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Yellowstone Season 5 Episodes 1 & 2 Biggest Spoilers

Yellowstone Season 5 Episodes 1 & 2 Biggest Spoilers

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The long anticipated wait for Yellowstone season 5 is finally over. Fans were treated to a two-hour season premiere on November 13, 2022.

Season 5 opens with a new chapter for John Dutton as he swears in as the new Governor of Montana. He appoints Beth as his new chief-of-staff after firing the existing Montana gubernatorial cabinet members.

It becomes clear that John will create more enemies as he works to crush Market Equities and all other outsiders.

Beth Dutton talking to Jamie Dutton in Yellowstone season 5

From a political standpoint, Jamie is worried about John’s policies and the impact they will have.

As season 5 continues to unfold, we hope to get more answers to the questions season 4 left us with.

Will Market Equities take the Dutton’s land? What exactly did Kayce mean when he told Monica he would see ‘the end of us?’ Will Jamie be able to pull himself out of the grasp of Beth and John’s control?

Below are the three biggest spoilers and talking points from the first two episodes. Also, read our guide on where to watch Yellowstone season 5 if you haven’t already.

1. Monica and Kayce Lose Their Baby

The biggest and saddest shock in season 5 so far is Monica losing her unborn baby. At the beginning of season 5, Monica is heavily pregnant, just weeks away from giving birth.

With her tractions becoming frequent and intense, Monica needs to go to the hospital, but Kayce is tied up at work, so she drives herself and Tate.

Monica and Tate Dutton car crash scene in Yellowstone season 5

While Monica is driving to the hospital, she swerves her car to miss hitting a bison in the road and hits an oncoming vehicle in the opposite lane.

Episode 2 opens up with Tate pulling himself out of the wreckage and frantically trying to help his mother. He calls 911 as Monica goes into labor on the side of the road.

Sadly, the baby survives for only one hour after being born. Tate, who has a broken arm, tells John, Beth and Jamie “I had a brother. For an hour, anyway. … They named him John.”

It is a heart-wrenching scene as the family gathers outside the hospital room while Kayce holds Monica on the hospital bed.

Monica and Kayce are sure to have a hard journey ahead as they mourn the loss of their baby.

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2. Rip and the Bunkhouse Find Themselves With a Problem After Killing Wolves

Rip and the bunkhouse gang find themselves in a troublesome situation. After wolves were seen eating dead cattle the ranch hands seek revenge.

After Ryan and Colby catch two wolves in the act, they shoot and kill them, thinking their problems are now solved. However, it turns out the wolves are from Yellowstone National Park and were wearing tracking collars.

If the tracking collars detect no motion for 12 hours they send out a distress signal, and people will come searching for the wolves.

Rip’s solution is to attach the tracking collars to driftwood and send it down the river.

It seems to be all fine except that one of the pieces of wood gets stuck in a dam. Now, the ranch is at risk of receiving backlash for killing protected wolves.

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3. Caroline Warner is Back, and Sarah Atwood May Be a Nemesis Equal to Beth’s Ruthlessness

Caroline Warner looking angry in Yellowstone season 5

Caroline Warner is back as the main villain for Yellowstone season 5. To assist Market Equities this season is a new character, Sarah Atwood.

Market Equities calls on Sarah to fight dirty now that John is seeking to bring the company down as governor.

Like Beth, Sarah shows that she is not afraid to fight dirty. She is intense, malicious, and not afraid to use her good looks to get her way.

Sarah Atwood in Yellowstone season 5

Sarah’s drive could play with Jamie’s vulnerability from killing his biological father and constantly being thrown under the bus by John.

Will Sarah take advantage of the emotionally beat-up Jamie to bring down the Duttons? It seems like Jamie may be an easy target for conniving Sarah to get her way in the fight to protect Market Equities.

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