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SleekEZ Grooming Tool Review

Every year, hours are spent trying to brush off all the excess hair from your horse’s winter coat. After grooming your horse, you leave the barn covered in itchy horse hair and your horse is still shedding.

Fortunately, the SleekEz Grooming Tool is the perfect solution for a shedding horse.

What is the SleekEZ Grooming Tool?

The SleekEz grooming tool is an innovative shedding blade that efficiently removes loose hair. Its original patented technology includes a wavy carbon steel blade with an ergonomic wooden handle.

The carbon steel blade features tiny teeth that work effectively to remove hair while feeling like a massage for animals. Unlike some other shedding devices that tug at the hair, the SleekEz works to gently remove loose hair.

To accommodate all your furry friends, the SleekEz is available in three different sizes. In addition to horses, it is a popular grooming tool for dogs. You can even use it on cats and rabbits too.

SleekEZ shedding tool

The SleekEz has become so popular because it is able to remove up to 95% of loose hair, all while being painless. It is the perfect tool to own when shedding season starts.

In addition to removing hair, it also removes dirt, oil and dandruff. All it takes are short, gentle strokes to successfully remove shedding hair. The brush should be held perpendicular and brushed in the direction of the pet’s coat, going head to tail.

SleekEZ Review

The SleekEz has been named the “World’s #1 Patented Deshedding Tool for Pets”, but how well does it really live up to this title?

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The SleekEZ really is simple to use and the results will let you see what everyone is raving about. After just a couple of strokes, hair already starts to fall to the ground. The tiny teeth appear to work more effectively at removing hair than the larger teeth you see on other grooming blades.

SleekEZ dog shedding tool

In just 10-15 minutes of brushing, we saw large amounts of hair accumulate and there is a noticeable difference in the horse’s coat. Even after just one session of use, the results are better than the average shedding blade.

A surprising part of using the SleekEZ is the amount of dirt that was able to come off in addition to the hair. After brushing a dusty shedding horse, a large amount of dirt builds upon the blade.

Reviewers rave on how their horses enjoy being groomed with it, as well as how effective it is at removing hair. Many horse owners agree that this grooming blade is easy to use and provides a gentle way to remove a shedding coat.

Both horses and dogs alike seem to enjoy being groomed with the SleekEZ. However, many users find the SleekEz design is more ideal for short coats, so it may not be the best option for long-haired dogs. You want to avoid using it on tangled and matted hair. See the SleekEZ here on Amazon.

Build Quality

SleekEZ shedding loose hair off a horse

Overall, the SleekEZ has a durable build. The blade holds up well over time and is still effective after many uses.

The unique design with a comfortable wood handle and sturdy wavy metal blade make it a quality product. In addition to being used on pets, it can also be used for cleaning carpets, saddle pads, and cars thanks to its durability.

The wood, however, is prone to staining and wear. When exposed to the elements, the wood can easily stain as the protective finish is quite thin. It’s best to store this brush inside, where it is dry and cool.

SleekEz Alternatives

Though the SleekEz is a great shedding blade, there are some good alternatives that are cheaper. There are also some better choices for dogs with thick, long coats.



At about half the price of the SleekEz, the iLuiz DeShedding Brush is a good alternative. It can be used on horses, dogs and cats.

With a similar design to the SleekEz, the iLuiz has a wood handle with a stainless steel blade that efficiently removes loose hair. Reviewers love it for its ability to easily remove shedding hair, however, some claim that it is not very durable.


FURminator dog shedding tool

For long-haired dogs, the Furminator is a great choice. It effectively works to remove loose hair from dog’s undercoats, while not damaging the topcoat. After gathering loose hair, there is a convenient button to release the hair.

Traditional Shedding Tool

Basic horse shedding blade

Lastly, if you’re looking for cheap and cheerful, you can buy a conventional metal shedding blade.

SleekEZ Review Summary

If you are wanting a top-quality shedding blade for your horse, the SleekEZ is worth the money. With a sturdy build and effective metal blade, it works wonders on a shedding horse.

We, along with thousands of other reviewers, find the SleekEZ to be a useful shedding tool. While it shouldn’t be the only brush you use, it is a great addition to your grooming kit.

If you are looking for a solid grooming tool, look no further than the SleekEZ. See the SleekEZ here on Amazon.

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