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Woman Gets Dying Wish to Say Goodbye to Her Beloved Horse & Dogs

Woman Gets Dying Wish to Say Goodbye to Her Beloved Horse & Dogs

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To Jan Holman, her two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Monty, and Rowley, and her Cob horse Bob, are everything.

However, due to a terminal illness, Jan had to go into Hospice care, taking her away from her beloved animals.

Rowley, Monty, and Bob had all been in Jan’s life for a long time. After several weeks in hospice, she was desperately missing her animals.

When her caretakers learned just how much her animals meant to her, they knew they had to do something.

A Heartfelt Goodbye

After some careful planning, the staff at Hospice of the Good Shepherd in Chester, England made arrangements to reunite Jan with her animals.

The reunion between her, Bob, Rowley, and Monty was a truly beautiful and meaningful moment.

“It was just such a relief once Jan was moved from the hospital to the Hospice in Chester and we were able to have named visitors who could come and see Jan regularly, however, we never imagined that we would be able to include our dogs Monty and Rowley and Jan’s horse Bob on the visiting list,” said Jan’s husband of 46 years, Dennis.

Jan was overjoyed to have Monty and Rowley brought to her hospital bed. She gave the two adorable pups pets and lots of love.

An Unexcepted Suprise

After a heartfelt visit with her dogs, Jan got an unexpected surprise to see her horse, Bob. This was a truly meaningful moment for her.

Just a few weeks prior to her hospitalization, Jan would ride Bob every day. He was a very important aspect of her life at home.

Though she was unable to get out of bed, hospital staff generously wheeled Jan outside to reunite with Bob. Her face lit up with joy as she got to see her handsome piebald horse.

Staff from Thornleigh Park Farm Stables walked Bob into the Hospice courtyard where an emotional reunion between horse and rider took place.

Bob put his head through the doors to see his owner and gently nuzzled Jan’s neck and lap. Bob got to enjoy carrots, bananas, and apples from his doting owner.

“I just can’t believe what the staff here at the Hospice have done for me. Until a few weeks ago I was still riding Bob every day and he is such an important part of my life, and I have missed him so much”

“I knew that arranging for my dogs to visit was possible as we had a neighbor who was a patient at the Hospice a few years ago and we were allowed to bring the dogs to visit her, but I just didn’t expect that they would ever be able to give me the chance to see Bob one more time,” said Jan.

Screenshot of woman who was visited by horses at hospice

The staff at Hospice of the Good Shepherd not only does an incredible job caring for their patient’s physical needs but also their spiritual and emotional needs.

They went above and beyond to create a beautiful reunion with Jan and her animals.

See the hospice’s full post below:

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Haynes Alison

Monday 22nd of November 2021

Being a horse lover myself I find that so touching ! God Bless your beautiful family and you !


Saturday 20th of November 2021

Thanks to this hospice. How caring.