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Will Spencer and Alexandra Make it Back to Montana in 1923?

Will Spencer and Alexandra Make it Back to Montana in 1923?

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1923 has given us a deeper look into the Dutton’s family history. They face many enemies as they fight to keep their valuable land.

As things on the ranch aren’t looking so hot, Spencer Dutton is on his way back to Montana to help. With him is his wife Alexandra, who he met while hunting in Africa.

Spencer and Alexandra’s journey to America has been far from easy. After struggling to find a quick and safe passage, they manage to find a tugboat captain willing to take them to the Suez Canal.

What starts out as smooth sailing quickly turns into a disaster. While on his watch, the ailing tugboat captain passes away. With no one to steer the ship, it crashes into a ghost ship.

The tugboat capsizes, leaving Spencer and Alexandra in peril. They manage to take refuge on the capsized boat while they await rescue.

While things start to look dire, Alexandra is awoken by a boat horn. She wakes up Spencer who shoots his gun to signal their whereabouts.

Luckily, they are rescued by SS Lambridge who had received Spencer’s SOS signal before the tugboat went down. While they are exhausted, they are now safe.

Aboard the ship, the captain offers them safe passage on the first leg of their journey. Spencer and Alexandra waste no time once aboard the ship and decide to get married.

Not only is it a declaration of love but their marriage also makes it easier for Alexandra to gain entry to America.

Did Spencer and Alexandra Book Passage to America in 1923?

In the episode “The Rule of Five Hundred” Spencer and Alexandra arrive in Sicily, Italy. They are dropped off ashore by SS Lambridge with their belongings, where they can now book a passenger ship.

While in Sicily, Spencer books the next passage of their journey which leaves on Thursday, getting them one step closer to Montana.

While they still have a long way to go, they are finally able to make progress on their journey.

Alexandra and Spencer Dutton a ship in 1923

Spencer and Alexandra still have several weeks if not months before they arrive in America. Once in America, they still have quite a way to go before making it to Montana.

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Alexandra’s Run-In With Her Ex-Fiance Arthur

While in Sicily, Spencer and Alexandra decide to enjoy a nice meal at an outdoor restaurant. They finally enjoy a peaceful moment together, looking forward to what their future holds.

While sharing a passionate kiss, they are interrupted as someone calls out Alexandra’s name. Much to her surprise and dismay, her former fiance, Arthur, and his family are standing there looking shocked.

Upon boarding their ship to London in the episode “Nothing Left to Lose” Alexandra realizes that Arthur and his family are also traveling on the same ship.

Spencer and Arthur arguing in 1923

Horrified to run into them again, Alexandra vows to hide in their room. However, after becoming nauseous, Spencer conveniences Alexandra to take a walk to the deck to ease her discomfort.

While on the deck, Alexandra comes across her friend Jennifer. Jennifer tells her that she only wishes to see Alexandra happy, to which Alexandra replies that she is.

After the conversation, Alexandra decides that she is done hiding and wishes to dine in the grand hall that night.

While at dinner, Spencer and Alexandra sport their finest clothes while enjoying their evening dancing and drinking. However, Arthur becomes furious upon witnessing the happy couple doting on each other.

Despite his father’s wishes, Arthur decides to confront Spencer and Alexandra. He decides to challenge Spencer to a duel to which Spencer knocks him down.

As the couple leaves, Arthur shouts that Alexandra is a “f**king wh**e” which infuriates Spencer. Despite Alexandra’s plea, Spencer punches Arthur in the face before accepting the duel.

What Happened Between Spencer and Alexandra’s Ex-Fiance?

Upon challenging Spencer to a duel, Arthur chooses swords as their weapon of choice. Though Arthur is an expert swordsman, he is no match for Spencer’s strength.

Despite disarming Arthur twice and giving him the chance to walk away, Arthur proves to be relentless. While Spencer is unarmed, Arthur charges at him, pulling out a pistol.

In an act of self-defense, Spencer throws Arthur overboard. As they are in the middle of the ocean, it is presumed that Arthur is dead.

By command of Arthur’s father, the Earl of Sussex, Spencer is taken to the brig and Alexandra is confined to her room.

Jennifer is able to clear Spencer’s name, telling the captain he acted in self-defense. Despite not telling authorities, the captain removes Spencer from the boat by order of the Earl. However, Alexandra must stay on board.

While Spencer demands Alexandra come with him since they are married, the Earl claims they have no proof of their marriage.

Jennifer is able to leave the captain’s quarters and free Alexandra from her room. However, Alexandra doesn’t make it in time as Spencer is already on a boat heading to port.

While Spencer tries to break away, he is overpowered by the crew. After declaring their love for one another, Alexandra tells Spencer she will meet him in Bozeman, Montana.

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What is in Store for Spencer and Alexandra’s Future in 1923?

Now that Spencer and Alexandra have been separated, their future is full of uncertainty. However, their deep love for one another is sure to reunite them in season 2 of 1923.

Spencer and Alexandra will now have to book their own passages to America. Though they may get lucky and be able to reunite in London, the chances of that appear to be slim. It will likely be weeks if not months until they are able to reunite with each other.

Spencer Dutton and Alexandra Dutton wedding
Captain Shipley marrying Spencer Dutton and Alexandra

Upon arriving in London, Alexandra will likely have to deal with her family and Arthur’s family. However, she has proven to be strong, so she will likely be able to break free from their control.

As Alexandra comes from a wealthy family, she may take some of their money to help the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Spencer and Alexandra will likely do whatever it takes to reunite and officialize their marriage.

Is Alexandra Pregnant in 1923?

While there is no confirmation that Alexandra is pregnant, there is a good chance she might be. As she told Spencer in their room on the ship, they have consummated their marriage several times.

In addition, Alexandra was experiencing nauseous when first arriving on the ship. While this could have been because she was seasick, we haven’t seen her get seasick before.

“Honestly, I have not been told a single thing, but I have my theories. But when I was filming those scenes, there were definitely some moments where I was choosing to believe that maybe it was more than motion sickness. But there has been no confirmation from Taylor [Sheridan] at all, so it could have just been those waves,” said Julia Schlaepfer, who plays Alexandra.

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Friday 3rd of March 2023

Just love Yellowstone and the prequels even more than the original initial series . Loved the Romance between Spencer & Alexandra. They are both so beautiful together and hope to see much more of their story. It’s been a long time since I felt that two actors had such passionate chemistry and were involved in such an romantic and enthralling story. Just loved it and please don’t make us wait too long to see what happens next .


Monday 20th of February 2023

What if Alexandra was already married to Arthur when she met Spencer?