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Why Did Jamie Dutton Kill His Dad?

Why Did Jamie Dutton Kill His Dad?

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There is no doubt that Jamie Dutton has a complex relationship with his family. The relationship became even more complicated in season 3 of Yellowstone when Jamie finds out he is adopted.

Jamie is shocked to learn the truth of his true parentage. Jamie ends up meeting his biological father, Garrett Randall, after he is released from jail for killing his mother.

After some time, Jamie ends up forming a relationship with his father. He even allows Garrett to stay on his property and meet his son.

Things seemed to be going well between Jamie and Garrett despite everything that happened in the past. However, in season 4, a very emotional Jamie kills his father.

So, why did Jamie kill his dad despite growing close to him? Keep on reading to find out what drove Jamie to do such a shocking thing.

Why Did Jamie Kill His Father?

Jamie killed his biological father Garrett Randall after he was threatened by Beth. Jamie did not want to kill his father but he felt that he was left with no other choice.

Upon finding out that Garrett Randall was responsible for the attacks on the Duttons, Beth gave Jamie three options. Her options were she would have Jamie and Garrett arrested, she would tell Rip Garrett attacked her, or Jamie could kill Garrett himself.

Jamie begged Beth to change her mind but she would not budge. Jamie decided the only plausible option was to take matters into his own hands and kill Garrett himself.

After making the decision, Jamie returns home where he finds his father sitting by a creek. Garrett tells his son that he loves him and that he is a good man. Jamie tells his father “I love you too, Dad” before tearfully pulling the trigger and shooting his father dead.

Jamie then disposes of Garrett’s body at the train station where he is greeted by Beth. Beth snaps a picture of him carrying the body, giving her the power to blackmail Jamie if she sees fit.

Why Did Garrett Randall Try To Kill the Duttons?

Garrett Randall tried to get the Duttons killed as he believes they don’t treat Jamie right and that Jamie deserves to be freed from their control. Garrett manipulates Jamie into turning against the Duttons and siding with him.

Garrett has never forgiven John Dutton for not standing up for him in court when being tried for the murder of his wife Phyllis Randall. Garrett killed Phyllis after he discovered baby Jamie sucking on a crack pipe while she was sleeping with another man. He believed that he was saving Jamie when he killed Phyllis.

Garrett hired his former cellmate Terrell Riggins to carry out the hit on the Dutton family. Terrell used the Montana Free Militia to attack Beth, Kayce, John, Monica, and Tate.

Jamie Dutton and Garrett Randall on Yellowstone

Beth received a package at her office that was disguised as a bomb. Realizing something was not right, Beth tried to stop her assistant from opening the package but was not quick enough. The bomb exploded, destroying the office but Beth was able to walk out of the attack alive.

Kayce was attacked while in his office, as armed gunman barged in while he was on the phone with Monica. He tells Monica to seek safety as he upturns his desk for protection and is able to fight off the attackers.

A masked man entered Kayce and Monica’s home back at the ranch but Tate is able to shoot him and save his mother before they flee to the bunkhouse.

John was helping a woman change a flat tire on the side of the road when he is shot at by a passing van. While John does get shot, he is able to make a full recovery.

How Did Jamie Find Out He Was Adopted?

Jamie found out he was adopted after his assistant handed him his birth certificate. He then learned his biological parents were Garrett and Phyliss Randall.

Jamie had no idea he was adopted as John never told him. He was shocked to learn his true identity and confronted John about his discovery.

John and Evelyn adopted Jamie when he was just three months old. Garrett wanted the Duttons to adopt Jamie as he knew the Duttons and believed they could give him a better life.

Jamie being adopted was a storyline that shocked many fans. Jamie’s rocky relationship with his family only became more unsteady as he learned the truth and began a relationship with Randall only to kill him in order to save himself.