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7 Best Stall & Boredom Toys for Horses

Giving your horse a toy is a great way to enrich their environment. For domesticated horses, we need to simulate the environment that nature intended through regular exercise, interaction with other horses, and daily turnouts.

As intelligent and active creatures, confinement can be somewhat boring and stressful. Many horses develop stress-related vices like cribbing, weaving, box walking or destructive chewing which are detrimental to their health.

Benefits of Getting Your Horse a Stall Toy

Horses need mental stimulation daily. Providing your horse with stall toys and licks is a great way to alleviate boredom and curb bad behaviors while inside a stall or out in the paddock.

However, horses can become habituated to these boredom breakers quite quickly, so it is advisable to rotate them regularly to maintain their interest.

Treat dispensing horse toys initiate foraging and grazing behaviors. Your gentle giant must figure out how to get the food that is both mentally stimulating and physically engaging. They not only occupy a horse but are also ideal for those who gulp their food down, are prone to choking, or have digestive issues.

Hanging toys for horses containing treats tantalizes a horse as they try to taste the food. They are excellent boredom busters for horses with stable vices.

For those with a high play drive, providing an oversized ball in the paddock helps keep them entertained and takes the pressure off their equine pals who may be too tired to play! Horse play balls can also double up as a training tool that helps improve your relationship with your horse, making sessions more fun.

Choosing the Right Horse Boredom Toy

Before buying any boredom toy for your horse to play with, you need to consider the purpose and whether it is for use indoors or outdoors. The aim is to provide items that imitate a horse’s natural lifestyle in the wild. The ideal horse toy should be mentally and physically stimulating, but most importantly, safe.

Consider the Following Points:

  • To prevent injury and choking, toys should be round with smooth edges containing no small parts that can break off easily
  • Always remove any plastic wrapping from the toy as they could be harmful to your horse
  • Make sure they do not contain any toxic chemicals
  • Clean out treat dispensing toys as any leftover food can harbor bacteria
  • Remove and replace damaged items
  • Hanging horse toys should be at wither height, so your horse doesn’t get tangled in the rope.

Here is our list of the best boredom toys for horses.

Best Stall and Boredom Toys for Horses

1. Horsemen’s Pride Amazing Grace Treat Toy

Horsemen’s Pride Amazing Grace Treat Toy

This durable plastic treats dispensing stall toy measures 20” long. It has a 4.5” opening with a screw-on top allowing ample space for horse treats.

Food falls out through a 2” dispensing hole as your horse pushes the boredom buster around with their nose, maintaining a natural grazing posture.

Being tough and durable, the treat toy that can withstand your horse kicking and knocking it. The treat ball will provide hours of entertainment and is ideal for horses with vices like cribbing or weaving that can be used either in the stall or paddock.

Why we like it:

  • Suitable for horses with vices like cribbing and weaving
  • Slowly dispenses treats, so the horse doesn’t become frustrated
  • The large opening makes it easy to clean inside
  • For use both indoors and outdoors

2. Shires Horse Ball Treat Feeder

Shires Horse Ball Treat Feeder

The shape of this horse ball treat feeder makes it easy for horses to push around with their noses, rewarded for their efforts with food. Just fill the ball up with treats or grain so your horse can play!

Horse treat feeding toys are ideal for encouraging a more natural and slower eating pattern than that from a bucket. It can be used either in the stall or out in the paddock, allowing the horse to stretch their neck down and exercise vital muscles.

Why we like it:

  • Robust and durable
  • Allows your horse to stretch their necks down
  • Initiates grazing behaviors

3. Uncle Jimmys Hangin Balls

Uncle Jimmys Hangin Balls

Hanging stall toys are ranked the number one boredom buster for horses. Your horse can spend hours trying to lick and grab this entertaining ball.

Uncle Jimmys Hangin Balls are made from natural, high-quality ingredients that are packed with essential minerals and vitamins. With a variety of flavors to choose from, the ball measures around 5.5 inches in diameter and can be hung either in the stall or from a tree out at pasture.

Why we like it:

  • Long-lasting
  • Natural ingredients
  • Available in different flavors
  • The ball contains essential vitamins and minerals

4. Horsemen’s Pride 10” Jolly Ball Horse Toy

Horse Jolly Play Ball

One of the most popular stall toys, the Jolly Ball features a versatile handle making it easy for hanging or grabbing. The Jolly Ball can be used inside the stall as well as being perfect for pasture play where horses can kick, roll and chase it.

Made using highly durable and non-toxic materials, the Jolly does not deflate, maintaining its shape even if when chewed or kicked. This fun chew toy keeps your horse entertained for hours, helping to eliminate boredom and destructive behavior.

Why we like it:

  • Made from sturdy materials with an anti-burst design
  • Apple scented providing a pleasant aroma
  • The scent is long-lasting
  • Can be hung in the stall or played with on the ground

5. Pink Himalayan Salt Lick

Pink horse salt lick on string

Keep your horse busy for days, even weeks with this all-in-one boredom toy and supplement. Coming with a handy rope and hole through the middle, you can hang it from the ceiling or against a wall and watch your horse lick it for hours.

Containing 84 different minerals, it is FDA approved, 100% natural, and completely additive and chemical-free.

Unlike cheaper pressed salt licks, this higher-quality version is healthier and can last up to 6 times longer.

Why we like it:

  • 100% Natural.
  • Contains vital minerals and electrolytes.
  • A versatile treat for inside or outside use.

6. Rural365 Large Horse Ball

Bue large horse ball

Prevent your horse from spooking and build their confidence with this large, inflatable horse ball. It is an ideal pasture toy and training aid. The exterior is textured and ribbed for a secure grip and is bright blue for easy visibility.

Strong and durable, this ball is designed to withstand high pressure preventing the ball from bursting violently.

This giant ball must be introduced to your horse slowly, letting them investigate as they learn to push it around and have fun. It is ideal for playing in the paddock as well as livening up training sessions.

Why we like it:

  • Ideal for play and exercise in the field
  • Can be used as a training tool
  • Builds a horse’s confidence
  • Anti-burst design

7. Horsemen’s Pride Pas-A-Fier

Horsemen's Pride Pas-A-Fier Stall Toy

This pas-a-fier stable toy for horses to play with is a smart but easy way to keep your horse entertained and stimulated. It features three rotating wheels designed to massage your horse’s gums and is an ideal choice for reducing cribbing. Apple scented, it is easy to install and comes with mounting hardware and instructions.

Why we like it:

  • Rotating wheels massage the horse’s gums
  • Excellent for reducing cribbing and other stall vices
  • Can be used in the stall or out in the paddock
  • Apple scented to keep the horse interested

Final Thoughts

Horse stall toys and balls are excellent boredom busters for those horses confined to their stalls for much of the day or use out in the field. They are also ideal for horses with bad habits like cribbing. Only buy safe stable and pasture toys for horses made from high-quality, durable materials.

Clean the inside of treat dispensers as otherwise, any leftover food will harbor bacteria. Check your horse’s enrichment toys regularly for any broken or loose pieces. Also, read our guide on the best treats for horses.

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