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10 Compelling Reasons Why Women Love Horses

10 Compelling Reasons Why Women Love Horses

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“Women Love Horses” – a statement as old as time, encapsulating the special bond between women and these majestic creatures.

With their power, grace, and fiery spirit, horses have effortlessly galloped into the hearts of women around the globe, sparking a fascination that transcends cultures and centuries.

This unique relationship draws women to stables and riding arenas, fostering lifelong connections of mutual respect and deep affection.

But what lies at the heart of this attraction? What is the irresistible pull that horses exert on women?

As we delve into this intriguing topic, we prepare to unfold the 10 profound reasons why women and men love horses so much.

1. Horses Give Girls Confidence

Once you’ve realized you can work with an animal that doesn’t talk; an animal that’s ten times your size – there isn’t much that can stand in your way!

The obstacles of life melt away. Anything becomes possible. You learn the death stare and you perfect it. Challenges melt at the mere sight of you. You KNOW you can, come bucks or bolts…

2. Horse & Rider Connection

There isn’t a stronger bond than the one between a woman and her horse. When you come into the yard and your pony nickers at you over the stable door or comes running across the field… That’s real, unconditional love right there.

You may want to wring their neck when they refuse to go past that plastic bag even though it’s been there for WEEKS, but you get it. It makes you love them a little bit more.

3. Horse Riding Releases Endorphins

Horse riding is like an endorphin overload. It’s like a drug. Once you start you can’t get enough!

Exercising and reaching your horse riding goals releases endorphins. Not mention, having a close connection with another living being is one of life’s great gifts.

It’s comforting and heart-warming and reminds us that we’re loved, we can succeed in anything we put our mind to, and that somewhere in the world there is a safe haven for us to relax and be ourselves.

4. Owning a Horse Teaches You Self-Reliance

At the yard, women are the queen of their castle. No man can tell her how to do something better!

She will scoop that poop and push that wheelbarrow as no man can! In fact, most non-horsey guys hate mucking out. But girls who love horses know that to keep their horses healthy they need to get their hands dirty. They need to get the job done, and they do it on their own terms.

Girl resting and smiling on a horse's back

5. Horses Connect Us to Nature

As a child you would dream of going on adventures on your own into the wild. Being free to do as you please, feel the breeze on your face. 

Horses fulfill our need to get out there and explore the world. It connects us with nature and the big outdoors in a way that few other activities can.

6. Horse Riding Adds Competition To Our Lives

Whether they admit it or not, each and every yard is competitive on one level or another.

Whether it’s about competing in shows, or just showing off when you ride in from the fields in nothing but a halter… You’re being pushed to be the best version of yourself.

7. Making Friends at the Yard

Horse people are a breed in their own right. We’re stranger than most. And there’s nothing better than having friends to meet up with after a tough day of “real world” problems and get to the most important part of life – your horses.

8. Horse Riding is a Stress Reliever

I cannot stress this enough. Horses are the best stress-reducers in the WORLD! Sure you may get a panic attack when your horse spooks at a rabbit, but at least they helped you forget about the hole they’re eating into your bank account.

And let’s face it horses are cheaper by the hour than any therapist ever. And they keep you out of trouble because they need you just as much as you need them.

9. Girls Love the Smell of Horses

Yes, you might think we stink of poop and sweat and all things gross, but for us, there is no better smell than the smell of horses. Simply, the smell of horses is the smell of happiness.

10. The Horse Riding Attire & Dress Code

From comfortable and relaxed to smart and shiny, horses create an environment where you can dress in just about anything and still feel like you look like a million bucks.

Even if you’re wearing an old t-shirt, wellies, and all the mud and hay in the barn, you feel good so you know you look good. And there’s no judgment. The dirtier and sweatier you are the more fun you had.

Comment below on what you love about horses the most. Have they helped you in life, saved you from depression, or lightened a dark day?

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Amanda Whittingham

Thursday 17th of December 2020

We cry in their manes, we marvel at their power , we laugh at their antics , horses take all of our emotions without complaint ,they take the burden of the rider and the burden of riders mind with natural ease ,when that horse looks at you with kind eyes, we are reminded should we choose to listen of our own humanity

Carolyn Manns

Tuesday 24th of November 2020

I'm an old woman now, but I'll tell you the truth. In my rodeo days, having a powerful thousand pounds of horse between your legs is a feeling no man can compete with.

Julie O’Hare

Monday 28th of September 2020

I don’t need diamonds give me four legged friend with a long tail honey ?

Nina Allan

Wednesday 13th of May 2020

In 1980 at 27 years old I was diagnosed with psoriatic Arthritis my love of my horses kept me going. One of my mare's that I had raised and trained had just foaled thur the pain and shock of the diagnosis I had to care for them. That and family support slowly I excepted my dignosis. This was at a time when Psoriatic arthritis was not really know . It was so difficult to try to explain to others WHY. !!! I all of a sudden I couldn't do the physical things I had always done. Any injuries took for ever to heal. If they ever did . !