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12 Best Western & English Saddle Brands

12 Best Western & English Saddle Brands

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Having a quality, properly fitting saddle is important no matter what type of riding you do. With so many different saddle brands out there, it can be hard to know which ones are the best.

Based on personal experiences and the best online reviews, these are some of the best saddle brands on the market. The brands range from high-end to budget-friendly, including something for everyone.

Best Western Saddle Brands

Whether you are looking for a trail, pleasure, or show saddle, you will want one that provides comfort, security, and proper fit. Buying a quality saddle will assure you that you are getting something that will last.

Circle Y

Circle Y is one of the top western saddle brands, creating innovative products based on industry trends. Since 1960, they have been handcrafting high-quality saddles in the United States.

They make a wide variety of saddles including barrel, trail, show, roping, and ranch. You can even custom order western saddles through them. They are a popular choice among many top western riders and trainers.

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Dakota Saddlery

Dakota is a premier maker of western saddles. Located in the United States, they make quality handcrafted saddles that are often budget-friendly.

They offer roping, trail and barrel racing saddles, with the ability to semi-customize. With the semi-customization, you can choose the tree, leather type, color, seat and oiling of your saddle. Their durable saddles are made to last, designed with horse and rider in mind.

Billy Cook Saddlery

With a long history of quality, Billy Cook is one of the premier western saddle makers. They offer a wide variety of high-end saddles that include roping, show, cutting, reining and trail.

Renowned for their exceptional saddle making skills, Billy Cook Saddlery has made long lasting, durable saddles that have become popular worldwide. They are well worth the price you pay, as you are getting a top quality saddle.

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Known for having some of the most comfortable western saddles, Wintec saddles are budget friendly and superb all-round saddle. They are the leading brand for synthetic saddles, thanks to their quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Wintec offers lightweight and durable western saddles for trail and pleasure. They are easy to care for, as they are scratch proof and virtually weather resistant.

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Tucker Saddlery

Tucker Saddlery is a premiere maker of trail saddles. They are well known for their flexible yet durable saddles made from high quality leather.

Each saddle is handcrafted with care. They are famous for their ultra comfortable saddles that have a unique shock absorbing gel padded cushion. Tucker saddles are built to last and keep you comfy in the saddle for hours at a time.

Dale Chavez

Dale Chavez makes some of the finest western show saddles on the market. They are available to be customized, allowing you to get the exact saddle you want.

These beautifully handcrafted saddles are made of the finest silver and leather, with exquisite attention to detail. You are sure to stand out in the show ring with a Dale Chavez saddle. These saddles are worth the investment, as they are durable and high-quality.

Best English Saddle Brands

English saddles come in a variety of different seats and styles. No matter what seat you ride, you will want a quality saddle that is both reliable and comfortable.

English horse saddle on a fence

M. Toulouse

M. Toulouse provides fine quality all purpose, dressage and close contact saddles. They combine classic French elements, traditional techniques and modern technology in their saddle making process.

The built in Genesis adjustable gullet system allows you to adjust the saddle to each horse you ride. Safe and dependable, M. Toulouse saddles offer superior comfort and style. They are a top choice of many riders and trainers.

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Freedman’s Saddlery

With world renowned craftsmanship, Freedman saddles are carefully handcrafted to meet both the horse and rider’s needs. Founded in 1802, they have provided ultimate comfort and performance in all their saddles.

Freedman’s Saddlery sells top quality hunter and saddle seat saddles. With superior grip, innovative design and reinforced trees, Freedman offers the ultimate show saddles. Many elite trainers and exhibitors will agree Freedman saddles are well worth the money. In addition to saddles, Freedman is famous for their harnesses; having outfitted world famous Budweiser Clydesdales.


Well known for their dressage, jumping and all-purpose saddles, Stubben offers superior comfort and design. Founded in 1894, Stubben has designed quality saddles around the world from their family owned workshop in Sweden.

Each saddle is carefully handcrafted to provide the perfect fit to both horse and rider. Thanks to their unique and innovative designs, they are the preferred saddle among many professionals. Their long lasting, high performance saddles are well worth the price.

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Collegiate Saddlery

With the combination of traditional techniques and modern materials, Collegiate makes fine quality close contact, all purpose and dressage saddles. Their top-notch leather and quality craftsmanship have made them the official saddle of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association.

Allowing for a secure seat and comfortable ride, Collegiate saddles have become a popular choice for many equestrians. The Simple & Quick Changeable Gullet Series provides the perfect fit for every horse. Collegiate provides quality saddles at an affordable price.

Pessoa Saddles

Founded by Olympic medalists Nelson and Rodrgio Pessoa, Pessoa saddles are known for their excellent craftsmanship and balance. Designed with hunter/jumpers in mind, Pessoa saddles provide superior support for jumping.

Their unique designs produce ideal comfort for both horses and riders. Pessoa saddles are durable and made from the finest leather. They are some of the best jumping saddles available on the market.

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Bates Saddles

The official saddle of the United States Eventing Association, Bates Saddles provide ultimate comfort and balance. Hand crafted with fine leather, Bates makes dressage, jumping and all purpose saddles.

The Easy-Change Fit Solution allows riders to adjust the saddle to their horse and the CAIR Cushion System provides even weight distribution to absorb shock. Durable and high quality, Bates saddles are loved among many elite riders.

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