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7 Best Unicorn Card Games

7 Best Unicorn Card Games

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No one is ever too young or too old to love unicorns. Unicorns make everything more fun, whether that is games, movies, books, or TV shows.

Bring some magic to family game night with these enchanting unicorn card games. Not only are they fun for children, but adults will also have fun playing them as well. They provide hours of unicorn-themed fun.

1. Reigning Unicorns

Reining Unicorns Card Game

Voted the #1 Unicorn Game of The Year in 2021, Reigning Unicorns is sure to take game night up to the next level. The game will have you laughing, dancing, and having a good time.

This game will have you up on your feet, performing actions and matching with others. The first person to run out of cards wins and gets the honor of wearing the unicorn headband. The game is easy to learn and will bring out people’s fun competitive sides.

Whether for a family game night with the kids or a party with your friends, this game is fun for everyone. It is ideal for ages six and older and can accommodate three to eight players.

2. Magical Unicorn Quest

Magical Unicorn Quest card game box

Unicorn lovers of all ages will enjoy playing this fast-paced game. It is a semi-cooperative game that will bring out each player’s imaginative side.

During the game, players are on a quest to the Golden Unicorn and Majestic Unicorn deep within the Magical Forest. The first team to get these two unicorns wins the game. However, players must be careful as foul mystical beings are waiting around the corner to take their next victim.

This magical game is for ages eight and up and is enjoyed by children, teenagers and adults. It can have between two to six players per game.

3. TeeTurtle Unstable Unicorns Card Game

Unstable Unicorns card game for teens and adults

This strategic card game combines unicorns and destruction for a unique and fun experience. It even won the 2019 People’s Choice Award for Toy of the Year.

During the game, you will build a unicorn army, betray your friends and make the unicorns your friends. The game’s goal is to be the first player to collect all seven unicorns. However, things get tricky as your opponents are trying to do the same thing all while working towards destroying you.

The game accommodates two to six players and is ideal for ages 14 and up. There are even multiple expansion packs available for more exciting gameplay.

4. Unicorn Unicorn Donkey!

Unicorn Unicorn Donkey Card Game for Kids and Families

Simple yet suspenseful, this fun unicorn game can be learned within minutes. It is a great game for all ages, and kids will learn the benefits of risk vs. reward.

The game is fast-paced and requires quick decisions, keeping players on their toes. In the game, players flip over as many cards as they desire. However, as soon as a player flips a donkey, they lose their cards from that round.

The game is simple to follow and great for bringing out players’ competitive sides. It is ideal for players four and older and can accommodate two to six players.


UNO-CORNS card game cover

This magical spin on the classic game of UNO is a must-have. Each card features a funny depiction of a unicorn that makes the game all the more fun.

The game’s goal is to get rid of all the cards you have and become the first player or team to 500 points wins. With the addition of the narwhal card, players guess the card’s color stuck to their forehead.

UNO is a game that people both young and old will enjoy, as it is ideal for ages seven and up. It is a great option for playing at parties, as it can accommodate two to 10 players.

6. Frozen Unicorns: Hilarious Pocketsize Party Game of Silly Statues

Frozen Unicorns Hilarious Pocketsize Party Game of Silly Statues

Simple to learn and guaranteed to make you laugh, this game is great for bringing out your silly side. Its small pocket size design makes it great for traveling.

In the game, all but one person pretends to be the same frozen animal or person. The last person then must try and work out what they are posing as. Points are given for guessing correctly and to the best statue.

This fun game gets everyone up and moving. It is ideal for people ages eight and older and can have three or more players.

7. Unicards

Unicards Unicorn Card Game

Simple yet fun, this colorful game is perfect for those who love unicorns. It makes a great addition to family game night.

During the game, players will match unicorns, follow the rainbows, and be guided by the silly rules. The first player to get rid of all their cards wins the game.

This game is ideal for ages six and up, with the whole family having fun. It accommodates two to eight players.