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6 Best Shedding Tools for Horses

The most satisfying time of the year for horse owners has come, it’s shedding season! Although a horse’s winter coat will naturally fall off eventually, using a shedding on your horse is a great way to speed up the process.

However, before you decide on which shedding tool is best for you, take note of the difference between your horse’s summer and winter coats. Tools with longer “teeth” are better for long winter coats.

While something like a shedding blade or brush is great for horses that need a helping hand getting their summer shine back.

To help you decide on which shedding tool for horses is best, we have reviewed each common shedding tool in a handy list below.

Here are the 6 best shedding tools for horses:


SleekEZ horse and dog shedding tool

The SleekEZ is essentially a newer, more user-friendly version of the tried and trusted shedding blade we all came to know as kids.

The SleekEZ shedding tool has the same metal teeth design, except instead of a plastic handle, the metal plate is embedded in a block of wood. This does make it easier to use, but it also means it can’t double as a sweat scraper anymore.

There are a few models of this type of tool. But the SleekEZ is preferable because it’s not too expensive or too cheap. It also has a curved blade, which stops the teeth from scraping through the hair all the way to the skin.

Still, it’s not recommended to use this on a sensitive horse with a thinner coat, like an Arab for example.

See our full SleekEZ review for more a more in-depth review.

The Furminator

FURminator shedding tool

The Furminator shedding tool is amazing for horses with thick winter coats. The small teeth get right down to the bottom layer and catch all the loose hairs. It’s amazing how much hair this shedding tool actually grabs.

But remember, this is not for sensitive horses or light shedders. The teeth aren’t sharp, but they do go in below the protective top layer.

So, if there isn’t much hair underneath, if your pony doesn’t like being scratched, or has sensitive skin this is probably not the tool for you.

If you have a fuzzy bear with hair coming off in clumps, the Furminator can give you the upper hand few other horse shedding tools can.

Grooming Block

Slick 'N Easy animal grooming block

A lot of people use shedding blocks exclusively for bot-eggs. But have you ever noticed that the spots where eggs are removed on a particularly fluffy Shetland, for example, are so nice and smooth and shiny after you’re done?

So, while there’s probably always a grooming block lying around the yard at some point or another, it’s a good idea to make it an essential part of your grooming kit in spring.

You can break the block into smaller pieces to use just about anywhere on your horse, but keep a big chunk for the larger areas.

This can be a time-consuming exercise, but the winning shine you get is unbeatable! It’s also great for shorter coats and getting stubborn stains out.

Traditional Shedding Tool

Traditional horse shedding blade with a blue handle

There are lots of versions of this grooming tool. From those with one hoop, to those with multiple hoops.

A lot of people don’t particularly like using any of them on their horses. It’s like brushing your horse with a metal curry comb. And most people reserve their metal curry comb for cleaning hair out of their body brush.

Essentially, it’s better to get the multi-loop one for the sake of getting all the extra hair out of your body brush during shedding season.

But, while some people don’t like using traditional shedding tools on their horses, other people swear by it and like the fact that it doubles as a sweat scraper.

iLuiz DeShedding Brush

iLuiz wooden horse shedding tool

The iLuiz DeShedding Brush is another popular horse shedding tool that can be used on horses, dogs, and cats.

Similar to the SleekEz, it has a wooden handle with a stainless steel blade that efficiently removes loose hair.

Grooming Gloves

Black plastic horse grooming gloves

Doubling up as a shedding tool and grooming brush, a grooming glove is a great way to get rid of extra hair while you give your horse a nice rub down.

The knobs and spikes (rubber) also stimulate oil glands and circulation on the skin surface while giving a nice massaging effect.

The fact that you’re using your hands directly also allows you to regulate the pressure and get to those sensitive areas more effectively. It’s also great for dogs and cats.

That’s it for our list of the best shedding tools for horses. If you want cheap and cheerful, the traditional shedding blade will still do the trick. However, if you a shedding tool that’s more efficient and satisfying to use, the SleekEZ is our best choice.

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