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5 Best Walking Horse Toys for Kids

5 Best Walking Horse Toys for Kids

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What little kid doesn’t ask to own their very own pony? These fun horse toys will get your kids up and active while providing hours of entertainment.

These best walking horse toys provide kids the fun of owning a real pony without the mess or cost. Not only can children take them on walks, but they can also brush and cuddle them. They are great interactive toys for any energetic young kiddo.

Here are the best walking horse toys that are cute as they are fun.

1. Haktoys Walk Along Horse Toy

Haktoys Walk Along Horse Toy

This adorable chestnut pony has a soft plush coat that is perfect for cuddling. He has a safe, durable build that will outlast even the rowdiest little cowboys and cowgirls.

The pony comes with a 30-inch long leash that features an on/off switch. He walks, dances, and plays nine different songs. His wiggly movements will even sync with the song.

The pony also makes a variety of horse noises as he plays. Kids will adore his cute, realistic design.

Why We Recommend This Product:

  • Has a plush, soft coat.
  • Has a 30-inch long leash for walking.
  • Sings, dances, and makes horse noises.

2. Marsjoy Walking Pony Toy

Marsjoy Walking Pony Toy

This sweet little walking pony tony has expressive eyes, a soft coat, and a stylish saddle pad. He comes in black or brown, both of which are equally adorable.

The pony features a soft, plush leash with a switch that can be used to control it. Not only does the pony walk, but it also makes horse noises, dances, and sings. The pony even dances to the rhythm of the music.

When not walking or dancing with their pony, kids can cuddle and hug it. It makes a wonderful first pony for your little kid.

Why We Recommend This Product:

  • Sings, dances, talks, and walks.
  • Can neigh and make horseshoe noises.
  • Has a soft plush body and leash.

3. Liberty Imports Walking Pony Toy

Liberty Imports Walking Pony Toy

This adorable walking horse toy has a cute red bandana and is the perfect size for taking just about anywhere. He has soft plush fur that is great for hugging and cuddling.

This little pony has many capabilities, keeping your kids busy for hours on end. He can gallop, sit, whinny, rear, snort, and more.

He even responds to touch, as he will do different actions when you pet his back. In addition, he will also neigh if you clap your hands.

Why We Recommend This Product:

  • Has a cuddly coat.
  • Can gallop, sit, shinny, rear, snort, and more.
  • Will respond to pets and clapping.

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4. Electric Unicorn Pet Walking Toy

Electric Unicorn Pet Walking Toy

Kids will absolutely adore this precious unicorn with a pink coat, rainbow mane and tail, shimmery wings, glittery hooves, and a glittery horn. Her super-soft coat is wonderful for cuddling after playtime.

This unicorn features a plush leash that has a remote control at the end. The unicorn can walk, dance, and make noise to your child’s delight. She has three different songs she will sing while she shakes to the music.

The unicorn walking toy also comes with a comb so children can brush her mane and tail. In addition, there is also a packet of cute unicorn stickers.

Why We Recommend This Product:

  • Has a soft, plush coat, pink wings, rainbow mane and tail, glittery hooves, and a glittery horn.
  • Comes with a remote control leash that allows it to walk, sing and dance.
  • Includes a comb and unicorn stickers.

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5. Cuddle Barn Rusty Musical Walking Horse Toy

Cuddle Barn Rusty Musical Horse
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Rusty the noble steed makes an adorable companion for your kid. He has a soft, pinto coat and a cute red bandana.

Rusty will gallop all about with kids as they play. While he gallops, he plays the “William Tell Overture” (Lone Ranger Theme Song). To play with Rusty, simply squeeze his ear.

When not galloping about with Rusty, he makes a great cuddle buddy. He even comes with a poly bag to protect him while traveling.

Why We Recommend This Product:

  • Gallops all around with your child.
  • Plays the “William Tell Overture” (Lone Ranger Theme Song).
  • Has a soft, plush coat and red bandana.

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