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6 Best Solar-Powered Barn Lights

6 Best Solar-Powered Barn Lights

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Having good lighting in your barn is important. Ideally, you should have lighting in the aisleway, arena, tack room, stalls, and outside.

There are many different types of light fixtures to choose from, but solar-powered barn lights are becoming increasingly popular. They are cost-effective and energy-efficient while requiring little maintenance and reducing pollution.

In addition, they are also safe, easy to install, and can be used both outdoors and indoors, making them a great choice for your barn.

To help you find the right one, we’ve reviewed a list of the best solar-powered barn and horse stall lights that are practical and durable.

Best Solar-Powered Barn Lights

1. HULPPRE Indoor & Outdoor 1000 lumen Solar Barn Light

HULPPRE Indoor & Outdoor 1000 lumen Solar Barn Light

This solar light fixture works in both outdoor and indoor settings, making it ideal for using anywhere in your barn. The 1000 lumen bulb provides plenty of light for stalls, aisleways, or even outdoors.

A remote is included so you can easily adjust the settings to meet your needs. You can control the brightness, which gives you the freedom to install it in different locations. In addition, you can have the light on an auto setting for day and night, change it manually or have it on a timer.

The light is waterproof, allowing you to use it wherever you need. A blue light will turn on to indicate that it is charging and it will last up to 8-10 hours when fully charged.

2. HMCITY Outdoor 120 LED Lights

HMCITY Outdoor 120 LED solar powered barn and shed lights

These outdoor lights are great for setting up on the exterior of your barn. They are highly effective with a high-efficient 120 LED and a 270° wide lighting angle.

The lights are adjustable for three settings: security mode, permanent on all night and smart brightness control. The security mode is motion censored, the permanent night automatically turns on at night and stays on till morning and the smart brightness controls stay on all night but gets brighter when motion is detected. The enhanced solar power even has the ability to charge up to 10% faster.

The fixture is heatproof and waterproof, allowing it to work in all sorts of weather. They are also anti-corrosion, allowing them to last longer.

3. Solar Powered Indoor Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

Solar Powered Indoor Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

This easy-to-install weatherproof fixture is great for both indoor and outdoor use. Each light can be adjusted 120° up and down and feature 128 PCS LED.

A remote allows you to adjust the lights to four different modes. Mode 1 is dim to bright after motion is detected at night and Mode 2 is off to bright after motion at night. Mode 3 is always on at night and Mode 4 is off to bright in daytime and at night when there is motion.

For convenience to use indoors, each light has a 16.5-foot cable, allowing it to charge outdoors while being used indoors. The lights are dimmable, allowing you to adjust the brightness based on the location.

4. Waterproof Hanging Solar Lights

Waterproof Hanging Solar Lights

These elegant-looking solar lantern lights are perfect for mounting outside the entrance of your barn. Durable and weatherproof, these high-quality lanterns have a cast aluminum case with anti-rust treatment.

These long-lasting lights feature an auto on/off setting for your convenience. They automatically light up at dusk and shut off at dawn, then charge during the day. The large capacity 2000mah rechargeable battery guarantees that it will stay lit all throughout the night.

The lanterns are easy to install and will hold up great over time. With a clear glass shade and durable LED filament, they offer wonderful brightness.

5. Stylish Solar Barn Lights With Pull Cord

Vintage Looking Solar Barn Lights With Pull Cord

These hanging solar lights make a great choice to use inside or outside your barn. Easy to install, the solar panel can be adjusted to different angles to ensure maximum sun exposure.

With direct sunlight, the battery can fully charge in eight hours. When fully charged, it has the ability to last up to 24 hours. With a black hardwire cage, the fixture is safe to use in stalls and aisleways.

The light can be operated by a remote control or by using a pull chain switch. The 2700k warm white light provides excellent lighting without being too bright.

6. Kyson Solar Powered Led Shed Light

Kyson Solar Powered Led Shed Light

Practical for both indoor and outdoor use, the hanging LED solar light is great for using in stables. The sleek fixture is made from durable stainless steel that will last for years of wear.

Not only is the fixture easy to install, but it is also lightweight as well. With a three-meter cable, you have the freedom to use it in different indoor locations. It can be operated by a pull chain switch or remote control for ease of use.

It works great as a security light or for everyday use. The fixture provides just the right amount of light without being too bright.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Solar-Powered Lights Indoors?

Yes, you can use solar-powered lights indoors. The light fixture can be indoors as long as the panel is outside where it can receive sunlight. It is important to note though that not all solar-powered lights are ideal for indoor use.

How Do Solar Powered Lights Work?

Solar-powered lighting works by collecting energy from the sun and turning that energy into light. They consist of four main parts: the solar photovoltaic (PV) panel, battery, control electronics, and the light fixture.

The energy can be used immediately or stored to use on cloudy days or at night. The solar energy produced is due to the photovoltaic effect. This is the process that generates voltage or electric current in a photovoltaic cell upon exposing it to sunlight.

How Long Do Outdoor Solar Lights Last?

Generally, the battery of a solar light will last for three to four years, however, some will last longer. The LED lights have the ability to last up to 10 years. If you notice that the lights are struggling to stay illuminated, then it is time to replace parts of the fixture.

Do Solar Powered Lights Work on Cloudy Days?

Solar lights can still work on cloudy and rainy days. They are still able to operate when light is reflected or partially blocked by clouds. For best results, be sure to regularly wash off the panels, as they can accumulate dirt which can affect their ability to absorb the sun.