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8 Best Unicorn Gift Boxes for Kids & Adults

8 Best Unicorn Gift Boxes for Kids & Adults

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Unicorns are all the craze among kids now. If you know a unicorn-obsessed kid, then they will love these magical unicorn gift boxes.

These unicorn gift and subscription boxes include fun unicorn items that range from books, stuffed animals, crafts and much more. They make wonderful presents for Christmas or your child’s birthday, as some of them even offer customizable items.

Full of colors and sparkles, they provide hours of entertainment and fun whether you have a toddler or tween.

Here are the eight best unicorn gift boxes.

1. Giant Unicorn Surprise Box

The Memory Building Company Unicorn Gifts for Girls in a Giant Surprise Box

This gorgeous unicorn mystery box set comes in a long-lasting keepsake box with a magnetic closure that kids can reuse to store their precious belongings. Packed full of adorable items, this set is ideal for kids ages three and up.

Each box comes with a plush unicorn toy, premium unicorn headband, matching necklace and bracelet and an empowering coloring book that includes six bright-colored pens.

The high-quality coloring book even includes affirmational messages about strength, courage and confidence. Kids can even download the Wonderstruck App to allow the magical fun to continue.

2. Unicorn Dream Box

Unicorn Dream Box for kids

The gift that keeps on giving, this monthly unicorn subscription box will bring joy to any young kid. It is a magical gift for kids of all ages that will renew automatically or you can cancel at any time.

Each monthly box contains six to nine unicorn items including such things as stuffed plushies, school supplies, books, accessories, stickers, and much more. There are even themed boxes including Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and back to school.

Every item is thoughtfully chosen and contains high-quality products, so you know your kid will be getting awesome products.

3. If I Were A Magical Unicorn Gift Set

If I Were A Magical Unicorn Gift Set for kids

This bright and colorful unicorn gift set encourages imaginative play in kids ages 2-7 years. It makes for a fantastic birthday present for any tiny tot.

This three-piece set includes a storybook, soft plush toy, and a colorful unicorn horn headband. The delightful rhyming storybook features 24 watercolor illustrated pages about a little girl’s adventures as a unicorn.

Kids can wear their unicorn headband, which adjusts to different sizes, as they read If I Were A Magical Unicorn. They can allow their imagination to run wild, pretending to be a unicorn just as the girl in the book does.

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4. Follow Your Dreams – Unicorn Pillow and Dreamcatcher Gift Set

Follow Your Dreams - Unicorn Pillow and Dreamcatcher Gift Set for girls

This pink and purple-themed unicorn gift set is perfect for kids aged 3 to 10 years old. It sends the message of positive thinking and dreaming big, which kids are never to young to learn.

This set includes a unicorn plush pillow pal with wish pocket, star notepad, unicorn dream catcher, and the storybook, Follow Your Dreams. The rhyming storybook teaches children the power of thinking positively and following their dreams.

The plush pillow pal is perfect for snuggling at night and the dreamcatcher makes for adorable bedroom decor. Kids can even write down their dreams and goals on the star notepad and then tuck it in the pillow pal’s wish pocket.

5. Unicorn Gift In A Box Spa Care Package

Unicorn Gift In A Box Spa Care Package for girls

This unicorn-themed spa care package is perfect for tween girls. It can be personalized to include a special message, making it great for birthdays.

Every item is hand-picked and includes a custom unicorn tumbler, nail polish set, lip gloss set, pencil, stickers, notebook, and bracelet. You can also add a unicorn handsoap and magical marshmallow twists to the package.

The package has wonderful attention to detail and is sure to make any young girl feel special. It’s a great unicorn gift for any tween girl who wants to enjoy a relaxing spa weekend with her friends.

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6. Unicorn Art Box

If you have a little artist in your family then they will love this unicorn art gift box. It is great for encouraging imagination and letting kids express their artistic side.

Each set is packed full of unicorn-themed goodies that include braid your unicorn hair activity, stencils, craft paper, paintbrushes, wood cutouts, stickers, markers, gemstones, cookie cutters, ornaments, paint, a journal, and more. In addition, each set will come with a pair of sunglasses or a headband.

This art set would make a creative unicorn Christmas gift for kids of all ages. It will provide hours of fun and children will love being able to create their own crafts.

7. Unicorn Wonderland Play Dough Kit

Unicorn Wonderland Play Dough Kit for kids

This unicorn gift set is great for kids who love to be creative and get hands-on. This handmade kit encourages children to use their imagination while also using scientific thinking and problem-solving.

Every gift box comes with four colorful and sparkly balls of non-toxic, taste-safe, homemade playdough. In addition, it also comes with one large unicorn figure, three small unicorns, a unicorn cupcake pic, resin lollipop candy, a magic wand, and many other fun accessories. Kids can form the playdough into different shapes and create masterpieces with the different accessories.

You can also customize the set to include a birthday card. It is an excellent gift for engaging kids to use their senses and magically facilitating exploration.

8. Unicorn Mystery Box

Unicorn Mystery Box for kids and adults

For those who love surprises, this unicorn mystery box makes an excellent gift. Unlike other mystery boxes, this one contains handmade and personalized items which makes it even more unique and special.

The great thing about this unicorn gift box is that you can have it customized for kids or adults. Though you won’t know exactly what you get until you open it up, you can expect items such as a tote bag, hair accessories, tutu, apron, headband, hand towel, and even crochet items. No matter what you get, it will all be unicorn-themed.

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