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10 Things Equestrians Are Fed Up Of Hearing

10 Things Equestrians Are Fed Up Of Hearing

Over the years, horseback riding has changed from a form of transportation to a competitive sport and leisure hobby.

As times have changed, so have the weird phrases riders are subjected to, which is why we are sharing 10 things equestrians are sick of hearing.

Whether silly, inappropriate, or ignorant, horse riders are tired of hearing these common phrases and questions.

Though equestrians are happy to talk about their horses, it can get frustrating hearing these same things over and over again.

Here are 10 things horseback riders are tired of hearing:

Can I Ride Your Horse?

A common question people ask equestrian’s is “Can I Ride Your Horse?” Though people may ask this question with no bad intentions, the answer will often be no.

Many people love to bring their friends or family to the barn to see their horse. However, allowing others to ride their horse is a whole other thing.

For those who may own a show horse, putting someone who has never ridden on their horse can potentially be a liability.

The person may not be prepared to handle the horse which could lead to them falling off and possibly getting hurt.

Though asking this question isn’t always a bad thing, it is important to not get upset if the answer is no. The horse owner probably has a good reason not to let you ride their horse.

Horseback Riding is Not a Sport

Many people argue that horseback riding is not a sport. However, ask any equestrian and they will tell you it is a sport, as showing horses is competitive and physically demanding.

Horse jumping a fence showing it is a sport

To be a competitive equestrian requires lots of training and dedication. Many top riders train at the gym in addition to the barn in order to be in top shape. There is even horseback riding at the Olympics.

So You Just Sit There While the Horse Does All the Work?

This question is particularly annoying for equestrians. Horseback riding takes a lot of work and dedication from the rider.

It is incorrect to assume that riders sit there while horses do all the work. Horseback riding requires the rider to have good balance, core strength, muscle tone, and flexibility.

It engages many different parts of the body and can often be a good cardiovascular workout. Many experts agree that horseback riding is a good form of exercise.

I Know How to Ride, I Rode Once Before at Summer Camp

Girl smiling with her horse

This phrase often makes equestrians giggle a little.Though that’s awesome you rode before at summer camp, it doesn’t mean you are able to ride any horse.

This line is commonly used by people who want to ride their friend’s horse, as they are trying to show off they have the ability.

Not every horse out there can be ridden by someone who has taken a few lessons. It takes years of training and hard work to become a top rider.

Oh, You Show Horses? So You Jump?

People often associate showing horses with jumping or even rodeo events. However, there are many different horse riding sports people compete in.

Many people do compete in jumping or rodeo events, but there is much more than that. There are many other disciplines people show in such as western pleasure, dressage, saddle seat, hunter pleasure, eventing, and carriage driving.

Instead of assuming what type of riding someone does, it is better to ask, as equestrians are happy to explain all about the discipline they ride.

Horses Are So Expensive, You Must Be So Rich

Woman laughing with a horse

Yes, horses are expensive, but you don’t have to be a millionaire to ride. To assume someone’s financial background because they ride horses is unfair and can come off as rude.

Many people only ride lesson horses or lease a horse, instead of owning their own horse. Even if someone does own a horse, it is wrong to automatically assume they are rich and can afford anything.

There are many people that work hard, save up their money, and buy used equipment in order to follow their passion of horseback riding.

Innuendos and Puns

Perhaps the most annoying thing for equestrians is when people use riding innuendos. These jokes are immature and the pick-up lines never work.

No horse rider likes when people mention the song Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy, so please stop saying it.

In addition, constantly using horse puns when talking to your equestrians friends can get annoying over time.

Have You Owned Your Horse Since It Was A Baby?

For non-horse people, it is not always common knowledge that most people buy a horse that is fully trained. Some people assume that equestrians own horses as babies and raise and train them on their own.

Though some people do raise horses from birth, many people opt to buy a horse that has been fully trained. In addition, those not familiar with horses often think a baby horse is called a pony.

However, a foal is a baby horse and a pony is a small horse that is under 14.2 hands (58 inches) at the withers.

Why Do You Blindfold Your Horse?

Horse with a fly mask on that looks like a blindfold

Every year in spring and summer, people are baffled when they see horses in fields wearing “blindfolds” and ask why anyone would do that. However, the horses are not wearing blindfolds, but actually fly masks.

Horses are able to see out of the fly mask no problem and it does not impair them in any way. In fact, fly masks do wonders for keeping irritating flies out of horses’ eyes.

Some may cover the ears or go to the bottom of their nose, as there are many different styles of fly masks.

You Smell Like a Horse

After spending hours at the barn, most riders come home smelling like a horse. If you have a friend or family member who rides horses, this is something you are going to have to get used to.

Many equestrians don’t mind the smell of horses, as it is something they are used to. Though you may think they are stinky, to them it’s no big deal. Smelling like a horse is just part of being an equestrian.

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