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Is the Train Station in Yellowstone Real?

Is the Train Station in Yellowstone Real?

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In season one, Yellowstone fans were introduced to the mysterious train station. Though it may sound innocent from the name, it has a very sinister purpose.

When someone gets on the wrong side of the Duttons, they are taken to the train station.

The family has been using the train station for a long time to dispose of those who cross them.

Once you go to the train station, you don’t come back.

What is the Train Station in Yellowstone?

In Yellowstone, the train station is a remote location where the Dutton family dispose the bodies of people they’ve killed. According to Lloyd, the cliff has been used for generations as no one lives within 100 miles.

Since the location is so remote, the chance of anyone finding bodies there is minuscule. At the bottom of the cliff lie multiple skeletons of the enemies of the Dutton family from over the years.

Why is it Called the Train Station?

The train station is a code word used by the Duttons. In season one, Lloyd tells a wrangler named Fred that the long black train is coming. The long black train he is referring to is death.

After Lloyd makes this ominous statement, he shoots Fred, and his body tumbles over the edge

Where is the Train Station Located?

The Yellowstone train station is located just across the state line from Montana to Wyoming. It is a steep cliff in the middle of nowhere with a seemingly bottomless ravine.

As Llyod explains to Walker, the train station is located in “a county with no people, no Sheriff, and no 12-man jury of your peers.” It is secluded, as no one has discovered the Dutton’s long-running secret.

John Dutton vs Checkers at the Yellowstone Train Station
John Dutton vs Checkers at the Yellowstone Train Station

While the show’s producers have yet to confirm it, many people believe the train station is based on the Zone of Death.

The Zone of Death is a 50-square-mile section of Yellowstone National Park in Idaho that seemingly falls in a loophole in the Consitution where a person could theoretically get away with murder.

While most of Yellowstone National Park is in Wyoming, small sections are located in Idaho and Montana.

The park is federal land, and federal land across America is divided into its corresponding state districts. Except for Yellowstone National Park, which was assigned fully to the Wyoming district court, even though part of the park is in Idaho and Montana.

Since nobody lives within that 50 square-mile section of Yellowstone in Idaho, it could become a problem if a criminal defendant is on trial for a crime such as murder or kidnapping in that precise area.

The problem would arise if they evoked their Sixth Amendment right to be tried in front of a jury from the state and district where the crime occurred.

“So under the legal theory, if there is no one that lives in that state and district in this 50 square-mile swath of Yellowstone Park, there would be no constitutionally legitimate jury to be seated so that person could be tried,” said Rep. Colin Nash.

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Where is the Yellowstone Train Station Real Filming Location?

Tik-Tok user @taphobay found the location production used to film the train station scenes in Yellowstone.

Here is the @taphobay video below:

@taphobay #yellostone #yellowstoneranch ♬ original sound – SunflowerInTheCemetery

The train station in Yellowstone is though to be filmed in a small layby on the North Ogden Canyon Road in Utah, but this is unconfirmed

While the show has yet to confirm this is the train station filming location officially, we believe it is.

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Who Has Been Taken to the Train Station?

Yellowstone characters who have been taken to the train station include Fred Myers, Wade Morrow, Clint Morrow, Chester Spears, and Garrett Randall.

Walker was also been taken to the train station but was able to talk his way out of it.

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