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80 Best Star Stable Horse Names

80 Best Star Stable Horse Names

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Star Stable is a popular online and mobile game that combines horses, mystery, and adventure. Throughout the game, players can ride, care and train their horses, all while playing along with their friends in the world of Jorvik.

There are 36 horse breeds and several coat colors available in the game, with players able to own as many horses as they want.

With so many options, you will want to choose the best Star Stable horse names that will stand out. Fortunately, we have put together a great list of Star Stable names that are both creative and adorable.

When playing the game, players will choose one word from each of the two scrollbars that combine together to create a name for their horse. There are over 10,000 name options, allowing your creativity to run wild.

In Star Stable, players can raise foals to horses across 10 levels, with the first five levels being free. Though you name your horse at the beginning, players that want to change their horse’s name can visit a Horse Notary. It will cost 135 star coins to change a horse’s name.

Best Mystical Star Stable Horse Names

Enchanting and elegant, these mystical Star Stable names are just as beautiful as your horse is. They are perfect for anyone who loves fantasy.

  • AmethystDesire: Inspired by a purple gem, this name is great for a bold horse.
  • AuroraAttack: Great for a fierce horse.
  • BrilliantEclipse: Perfect for a horse as dark as the night sky.
  • MidnightBlaze: Any horse with a dark-colored coat and a white blaze can pull off this name.
  • SapphireStone: A fitting name for an elegant horse.
  • OnyxQueen: Great for a black mare.
  • OpalPrincess: Beautiful for any dainty mare.
  • DiamondGalaxy: A great name for a fierce stallion.
  • WildHeart: Ideal for any spirited horse.
  • CopperTorch: Ideal for striking chestnuts.
  • MeteorBlaze: A great name for any horse with a gorgeous blaze.
  • IceSpirit: Beautiful for any gray horse.
  • DreamChaser: For your dream horse.
  • BraveComet: A fitting name for any courageous and swift horse.
  • PhantomRunner: A perfect description for a speedy racehorse.
  • EmberSecret: A great name for a mysterious horse.
  • EmeraldSparkle: Inspired by a green gem, this dazzling name is great for a fancy mare.
  • SuperNova: This explosive name is great for any dashing horse.
  • GalaxySecret: Fitting for any mysterious horse.
  • MysticShadow: This name is ideal for a black stallion.
  • TigerWillow: A powerful name for a fierce horse.
  • OceanBreeze: A fun name for a free spirit.
  • NobleWhisper: A dignified name for a mysterious mare.
  • NebulaPhantom: A mystical name for a white horse.
  • PhoenixHarmony: Elegant and beautiful, this is a great option for any horse.
  • DesertDragon: A name that is as mystical as your beloved equine.
  • PhantomRunner: Perfect for the speedy horse.
  • NightShade: A fierce option for a fiery black stallion.
  • OceanOasis: For those who love the water.

These fun food-related names are cute and creative. From sweet to spicy, there is something for all types of palates.

  • BlueBean: This fun name is adorable for a blue roan.
  • PepperMint: This fun name is great for a sweet mare.
  • HoneyHeart: A lovely name for a horse with a sweet disposition.
  • BlueBerry: Adorable for any lovable stallion or mare.
  • CaramelCupcake: A fun name for a chestnut mare.
  • CherryBeauty: A unique name for a fiery chestnut.
  • HoneyDew: An adorable name for the sweet mare in your herd.
  • ButterCup: Inspired by your favorite Powerpuff Girl.
  • LemonHoney: A fitting name for a chestnut or palomino.
  • PumpkinSpice: A fun name for your beloved chestnut.
  • StrawberryVelvet: A twist on the National Velvet.
  • PeachPie: Inspired by a favorite summer dessert, this name is as sweet as it gets.
  • ChocolateWaffe: For your lovable bay gelding.
  • CinnamonDonut: A great name for a sweet gelding.
  • RaspberrySugar: Fun and sweet, this name is great for any horse.
  • CarrotMonster: Because what horse doesn’t go crazy for carrots?
  • CoffeeBean: This name works for any brown or bay horse.
  • ChunkyCookie: An fun name for a lovable pony.
  • LemonVanilla: A sweet choice for a beautiful palomino.
  • PhantomPepper: A fitting name for a fiery chestnut.

Best Adorable Star Stable Horse Names

These adorable Star Stable names are sure to get you lots of compliments. No matter what breed, gender, or color your horse is, they can rock one of these names.

  • KoalaBear: An adorable name for a gray pony.
  • LavenderDream: A refreshing name for a dreamy pony.
  • LuckyLady: Ideal for any mare.
  • DaisyBelle: Elegant and classy, this makes a great choice for a mare.
  • SunBelle: A lovely name for a palomino mare.
  • SilverBullet: For a fierce, fast stallion.
  • SparkleRainbow: Fun and outgoing, this is a magical choice.
  • SunFlower: A flowery name that is fitting for any horse.
  • TwinkleDust: This cute name is particularly great for ponies.
  • LuckyJewel: For that pretty mare in your barn.
  • TigerLily: Inspired by flowers, this is a great name for a wild horse.
  • VioletBlossom: A delicate option to name a dainty mare.

Best Creative Star Stable Horse Names

If you are wanting something unique, look no further than these creative Star Stable horse names. They are sure to stand out in your stable.

  • TinyTrouble: A name that perfectly sums up just about any pony.
  • RoyalNugget: The perfect name if you want something silly.
  • MaskedNinja: This name is sneaky and clever.
  • WildSpirit: Ideal for the horse that is wild at heart.
  • CrazyCloud: A fitting choice for a dreamy white horse.
  • MidnightDisco: If you just want something fun, look no further than this option.
  • StormTorch: For any horse with a fighting spirit.
  • BumbleBee: A creative choice that is great for a beautiful buckskin.
  • DarkCrystal: A fitting choice for a dark, mysterious horse.
  • FirePower: Perfect for that fiery stallion in your barn.
  • EmberKiss: A sweet name fitting for a darling mare.
  • FireFly: A charming choice for any lovable horse.
  • CharmCat: Fun and creative, this option is a unique choice.
  • LostLegend: A superb choice for the adventurer at heart.
  • PoshPanda: This would make a fun choice for a black-and-white pinto.
  • LoveSpell: An enchanting option for a stunning horse.
  • DangerBoy: A fun name for a spitball stallion.
  • TimeLord: A creative choice for Doctor Who fans.
  • SeaBiscuit: This clever name honors the legendary racehorse.

Sophia bravefrog

Sunday 21st of May 2023

Amazing names I've never seen names like that in my life and no one from sso has those names I'm from the server spring star and no one from there has horse names like that which makes our horse unique


Monday 8th of May 2023

OMG. This helped so much with naming my black mare. I gave her the name DarkCrystal or Magic for short.


Thursday 4th of May 2023

These names were so helpful! I didn't find a name for my horse but I will definitely use this in the featureRiley Supernova is such a cute name!


Saturday 11th of March 2023

i got the light brown paso and i named it peppermint and payge for her nick/rp name


Sunday 8th of January 2023

This was great. I finally named my gray Belgian Warmblood. Icespirit or 'Stella' for short.