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Will There Be Any Duttons in Lawmen: Bass Reeves?

Will There Be Any Duttons in Lawmen: Bass Reeves?

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Taylor Sheridan’s newest creation, Lawmen: Bass Reeves, is just around the corner. Set in the late 1800s, the series follows the career of the real-life lawman, Bass Reeves.

Originally titled 1883: The Bass Reeves Story, the Western drama was initially intended to be a spinoff of the Yellowstone prequel 1883. However, after a change of heart from show producers, the series became a stand-alone story.

So, with this change in direction, will there be any Duttons in Lawmen: Bass Reeves?

Will Lawmen: Bass Reeves Feature Any Duttons?

Despite taking place around the time of the events of 1883, there has been no indication that Lawmen: Bass Reeves will feature any Duttons. While some fans are hopeful that the Duttons will make guest appearances in the upcoming Western drama, it is unlikely to happen.

As Lawmen: Bass Reeves has no connection to the Yellowstone universe, it would not make sense for any Duttons to appear in the series.

Bass Reeves sitting outside his home holding his wife's hand

Originally, fans had been speculating that James and Margaret Dutton could make appearances in the series but it seems very unlikely to occur.

No Duttons Were Seen in the Trailer or Are Listed In the Cast

Fans were given an exciting look into Lawmen: Bass Reeves with an official trailer that dropped on October 10, 2023. The trailer featured plenty of action, fighting, drama, and shootouts. However, there was one thing missing from the trailer: any glimpse of the Dutton family.

In addition, no Duttons are listed among the characters appearing in the series. While no cast members from 1883 are featured in the main cast of Lawmen: Bass Reeves, it does feature a star-studded line-up. Dennis Quaid, Donald Sutherland, Moses Brings Plenty, and Garrett Hedlund star alongside David Oyelowo, who plays the titular role of Bass Reeves.

See the official trailer below:

Will Cole Hauser Be in Lawmen: Bass Reeves?

Back in November 2022, Cole Hauser, who plays the gritty Rip Wheeler in Yellowstone, revealed to ET that he had a part in Lawmen: Bass Reeves (then known as 1883: The Bass Reeves Story).

At the time of the interview, Hauser was sporting new facial hair that he stated was for his role in the series. However, he did not elaborate on the role he has in Sheridan’s upcoming Western.

Since Hauser filmed a role for the series when it was still an 1883 spinoff, his scenes may not make it into the final cut of the show. As of now, Hauser is not listed on the cast list on IMDb.

If Hauser does still have a role in Lawmen: Bass Reeves, we know it will not be a guest appearance as Rip Wheeler. Yellowstone takes place more than 100 years after the events of Lawmen: Bass Reeves.

What is the Plot of Lawmen: Bass Reeves?

Lawmen: Bass Reeves follows the real-life story of Bass Reeves. Reeves was the first black U.S. Deputy Marshal to serve West of the Mississippi River.

Born into a life of slavery, Reeves was able to escape to freedom during the Civil War, during which he was forced to fight for the Confederate Army. He fled to Indian territory until he was officially freed by the Emancipation Proclamation.

Bass Reeves walking to his horse and holding a gun outside his home in the Lawmen Bass Reeves TV show

Reeves then moved to Arkansas where he started a family and farm. He was then recruited to be a U.S. Deputy Marshall by Sherrill Lynn.

Reeves worked for 32 years as a federal peace officer mostly in Arkansas and the Oklahoma Territory. His legendary career was one for the ages, with many historians believing he is the inspiration for the iconic fictional character The Lone Ranger.

An official synopsis for the series reads: “Lawmen: Bass Reeves, follows the journey of Reeves (Oyelowo) and his rise from enslavement to law enforcement as the first Black U.S. Marshal west of the Mississippi. Despite arresting over 3,000 outlaws during the course of his career, the weight of the badge was heavy, and he wrestled with its moral and spiritual cost to his beloved family.”

Why is Lawmen: Bass Reeves No Longer Connected to 1883?

Lawmen: Bass Reeves is now its own stand-alone series as showrunners did not want the Duttons to overshadow Reeves’ story. Initially, the show was set to be a continuation of 1883 after show creator Tayor Sheridan opted out for a second season of the Yellowstone prequel.

Two characters riding horses in the Lawmen Bass Reeves TV series

The story of Bass Reeves already has everything it needs to be a compelling series. Adding the Duttons to the storyline would only draw attention away from Reeves’ incredible life. The Yellowstone universe already has several other spin-offs in the works, so it only made sense to make Lawmen: Bass Reeves its own independent story.

According to TV Guide, “future installments of the anthology series will revolve around other real-life lawmen.” This is a change in direction from the Yellowstone universe to focus on other storylines from Sheridan.

“I’ve been trying to get this one made for over eight years now—and I have Taylor to thank for rejuvenating the Western. He’s really an inspiration in terms of what’s possible when you have passion, when you have talent, and when you somehow have the energy that he has. So it’s been a really great ride,” David Oyelowo told Esquire in regard to telling the story of Bass Reeves.