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Willie Nelson Rescues 70 Horses From Slaughter and Creates a Sanctuary

Just 30 miles outside Austin, Texas, you will find Luck Ranch, which is home to some very lucky horses. Several of the 70 horses that call the ranch home were once bound for slaughterhouses, but thanks to Willie Nelson their fate changed.

With nowhere else to go, the horses were destined for an unfortunate end. Fortunately, they caught the attention of the country superstar, who stepped up to save their lives. Thanks to Willy Nelson, the horses are now enjoying life on his 700-acre ranch.

Though Willy Nelson is best known for his incredible music career, he has long been an advocate for horses in need. He is dedicated to giving horses in need a safe and happy place to call home.

It is no coincidence how Nelson’s ranch got its name. Since the majority of the horses at the ranch are from rescue situations, luck was on their side.

Willie Nelson stroking a horse he rescued

Nelson believes they are the luckiest horses in the world, as they are safe from slaughter and abuse. “When you’re here, you’re in luck. And when you’re not, you’re out of luck,” said Nelson.

All the horses at Luck Ranch are fed twice a day and are given plenty of room to roam around. They are able to relax and run around to their heart’s desire, as they now have a forever home.

Though Nelson spends around 200 days a year on the road traveling and touring, he still commits to make his ranch a large part of his life.

In addition to his own horses, he is a big supporter of Habitat for Horses, an organization working to end horse slaughter. Nelson’s passion for horses has even made its way into his music. His song, Ride Me Back Home, is a testament to his love for horses.

See a lovely video below where Nelson talks about his ranch and horses:

He recently released another horse-inspired song, We Are The Cowboys, which features many scenes of horses in the music video.

At 87, Nelson is still active in music, performing his beloved songs to his dedicated fans. When he isn’t performing, he enjoys being at Luck Ranch, where he can spend time with his many rescue horses.

Here is Willie’s song, We Are The Cowboys:

Thanks to Nelson, these horses are now living a wonderful life, free of their rocky pasts.

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Comments 12


Mishaal Durrell

Friday 1st of October 2021

AWESOME Country Artist,.....and,...obviously,a man with a MASSIVE HEART,......THANK YOU Mr Nelson,.....for your HUGE generosity,...that you show, these MAGNIFICENT BEINGS...

Alfreda Davis

Thursday 30th of September 2021

Thank you Willie for saving those precious horses! I have been one of your biggest fans for a long long time and you are my hero for saving those 70 precious lives! Thank God for you!!!!

Wanda Vargas

Wednesday 29th of September 2021

Thank you , Willie nelson for what you doing for horses. It is a blessing , the opportunity to live out their lives in peace and loved….. maybe one day I can visit!

Caroline Newman

Sunday 5th of September 2021

A huge thank you to Willie for rescuing these beautiful lucky horses. I admire you even more. I cry daily for the horses losing their family and life and freedom to roundups. I wish I could do more even anything. I lost everything I ever had and now in an apartment in Oregon. Wow. Can't believe it. I do follow the best I can and write and call as many politicians or whoever I can to try to get them to help or drop out of backing roundups. Nothing seems to work so I just cry my life away. I won't give up but I see all of the people trying to put their lives into stopping it, for some reason it doesn't stop. There are better ways. Heck... even the president signs his ok to keep the roundups going. It's unbelievable to me. If I would have known about this when I was younger I would have put everything I had into this. This is taking a toll on me and I know it does on a lot more people from each state that follow and love them. God please hear my prayers. Thank you Willie you are a horse saint. 😇

Millie Budd

Tuesday 24th of August 2021

Thank you Willie for giving these amazing animals another chance i know its giving back you are an angel god bless❣❣❣❣💕💕