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Star Stable Codes (Updated) & How to Redeem Them

Star Stable Codes (Updated) & How to Redeem Them

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Star Stable has become a popular online game for horse lovers. Full of horses, mysteries, and adventures, it will keep you entertained for hours at a time.

For those who are invested in the game, there are some great Star Stable codes that can get to receive awesome items within the game.

You can earn cosmetics that allow you to customize your look or even get you some star coins.

What is Star Stable?

Star Stable is an online game that combines horses, adventures, and mysteries that takes at the beautiful island of Jorvik.

Players can ride and care for their very own horses, with the ability to choose from 50 different beautiful breeds.

Star Stable horse game

The game features thousands of exciting quests across Jorvik and many different ways players can interact with their horses and other players. Star Stables is free to play for the first five levels.

How Do You Redeem Star Stable Codes?

To redeem a star stable code, log into your account and go to your “Account” button. Then, go to the “Redeem a Code” link. Copy and paste your code into the box that says “Enter your code below.”

After hitting the redeem button, you will receive the item or items for the code. However, it is important to note that not all codes will work for every player as the code may have expired or the player is not eligible.

Always double-check your code to make sure you entered it right.

All Star Stable Codes

Several codes are available in Star Stables that players can redeem for clothes, tack, treats, and even Star Coins. Players can redeem the codes throughout the gameplay to unlock exciting new items.

Star Stable Codes for New Players

  • HORSESNACK – Apple and one Carrot Treat.
  • STARSTABLEHONEY – 4 Days of Star Rider play.
  • 7DAYSBIRTHDAYFUN – 7 Days of Star Rider play.
  • STARRIDER2022 – 7 Days of Star Rider play.

Newest Star Stable Codes

  • FEELINSPLENDID – Dressage Clothing Set.
  • SILVERJACKET – Silver Jacket cosmetic.
  • BRONZEJACKET – Bronze Jacket cosmetic.
  • THUMBSUP – New T-Shirt.
  • READTHEBOOK – Starshine Plush Saddlebag Pet.

Star Stable Old Cosmetic Codes

Some players have found success with these codes while others have not. Developers of the game have not specified who is able to redeem these codes, so just be aware they might not work for you.

  • UPCYCLE – Upcycled Shoes.
  • THRIFT- Upcycled Jacket.
  • FABRIC – Upcycled Gloves.

Expired Star Stable Codes

You might come across these Star Stable codes below in other places, however, they are expired.

You can save yourself some time by checking this list to make sure the code you are about to use hasn’t expired.

  • FEBRUARY22 – Horse Plush Saddlebag Pet and a Rose Bouquet.
  • DEERMASK4U – Deer Mask & Reindeer Mask.
  • SANTAHAT4U – Santa Hat.
  • HOLIDAYFUN – 300 Star Coins.
  • WINTERRIDER – Star Rider play.
  • HALLOW2021 – Halloween T-Shirt.
  • FRIENDSHIPDAY – New T-Shirt.
  • SADDLEUP10 – Saddle Pad.
  • DISLIKECARROTS10 – Lop-eared brindle bunny pet.
  • READYTOPARTY10 – Balloon Saddlebag Pet.
  • INSPIRATION2018 – T-Shirt.
  • 1WEEKFREE – Star Rider play.
  • OPENHOUSERED – Red Saddlebags and bows.
  • OPENHOUSEBLUE – Blue Saddlebags and bows.
  • EXPLORESILVERGLADE – 7 Days of Star Rider.
  • RACEWITHME – 100 Star Coins.
  • EXPLOREJORVIK – 100 Star Coins.
  • READYSETDRAW – 100 Star Coins.
  • TRAILRIDE – 100 Star Coins.
  • BLACKMASK – Masquerade Mask.
  • GALENTIN3S – 100 Star Coins.
  • BESTIES4EVER – 7 Days of Star Rider.
  • 7HAPPYDAYS – 7 Days of Star Rider.
  • TRYGLOBALSTORE – 150 Star Coins.
  • STARSTABLEHONEY – 4 Days of Star Rider play.
  • 1WEEKFREE – 7 Days of Star Rider play.
  • 7DAYSFREE – 7 Days of Star Rider play.
  • INSTA500K – 150 Star Coins.
  • FORESTER – Forester Hat.
  • MYSTIC – Mystic Hat.
  • WARRIOR – Warrior Hat.
  • WARMWISH2020 – 300 Star Coins.
  • WELOVEHORSES – H&M Grand Prix Jacket.
  • BIRTHDAYFUN – 100 Star Coins, Pink Balloon Pet, Flower Pet, Fripp Ears, and a Birthday Bat
  • CELEBR8ION – 150 Star Coins, Masquerade Mask, Hat Bridle Decoration, Flower Bouquet for Saddle.
  • 8ISGREAT – 7 Days of Star Rider.
  • IFOUNDCHAUN2019 – 150 Star Coins.
  • COMMUNITYLOVE – 200 Star Coins.
  • DINOVALLEY – 100 Star Coins.
  • EASTER200 – 200 Star Coins.
  • FORTMARIA – 100 Star Coins.
  • GOLDENHILLS – 100 Star Coins.
  • HALLOWEEN2014 – 200 Star Coins.
  • LVUSF – 200 Star Coins.
  • U58DB5CCDN – 300 Star Coins.
  • STARUNSTABLE50 – 50 Star Coins.
  • 200SUMMER4U – 200 Star Coins.
  • 20H0L1D4YG1F716 – 300 Star Coins.
  • 20HOLIDAYGIFT15 – 300 Star Coins.
  • 3EMN6Q6FA – 300 Star Coins.
  • 5THB1RTHY4Y – 400 Star Coins.
  • AMBASSADORSROCK – 50 Star Coins.
  • BIRTHDAY3 – 300 Star Coins.
  • CH4UNLEPRECH4UN – 25 Star Coins.
  • CHAUN – 100 Star Coins.

What is a Star Rider in Star Stable?

A Star Rider in Star Stable is part of the game’s online paid membership. Members have access to all of the map, quests, horses, clothes, tack, and other features. In addition, Star Riders receive 100 coins every Saturday.

How Much Does it Cost to Play Star Stable?

The first five levels of Star Stable are free to play. To play past level five and unlock all of Jorvik, it cost $8.49 a month or $74.99 for a lifetime membership.

In-app purchases are also available throughout the game.

What Do Star Coins Do in Star Stable?

In Star Stable, Star Coins are used to buy horses, tack, clothing, and other features. If you have a subscription to Star Stable, you will receive 100 coins weekly or you can also buy Star Coins with money. In addition, there are some codes that will give you free coins.