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Who Is James Dutton to John Dutton?

Who Is James Dutton to John Dutton?

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The Dutton family has a long and rich history in the state of Montana, starting with James Dutton and his family.

So, who is James Dutton to John Dutton?

James Dutton is John Dutton’s great-great-grandfather. In the series 1883, James and Margaret Dutton have two children, John, also known as John Sr., and Elsa. John Sr., who is just a young boy in 1883, is John Dutton’s great grandfather.

John Sr. went on to become the father of John Jr, who is John Dutton’s father. This makes our gritty Yellowstone Dutton Ranch patriarch John Dutton III.

See our Dutton family tree infographic here.

Who is John Dutton’s Mother?

While we know that James and Margaret Dutton are John Dutton’s great-grandparents, we don’t know anything about his grandmother, John Senior’s wife, or his mother. We do meet John Sr. in flashback scenes in Yellowstone.

John Dutton from Yellowstone sitting on a chair

John Sr. died likely sometime near the early 2000s. His dying wish was that his son would never give up their land. Upon his passing, John inherited the family ranch.

Does John Dutton Have Any Siblings?

Very little information has been revealed about John Dutton’s family growing up in Yellowstone. While there is some speculation that John had a brother, there is no confirmation yet as to whether he has any siblings at all.

Fans can only hope as the show continues that more information will be revealed about the Dutton family tree.

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Did James Dutton Found Yellowstone Ranch?

James Dutton founded Yellowstone Dutton Ranch in the 1880s. The ranch has remained in the family ever since.

John arrived in Montana on a wagon train from Texas with his wife Margaret and children Elsa and John. His daughter Elsa Dutton died from an infection shortly after arriving in Montana.

James and Margaret went on to have another son named Spencer after founding the ranch.

Who is Buried at Yellowstone Ranch?

According to John Dutton, “Since 1886, every Dutton who died is buried 300 yards from my back porch.”

While we don’t know who this all includes we know that this includes multiple generations of Duttons. Most recently, his wife Evelyn and son Lee are among those buried on the ranch.

There are also some Duttons buried in the graveyard that we don’t know their relations to John Dutton. For example, during Lee’s funeral, we see glimpses of the headstones of Ned Dutton and Chance Dutton.

Ned Dutton and Chance Dutton gravestones on Yellowstone

Currently, we don’t know how Ned and Chance fit into the family tree. See our guide on who are Ned and Chance Dutton to learn more.

Will 1923 Feature John Dutton’s Parents?

The upcoming Yellowstone spin-off 1923 will feature Jacob and Cara Dutton. Jacob Dutton is the brother of James Dutton, John’s great-grandfather.

The show will also feature John Sr., allowing us to learn more about John’s grandfather.

While we don’t know if John’s father will be in 1923, we are sure to learn more about his heritage. Hopefully, the series will help clear up the confusion around John’s family.