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8 Things That Could Happen in 1923 Season 2

8 Things That Could Happen in 1923 Season 2

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As the first season of 1923 wrapped up with an action-packed finale, there is a lot at stake for the Dutton family. With everything on the line, fans will have to anxiously wait till the return of season 2 for answers.

The finale of season 1 of 1923 left off with several cliffhangers. The fate of the ranch is up in the air, as Donald Whitfield made the first payment of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch’s property taxes. If Jacob can not pay him back by the end of the year then the deed changes hands to Donald.

Spencer and Alexandra’s future is in danger after they are separated on the passenger ship. After becoming separated on their voyage to London, they must find new travel plans to reunite in Montana.

Meanwhile, Teaonna reunites with her father and Pete as they make their journey South. They decide to go to Commanche territory where they will have the best chance of blending in.

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Spencer Will Arrive Just in Time to Protect the Ranch

Spencer Dutton holding and aiming a shotgun in the 1923 TV series

After discovering his family is in dire need of help, Spencer decides to return to Montana with Alexandra. However, their journey has proven to be far from easy.

After the season 1 finale events, Spencer and Alexandra are separated and must find their own ways back to Montana. This unexpected change of plan will not only have a big impact on the newlywed couple but also on the ranch as well.

Spencer will now have to find another way to get to America. His journey home will likely take weeks if not months longer.

In the meantime, Jacob, Cara, Jack, and Elizabeth will have to best defend the ranch with the help of the ranch hands. With Jacob and Cara’s age, this will prove to be challenging.

Due to this unexpected turn of events, Spencer’s delay in arriving home will put a strain on the ranch. As he is strong and relentless, it is very likely he will make it back to the ranch. However, he will likely get there just in time to be able to protect his family and defend the ranch.

Banner Will Seek Vengeance and Go to Jail

Banner Creighton holding a rolled up document with Donald Whitfield in the background in the 1923 TV series

Banner has proved to be dangerous and hot-headed, unable to control his temper. After being released without bail due to lack of evidence, Banner’s lawyer tells him to stay quiet. However, Banner just can’t help himself as he throws insults at the Duttons and even punches Jack.

Later at Donald Whitfield’s house, Banner talks about how he wants to kill the Duttons. However, Donald tells him vengeance does not make money and he will do no good in jail.

Banner has already proved relentless in his quest to bring down the Duttons. Despite Donald’s warnings, there is a very good chance that Banner will seek revenge. If he does, this time he will likely end up in jail or even dead.

Alexandra Will Steal Money From Her Family to Save the Ranch

Alexandra and Spencer Dutton looking at Arthur as he arrives at the restaurant they're in

Heartbroken to be separated from the love of her life, Alexandra vows to meet Spencer in Bozeman, Montana. She is forced to remain on the boat to London by the Earl of Sussex.

When arriving in London, the Earl will likely try to take control of Alexandra’s future. However, Alexandra is brave and a fighter, so she will likely manage to break free from his grip.

As Jennifer informed her, her family is furious at Alexandra for running away with Spencer. With no support left in London besides Jennifer, Alexandra will likely risk it all to head to Montana.

Since her family is already disappointed in her, it will only make it all the easier for Alexandra to take some cash and book it. Knowing that the ranch is struggling, Alexandra could potentially take a large sum of cash from her wealthy family.

Eager to make it back to her husband, Alexandra will waste no time booking passage to America. Her arrival to the ranch could very well be its saving grace.

Donald Whitfield’s Plan Will Fall Apart

Donald Whitfield giving Jacob Dutton a piece of paper outside the Dutton home in the 1923 season 1 finale

Donald Whitfield has proven to be a major challenge for the Dutton family. The ruthless businessman knows the value of the Dutton’s land and wants it for himself.

As Donald is a city man, he is probably not prepared for the fight the ranch will bring. While he fights dirty, his methods are much different than any cowboy or rancher.

Though Donald will put up a tough fight and make things difficult for the Dutton family, he ultimately won’t be a match for the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

While he will likely cause plenty of trouble for the ranch in the second season, his master plan will ultimately come crumbling down leaving him in despair.

Spencer and Alexandra Will Have a Baby

Spencer and Alexandra holding hands in the 1923 TV show

In the season 1 finale, Alexandra experiences nausea while on the boat. While she could have just been seasick, she had never shown any signs of seasickness before despite plenty of travel via boat.

There is a good possibility that Alexandra is actually pregnant and was experiencing morning sickness. If this is the case, she will likely find out she is pregnant sometime after she arrives in London.

The revelation of finding out she is pregnant will make her want to get to Spencer even sooner, so she can have her baby in Montana with him there. She will likely do whatever it takes to make her way to Montana as soon as possible.

Jack and Elizabeth Will Struggle With Infertility

Jack and Elizabeth Dutton cuddling in bed after Elizabeth has a miscarriage in the 1923 TV series

After Elizabeth suffered a miscarriage she was left devastated. While she desperately wants to start a family, she could be struggling with infertility.

While it is likely Jack and Elizabeth will try for another baby, they could continue to struggle with infertility. The stress may even put a strain on their relationship. Perhaps Elizabeth will even leave the ranch to find a doctor who can help her.

Jacob and Cara Will Pass On the Ranch To Spencer and Jack

Jacob and Cara Dutton standing side by side

Jacob and Cara are already getting up there in years. The fight against Banner and Donald will likely be the last straw for them, as they won’t have what it takes to keep protecting the ranch.

Jacob and Cara will likely retire at some point in season 2. They will pass on the ranch for Jack and Spencer to maintain. However, it is unclear if they will choose Spencer or Jack to be the patriarch.

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Teonna Will Make it Safely to Commanche Territory But Her Journey Won’t End There

Teonna Rainwater wearing a hat and looking sad

While Teonna is now with her father and Pete, she is still far from safe. Their journey to Commanche territory will likely have challenges, however, we know that Teonna is a fighter.

Teonna will likely arrive in Commanche Territory in season 2, however, that doesn’t mean her journey is over yet. As the lawmen after her suspected she may go there, they could catch up to her.

Perhaps while in Commanche territory she will learn the lawmen and Father Renaud are still hot on her trail. While there, Teonna could potentially meet Sam, Elsa’s love interest from 1883, and he could help her out.

If Commanche territory doesn’t prove to be a safe place from the law, perhaps Teonna could travel to Montana for safety. We may finally see her story overlap with the Dutton family.

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