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8 Best Texas Bootmakers Crafting Unique Cowboy Boots

8 Best Texas Bootmakers Crafting Unique Cowboy Boots

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If you are looking for high-quality hand-crafted cowboy boots, look no further than Texas. The Lone Star state is home to some of the best bootmakers in the world.

A good pair of cowboy boots is a must-have for any Western wardrobe. Whether you want exotic leather or detailed tooling, a bootmaker can help make your dream cowboy boots come true.

These Texas bootmakers have years of experience crafting the finest boots from high-quality materials. You can’t beat a pair of handcrafted cowboy boots made in Texas, where the cowboy lifestyle still thrives.

No matter for horseback riding or a night out on town, you can’t go wrong with a pair of cowboy boots from these Texas bootmakers.

1. Lucchese

Lucchese has been producing some of the finest boots since 1883. Italian immigrants Salvatore and Joseph Lucchese first began making cowboy boots in Fort Sam Houston, a United States Cavalry School in San Antonio.

Today, Lucchese has locations in Dallas, El Paso, Houston, and San Antonio. From start to finish, Lucchese’s artisan craftsmen and women carefully make every pair of boots by hand. Only the finest materials are used, with Lucchese boots having unrivaled fit, comfort, and style.

Over the years, Lucchese has outfitted some of the biggest names in pop culture including Jimmy Dean, Bing Crosby, Rex Allen, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. They continue to produce some of the finest boots on the market.

2. Stallion Boots

Luxury meets tradition at Stallion Boots. Since 1980, Stallion Boots has been handcrafting cowboy boots, belts, and other leather goods in El Paso, Texas.

Stallion Boots sources the finest materials from across the world in order to create their boots. The company has clients all across the world including high-profile celebrities. Their boots have even been included in collections of top designers including Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Céline, and Ralph Lauren.

3. Rocketbuster

For unique, one-of-a-kind cowboy boots, Rocketbuster has you covered. Each pair of cowboy boots are carefully crafted at Rocketbuster’s El Paso brick warehouse.

For over 33 years, Rocketbuster has been making custom cowboy boots by hand. Let your imagination run wild as you work with the team of designers to make your dream boots come true. Along the way, you will be able to communicate with the artisans to ensure you are getting exactly what you want.

With colorful, artistic designs, you will be sure to stand out in a crowd with a pair of Rocketbuster Boots. You can even get a custom handbag to match your boots for the ultimate outfit.

4. Little’s Boot Company

In 1915, Lucien Little opened up a bootmaking store in San Antonio, Texas. What started as a business for selling and repairing boots has transformed into one of the finest cowboy boot makers in America.

The company has remained in the family name ever since being founded over 100 years ago. Little’s Boots Company uses a variety of different leather including crocodile, alligator, ostrich, elephant, lizard, kangaroo, and calf. The handcrafted boots are made in a classic style for a timeless look.

5. Black Jack Boots

Black Jack Boots has been making some of the best boots in the business since 1996. With over 200 years of combined experience, the master bootmakers at Black Jacks pride themselves in creating only the finest products.

Black Jack Boots uses exotic and smooth leathers that are carefully selected to create chic cowboy boots. The El Paso-based bootmakers use unique exotic leathers that are hard to find elsewhere. Such leathers include alligator, crocodile, caiman, ostrich, stingray, shark, elephant, turtle, python, and more.

6. J.B. Hill Boot Company

J.B. Hill Boot Company is dedicated to crafting classic cowboy boots with the finest materials. Located in El Paso, the craftsmen are carefully trained in the art of bootmaking.

Each pair of boots is custom-made to fit like a glove while exuding style and durability. There are numerous styles and builds to choose from so you can get the exact cowboy boots you envisioned. Hunters can even send in the hides of their kills to make for a memorable trophy you can wear.

7. Maida’s Custom Footwear

Madia’s Custom Footwear is the oldest family-owned and continuously operating boot and shoe company in America. Since 1883, Madia’s has been delivering quality boots to customers from Houston, Texas.

Salvatore “Sam” Maida founded Madia’s after arriving in Texas from Italy in 1883. Since then, the boot company has remained in the family through generations. The authentic master boot makers craft every pair of boots completely from hand.

The 264-step process to create a single pair of boots still uses equipment and techniques from over 100 years ago. Only the finest leathers are used to create Madia’s boots, with the option for hunters to send in their hides.

8. Rios of Mercedes

Since 1853, Rios of Mercedes has been making top-quality cowboy boots using fine craftsmanship and quality leather. Each pair of cowboy boots is handmade in Mercedes, Texas.

Rios of Mercedes boots are carefully crafted for a superior fit. They are sold at retailers across America, with each handmade pair of boots offering a classic cowboy design for a look that will always be in style.