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Yellowstone Fans Are Starting to Turn on Beth Dutton in Season 5

Yellowstone Fans Are Starting to Turn on Beth Dutton in Season 5

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Paramount Network’s Yellowstone season 5 just premiered a few weeks ago, and fans already have conflicting opinions about Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly).

One of the main reasons fans love Beth so much because of her tough no-nonsense attitude. She isn’t scared of anyone and is a force to be reckoned with.

However, has Beth become too ruthless and too, well, Beth?

Last season, a vast majority of Yellowstone lovers couldn’t help but voice their distaste for how contemptuous she is of her adoptive brother Jamie (Wes Bentley). And unfortunately, that hasn’t changed, as their relationship seems to worsen in this new season.

Why Yellowstone Fans Are Turning on Beth

Some Yellowstone fanatics still don’t understand how Beth can be so mean to her brother. Yes, Jamie facilitated her abortion when she was younger, and he’s the reason she can’t have biological kids with Rip (Cole Hauser), but isn’t it time to let things go?

Beth Dutton being mean and telling Jamie Dutton what to do in Yellowstone Season 5

After all, she already has Carter (Finn Little), and there’s a chance they might have a happy ending, although she was pretty indifferent by telling him not to call her “momma” when the little boy was badly in need of love.

But in the third episode of season 5, Beth refers to Carter as “baby,” so she could be warming up to the idea of being his mom.

Anyway, we found this Reddit thread where a fan says Beth could be a certified sociopath after she tells Jamie that he’s not a member of their family because John is not his biological father.

Don’t forget Jamie eventually killed his biological dad, Garrett Randall, to prove his loyalty to the Duttons. Wasn’t that enough to make him a part of the clan? For Beth, apparently not!

A part of the vast Yellowstone fanbase thinks Beth is wrong because Jamie seems to prioritize what he deems best for the family. 

However, others are on Beth’s side and don’t get how Jamie harbors no guilt for the part she played in his sister’s infertility.

At the same time, some fans think the Beth-hating-Jamie storyline is getting old, but we don’t think Taylor Sheridan is about to write a different script.

The truth is, Beth being the unforgiving type is among the aspects that make her so “badass” and fascinating for a large portion of her fans.

On the other hand, several Yellowstone fans don’t agree with anything Beth does because she is an “asshole” and a “bitch” and there’s nothing attractive about that.

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Jamie Should Stand Up for Himself

Jamie’s fans are now rooting for him to man up. Otherwise, Beth will step on him for the rest of the season.

And it’s not really a good look on him anymore because he deserves some respect – he’s done a lot for the Duttons, including some dirty work, and he’s the attorney general, after all.

In the second episode of season 5, Beth tells Jamie to go home during the weekends so she can keep an eye on him. And it’s nearly pathetic how he responds “Yes, ma’am” upon her sister’s command – it’s as if he’s nothing but a puppet.

Remember, the Duttons (John and Beth, in particular) have degraded and disrespected Jamie for the longest time. They’ve never valued his opinion, perhaps for being educated and different, and they only want him to serve their needs, regardless of what he wants or how he feels.

Jamie Dutton pointing a finger at Beth Dutton and arguing with anger with her

I found it quite interesting that some Yellowstone devotees are now comparing Jamie to some characters in HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Here’s a Reddit thread about how Jamie and Tyrion Lannister have much in common. And we couldn’t agree more. Both have a sister and a father who don’t think they’re worth much (Beth for Jamie and Cersei for Tyrion).

Besides, they are treated like outcasts in their own families but have a brother who loves them.

Frankly, if Jamie ended up miserable and alone, drowning in a sea of self-hate, we wouldn’t be surprised – after all, he’s letting Beth use him as she pleases.

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Does Beth Have Any Other Side?

In Season 5, Beth will likely hate Jamie to the end. But she might not be as rash, ‘invincible’ and ‘powerful’ as we’ve seen her in the previous seasons.

Beth Dutton hitting a woman over the head with a bottle in the Bozeman Bar Brawl in Yellowstone season 5 episode 3

Kelly Reilly recently told Yahoo that the Montana governor’s daughter might not be able to coerce everyone into doing what she wants anymore. In some instances, she may have to worm her way out of trouble, which most have us have not seen before.

Beth even has an old rival back for season 5 in Caroline Warner. With Caroline’s vow to now play dirty, there’s no doubt we will see some characters make some ugly decisions.

Now that we’re talking about tricky situations, last Sunday’s episode ended with Beth being taken away in handcuffs. A woman makes a move on her husband, Rip, and she smashes a beer bottle over her head.

So, Beth’s fans are now divided – she might hate Jamie and treat Carter unkindly sometimes, but there’s something incredibly attractive about a woman ready to fight for her man.

Beth Dutton holding a knife in the Yellowstone TV series

Some of her fans were quite impressed by that move; clearly, she meant it when she told Rip, “I save all my crazy for you, baby.”

Even so, others hope she gets to face real consequences for her actions.

How exactly will things pan out for Beth? We’re all waiting to see if John will get her out of the trouble she’s gotten herself into in next Sunday’s episode.

What do you think about Beth Dutton? Has she turned nasty, or is her ruthless attitude justified in the ruthless world of Yellowstone? Let us know in the comments below!

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Thursday 5th of January 2023

I love her no shit attitude. In life you have to have it!


Wednesday 21st of December 2022

I hope Jamie kills Beth early in season 5. I can’t stand her attitude. So glad she isn’t able to have kids cause we definitely don’t want 3-4 little annoying Beth’s running around. Please producers, get rid of her!! I forward through every Beth and Rip scene. It’s literally a great show without Beth in it.


Monday 19th of December 2022

Your comments outrageous. Beth and Rip make the show. Jamie killed a girl, killed his father to save himself, was fine killing entire family so he could have ranch and you feel sorry for him and hate beth, a character on a fast forward? Sounds like jealousy. And to say Taylor Sheridan is a somehow masogenistict sad. Don't watch if you don't get it.


Monday 19th of December 2022

Beth and rip are best characters on show. These comments are ridiculous. Really fast forward through Beth's scenes, a character on a show, pretty sad. And boo hoo Jamie. He murdered a woman, he killed his father to save himself because he was in on killing the entire family to get the ranch. If you don't get the characters, don't watch. And now blaming that brilliant writer trying to say he's a chauvenist.all this hate for beth sounds like envy.


Wednesday 14th of December 2022

When Beth's mother was laying on the ground dying she told her father she didn't know where she was. Personally, I never liked Beth. I think she is an unredeemable psychopath.