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All 5 Seasons of Yellowstone to Repeat on Paramount Network: Full Schedule

All 5 Seasons of Yellowstone to Repeat on Paramount Network: Full Schedule

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Yellowstone fans are in for some exciting news as the beloved series will start playing seasons 1-5 on repeat starting Friday, February 17.

As of now, season 5 of Yellowstone is only halfway through, with the series returning in the summer of 2023.

While many Yellowstone fans have shifted their focus to the prequel series 1923, they can now enjoy seasons 1-5 before the hit series picks back up.

Yellowstone first premiered in 2018 on the Paramount Network channel. The neo-western drama stars Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, Cole Hauser, Wes Bentley, and Luke Grimes.

Yellowstone follows the Dutton family as they fight to keep their valuable Montana cattle ranch. The Duttons are ruthless as they will do whatever it takes to maintain their ranch.

Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton on the Yellowstone TV series on Paramount

The series has grown to become the most popular scripted show on cable television. Season 5 kicked off with an astonishing 12 million viewers tuning into the premiere.

Full Schedule for Paramount Network Yellowstone Repeats (Friday, February 17 – Monday, February 20, 2023)

If you plan on a Yellowstone marathon, Paramount Network will air the popular Western drama, starting this Friday, February 17, 2023!

Even if you are unable to watch episodes when they air, you can set up a series link to catch up later.

The first season of Yellowstone premiered on June 20, 2018, and featured nine episodes. The series kicked off by introducing us to the Dutton family and their Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

John Dutton is the patriarch of the ranch and will do anything he can to protect it. He has four adult children: Lee, Jamie, Kayce and Beth.

Throughout season 1, John faces both legal and medical problems as he works to keep the ranch running.

Season 1 EpisodesTime (ET)
Episode 1Friday, Feb 17, 8 pm
Episode 2Friday, Feb 17, 9.55 pm
Episode 3Friday, Feb 17, 11 pm
Episode 4Saturday, Feb 18, 12 am
Episode 5Saturday, Feb 18, 12.58 am
Episode 6Saturday, Feb 18, 2.03 am
Episode 7Saturday, Feb 18, 9 am
Episode 8Saturday, Feb 18, 10.06 am
Episode 9Saturday, Feb 18, 11.04 am

Season 2 of Yellowstone premiered on June 19, 2019, and featured 10 episodes. In season 2, the Duttons are faced with a new enemy, the Beck brothers.

Season 2 EpisodesTime (ET)
Episode 1Saturday, Feb 18, 12.07 pm
Episode 2Saturday, Feb 18, 1.11 pm
Episode 3Saturday, Feb 18, 2.15 pm
Episode 4Saturday, Feb 18, 3.19 pm
Episode 5Saturday, Feb 18, 4.22 pm
Episode 6Saturday, Feb 18, 5.24 pm
Episode 7Saturday, Feb 18, 6.30 pm
Episode 8Saturday, Feb 18, 7.30 pm
Episode 9Saturday, Feb 18, 8.36 pm
Episode 10Saturday, Feb 18, 9.37 pm

Season 3 of Yellowstone premiered on June 21, 2020, and featured 10 episodes. Once again, the Duttons have a new threat as Market Equities wants to buy their land to open an airport.

Season 3 EpisodesTime (ET)
Episode 1Saturday, Feb 18, 10.43 pm
Episode 2Saturday, Feb 18, 11.42 pm
Episode 3Sunday, Feb 19, 12.47 am
Episode 4Sunday, Feb 19, 9 am
Episode 5Sunday, Feb 19, 10.05 am
Episode 6Sunday, Feb 19, 11.07 am
Episode 7Sunday, Feb 19, 12.03 pm
Episode 8Sunday, Feb 19, 1.05 pm
Episode 9Sunday, Feb 19, 2.08 pm
Episode 10Sunday, Feb 19, 3.10 pm

Season 4 of Yellowstone premiered on November 7, 2021, and featured 10 episodes. The series starts with us learning the fates of John, Beth and Kayce after the attacks.

Season 4 EpisodesTime (ET)
Episode 1Sunday, Feb 19, 4.16 pm
Episode 2Sunday, Feb 19, 5.32 pm
Episode 3Sunday, Feb 19, 6.40 pm
Episode 4Sunday, Feb 19, 7.44 pm
Episode 5Sunday, Feb 19, 8.51 pm
Episode 6Sunday, Feb 19, 9.54 pm
Episode 7Sunday, Feb 19, 11 pm (or 9 am)
Episode 8Monday, Feb 20, 10.15 am
Episode 9Monday, Feb 20, 11.20 am
Episode 10Monday, Feb 20, 12.36 pm

Season 5 of Yellowstone premiered on November 13, 2022. Season five is split into two parts, with part one featuring 8 episodes and part two (releasing in the summer) featuring 6 episodes.

Season 5 EpisodesTime (ET)
Episode 1Monday, Feb 20, 2.16 pm
Episode 2Monday, Feb 20, 3.32 pm
Episode 3Monday, Feb 20, 4.43 pm
Episode 4Monday, Feb 20, 5.48 pm
Episode 5Monday, Feb 20, 6.57 pm
Episode 6Monday, Feb 20, 8.02 pm
Episode 7Monday, Feb 20, 9.12 pm
Episode 8Monday, Feb 20, 10.27 pm

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Directly after Season 5 episode 8 finishes, the first two episodes of 1923 will air on Paramount Network.

The next episode of 1923, episode 7, will be available on Sunday, February 19th, 2023, at 3 am ET, exclusively on Paramount+ for American and Canadian viewers. It will be available a day later on Paramount+ at 8 am for UK fans.

You can see our recap article of 1923 episode 6 and full 1923 release schedule.

How to Get Paramount Network (with Free Options)

On DISH, the Paramount Network is channel 241. On Uverse, the channel is 145/1145.

The channel on Spectrum will vary depending on your location. For DIRECTV, Paramount Network is on channel 241. On Xfinity, Paramount Network is on channel 743.

Paramount Network also offers a 24-hour free viewing pass.

For those without cable, you can also get the Paramount Network channel for free with a provider such as Philo with their free 7-day trial (usually $25 a month).

Other providers that may offer free trials include Sling TV ($46/month), YouTube TV ($64.99/month), Fubo ($69.99/month), Hulu + Live TV ($69.99/month), and Direct TV ($69.99/month).

Season 5 will also be available for purchase on Amazon Prime Video, iTunes or Vudu. It will eventually be available for streaming on Peacock, though it is not yet available to stream on Paramount+.

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