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What Did Kayce See in His Vision? All 5 Visions Explained

What Did Kayce See in His Vision? All 5 Visions Explained

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At the end of season four of Yellowstone, Kayce partakes in a Lakota ceremony known as a Hanbleceya, or “crying for a vision.” While undergoing the ceremony, Kayce has several visions.

Kayce’s visions could be a glimpse of what is in store for him in season five. As part of the ceremony, he spends days in isolation. At the end of it, he saw two possible paths forward that could foretell the fate of his future.

Kayce’s visions have become a major talking point for fans going into season five. While the true meaning of his visions has yet to be revealed, many fans have their theories.

Fans can only hope that Yellowstone season five will dive deeper into the meanings of what he saw.

Kayce Dutton’s 5 Visions and What They Mean

During Kayce’s three-day ritual in the wilderness, he has several visions. While it is unclear what Kayce’s visions mean, they could be foreshadowing what Kayce may face in season five.

Kayce’s Vision of the Owl

The owl Kayce Dutton saw in his vision in Season 4

The first thing Kayce saw when undergoing the ritual was an owl. In many Native American tribes, the owl is seen as an omen of death.

In Kayce’s instance, the owl symbolizes his crossing into the spirit world. Before the ritual, Mo told him “You must stand on the cliff of death to understand your purpose in life. It’s the only place where you can see it.” The owl could also represent a death coming in season five of Yellowstone.

Kayce’s Nacy Seal Flashbacks

Kayce Dutton Navy Seal military vision on Yellowstone

Kayce also has flashbacks of his time as a Navy Seal. His memory from his time as a Navy Seal shows that Kayce has not come to terms with his dark past. It also remains Kayce that he wanted a second chance at life after his time in the military, which led him to get the Yellowstone brand.

Kayce’s Vision of Lee

Lee Dutton in Kayce Dutton's vision

Kayce then went on to have a vision of his late brother Lee. Lee tells Kayce “You’re not doing what he asked. He (Mo) said pray for a vision but I don’t see you praying.”

Lee proceeds to tell Kayce that he can help him if he lets him in, however, Kayce tells his brother that he can’t do that.

Lee then becomes increasingly aggressive, shouting at Kayce “Let me in, you f****g child, look at me! This is your vision, this is your destiny!” As this happens, blood pours out of Lee’s mouth, causing Kayce to scream.

Kayce’s visions of Lee could be a sign of his past regrets. He regrets not being able to save Lee in time and how it impacted the whole family.

On the other hand, this vision could be a foretelling of the conclusion of the sibling rivalry between Beth and Jamie.

Kayce’s Vision of Avery

Kayce Dutton and his vision of Avery in Yellowstone

Kayce next went on to have a vision of a woman who he thinks is Monica but actually turns out to be Avery. In the vision, the two are kissing.

While Avery had earlier professed her love for him, it is unclear if Kayce reciprocated any of her feelings.

Though Kayce never got with Avery, he could have had thoughts of infidelity, which he regrets. On the other hand, his vision of Avery could be a sign he will be unfaithful in season five.

While it could be hinting at unfaithfulness to Monica, it could imply that he will be unfaithful to his family ranch.

Kayce’s Vision of the Woman in White

Kayce Dutton's Vision of the Woman in White

In his final vision Kayce sees a Native American woman in white who represents a wolf, his spirit animal that he repeatedly sees.

The woman leads Kayce to the edge of a cliff where he sees two paths. Kayce says he does not know what path to choose but she says she will help him.

This last vision of seeing two paths could be a sign that Kayce will choose between his life with Monica and Tate or his life on the ranch working for his father. He could end up making a hard choice regarding his identity, whether he chooses to be a part of Yellowstone Dutton Ranch or the Broken Rock Indian Reservation.

Kayce may find himself in a battle to help save the Dutton Ranch or help Monica and Thomas take back the land of their ancestors. For all we know Kayce could end up being in charge of the ranch with his father now taking a role as governor of Montana.

No matter what, Kayce likely has a difficult journey ahead of him in season five. He will likely end up losing something very important to him.

Curiously, actors Luke Grimes and Kelsey Asbille who play Kacey Dutton and Monica Dutton know the answer. In a voice interview with Taste and Country, Kelsey Asbille said “Luke and I went up to Taylor and you have to tell us”. Kelsey said Taylor Sheridan went on to tell them both.

Hear what Kelsey Absille said below:

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What Did Kayce Say to Monica About His Visions?

After his vision, Kayce tells Monica that he saw “the end of us.” As he does not elaborate on what this means, it leaves a lot up to speculation.

Kayce Dutton telling Monica what he say in his vision

His relationship with Monica may end, whether that be from her leaving him or her death. With Monica pregnant with their second child, she may choose to leave to protect their children.

One Redditor believes that Monica will have complications during labor and Kayce will have to choose between saving her or the baby. Others believe that the woman in white he saw in his vision is actually his daughter, as she said “you know me.”

There are plenty of guesses as to what will happen to Kayce and Monica in season five of Yellowstone. Fans can only hope season five will bring answers to the many questions regarding Kayce’s visions.

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