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What Is Yellowstone Rated? Is It Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

What Is Yellowstone Rated? Is It Kid Friendly? Parents Guide

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Since premiering in 2018, Yellowstone has taken the world by storm. People simply can’t get enough of the Dutton family and their valuable Montana cattle ranch.

Yellowstone features powerful characters, shifting alliances, politics, complicated family dynamics, and riveting storylines. There is also plenty of cowboy action, as the series takes place on a working cattle ranch.

With just how popular Yellowstone has become, you may wonder as a parent if the series is suitable for your child. Just what is it rated and is it kid friendly or violent?

We will break down Yellowstone to provide an analysis as to whether or not the show is appropriate for children to watch.

What is Yellowstone Rated?

Yellowstone is rated TV-MA, meaning that it is intended for mature audiences only. It includes violence, gore, sexual content, drinking, corruption, and profanity which makes it not suitable for younger audiences.

Common Sense Media rates Yellowstone as appropriate for ages 15 years and older. However,  many do not find the TV series to be suitable for anyone under the age of 18 years old.

To help get a better understanding of Yellowstone’s rating, here is a breakdown of different themes found in the show.

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Violence and Gore

Yellowstone frequently features violence and gore that would be unsettling to young audiences. Throughout the series, multiple characters are beaten up or shot, leaving them bloodied and injured.

There are also character deaths throughout the series, some of which are graphic in nature. In one instance, mutilated corpses appear in a disturbing scene.

Fighting is a regular occurrence in Yellowstone, with some fights being more brutal than others. There are also car crashes that lead to injured and bloodied bodies.

Yellowstone also features animals being killed including a horse being shot after a horrific car accident. Other moments of violence include gun fights, explosions, suicide, hangings, and kidnapping.

Beth Dutton being attacked by her kidnapper in Yellowstone

Many violent and gory moments throughout Yellowstone would be frightening and disturbing to children. 

Drinking and Smoking

Yellowstone also includes regular smoking and drinking. The Duttons often drink whiskey and the bunkhouse typically drinks beer.

There are also multiple bar scenes as well including bar fights. In one scene, Beth breaks a bottle over a woman’s head after she flirts with her husband.

Sex and Nudity

Throughout Yellowstone, there are sex scenes and nudity. The nudity includes bare breasts and buttocks. In addition, there are also scenes in a strip club that include partial nudity and erotic dancing.


Profanity is frequently used throughout Yellowstone which includes a variety of inappropriate language. Strong language occurs in just about every episode of Yellowstone, with many episodes having multiple occurrences of curse words.

Mature Themes

In addition to violence, gore, sex, nudity, drinking, smoking, and profanity, Yellowstone deals with other mature themes. Such themes include complex family dynamics, politics, corruption, and property disputes.

Aside from the inappropriate aspects, many of the storylines throughout Yellowstone would not be appealing to children. The topics of the show deal with many serious issues that would go above a child’s grasp and interest.

Kasey Dutton on a horse with his son Tate Dutton with Rip Wheeler also on a horse in the background, infront of the main barn at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch

Kids may be drawn into the series for the ranch, cowboys, and horses. However, the series is much more than just ranching and cowboys, as that is just part of the storyline. Yellowstone is a contemporary Western that deals with modern issues.

Is Yellowstone Scary for Adults?

Yellowstone is a drama, specifically a neo-Western drama. However, the series does contain scenes that can even be frightening or disturbing even for adults.

The violent depictions of murder and the scene of mutilated corpses can even be too much for adults to handle. The series also has episodes that deal with the topic of suicide which can be challenging for some.

Violent attacks, car accidents, and kidnapping can also be difficult subjects for certain people to watch. In addition, the killing of animals can also be disturbing for adult audiences as well.

Takeaways From Yellowstone

Yellowstone deals with many mature themes and complex topics. Yellowstone is unlike any other show on TV at the moment.

The series has been praised for its authentic representation of Native Americans and the many struggles Indigenous communities still face today. In addition, many praise the series for its attention to detail in operating a ranch as well as including real-life cowboys.

Yellowstone even features real-life world champion reining horses, much to the delight of equestrians.

The riveting Western is an exciting drama with scandal, secrets, and rivalries. While many people enjoy Yellowstone’s complicated characters and gripping storylines, the series is unsuitable for children as it has many mature themes.