last acre of the ranch is gone than break that promise. He stood his ground despite Beth’s warning that they would risk losing everything if he refuses the offer.

While John’s actions seem irresponsible and outright mad, they are also somewhat admirable.

In Season 4, we find out that while John was in a coma, Jamie leased part of the Yellowstone ranch to Market Equities. While his move bought John and the ranch some time, it only delayed the inevitable.

Why Does John Not Love Jamie on Yellowstone?

For reasons unknown at first, Jamie has always been a black sheep among the Duttons. Although he fulfilled his father’s wishes and became a lawyer to protect the family, all he ever received was mistreatment and abuse.

The reason why John doesn’t love Jamie on Yellowstone is that he isn’t a real Dutton. John and Evelyn Dutton adopted Jamie when he became an orphan at three months old.

John Dutton arguing with his son Jamie Dutton on Yellowstone

When Jamie was only a baby, his father beat his mother to death, leaving him with no parents. Learning about the tragic events, the Duttons came to Jamie’s rescue and raised him as their own.

However, because he isn’t Dutton blood, John has never been able to truly love Jamie.

In fact, we don’t even know the real reason why the Duttons adopted Jamie. It could have been as a favor to someone, or perhaps Jamie’s mother was somehow important to Evelyn or John.

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Does Jamie Die in Yellowstone?

In Season 2, Episode 7, “Resurrection Day”, Beth pushes Jamie over the edge by suggesting he should kill himself. But does her not-so-secret wish come true?

Jamie Dutton doesn’t die in Yellowstone. He did ride out with a rifle with the intention of shooting himself, but John Dutton got there just in time. He told Jamie he didn’t want his son to die and took the rifle away from him.

After his attempted suicide, Jamie looks for a fresh start on the Yellowstone ranch.

However, this wasn’t the only time Jamie’s life was in danger. At the end of Season 4, Beth blackmails Jamie by threatening to tell Rip what he did to her or send him to jail if he doesn’t kill his father.

Being a puppet whose priority is to save his own skin, Jamie obeys Beth and kills his father. And so, we can confirm that he is still alive in the Season 4 finale, but for how long, no one knows.

What is Wrong With Beth Dutton?

Beth Dutton on Yellowstone

Beth is a high-functioning alcoholic who’s ruthless to the enemies of her father and family. What’s more, she always seems on edge and has obvious issues, but what is wrong with her?

Beth Dutton can never have biological children because she was sterilized at an abortion clinic as a teenager. Her dying mother also held her responsible for her death, as we learned from a flashback in Season 1.

In her mid-teens, Beth got pregnant messing around with Rip and asked Jamie for help. Believing he was doing the right thing for her, Jamie took Beth to an abortion clinic at the reservation that requires sterilization as part of the process.

For reasons unknown, he neglected to inform Beth about the consequences of her abortion until after the procedure was done. Understandably, Beth could never forgive Jamie for what he did and vowed to take revenge on him every day.

Her sterilization and her mother’s death are two extremely traumatic events that scarred Beth for life. She will probably never be able to deal with the deep pain she carries within herself. Instead, she channels it all into brutally sabotaging anyone who makes a move against her.

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Does John Dutton Die?

In the season 3 finale, John Dutton was shot multiple times while helping a woman and her son by the roadside. While you might think this is the end of the great John Dutton, his right-hand man Rip finds him and rushes him into hospital.

Miraculously, John Dutton survived the assassination attempt and didn’t die. At the hospital, he underwent surgery and was put into an induced coma for two months to allow his body to heal.

Upon waking up, John begins the long and tedious road to recovery. However, he doesn’t want the help of doctors and nurses and takes matters into his own hands.

Ignoring the orders of medics and family, he goes about his business as normal upon minutes of arriving back to his quarters.

Other than John, Beth and Kayce were also attacked at the end of Season 3. Luckily, all members of the Dutton family survived the killing attempts, although at the cost of serious injuries.

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Does Beth Dutton Get Married?

Beth Dutton hugging Rip Wheeler on Yellowstone

Knowing Beth Dutton, you wouldn’t normally think that marriage was her thing. Throughout the series, she acts like this fiery, independent woman who is perfectly fine on her own. However, she does have a history of romance and casual hookups with ranch foreman Rip Wheeler.

Beth Dutton gets married to Rip Wheeler in the Season 4 finale of Yellowstone. They tied the knot in front of the family home on the Yellowstone ranch, with John Dutton and Lloyd Pierce as witnesses.

Beth proposed to her long-time lover Rip back in the Season 3 finale. However, the outcome of her proposal remained uncertain due to the attacks on the Dutton family shortly after.

Eventually, being fired from Market Equities triggers her into going ahead with her marriage to Rip. She then unceremoniously kidnaps a Catholic priest to officiate their marriage at the ranch. How very Beth-like of her!

Does Beth Adopt Carter?

While waiting for her father to be released from hospital in Season 4, Beth befriends a troubled 14-year-old boy. She helps him deal with the passing of his heroin-addicted father, inadvertently winning the boy’s trust and affection.

Although Beth never officially adopts the kid, Carter, she does become his mentor and protector. Since she will never be able to have biological children, Carter is the closest thing to a child of her own.

Beth Dutton and Carter on Yellowstone

Unsurprisingly, Rip was less than enthusiastic about sharing his space with a strange boy. So far, he’s enjoyed Beth’s undivided attention, and was not about to give that up easily. However, since Carter seemed to make Beth happy in a way he couldn’t, he lets him stay on the ranch as a hand.

Who Dies in Season 4 of Yellowstone?

As we know, the end of Season 3 has brought the member of the Dutton family as close to death as they’ve ever been. However, we later find out that all victims of the assassination attempt survived their assault and are still alive in Season 4. Still, there has been one notable death in this season.

Jamie Dutton’s biological father Garrett Randall dies in Season 4 of Yellowstone. He was shot by his own son who was forced to kill him by his sister Beth or risk going down himself.

Jamie’s last words to his father were “I love you, too, dad,” before he shot him in the back of the head. As he was disposing of his father’s body, he was shocked to see Beth taking photos of him. Smiling, she informed him that his fate is now forever in her hands.