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Service Horse on a Plane Causes Outrage (Video)

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen on an airplane? A military service dog, perhaps, or fellow passenger drying out a pair of sweaty socks by the air vent?

Some strange things occur on flights, however, a horse on a plane is a first.

A Horse on a Plane?

Passenger Shaming on Twitter (@PassengerShame) recently sparked controversy by posting a photo of a passenger on a plane accompanied by her service horse.

The Twitter post went viral receiving many negative comments with people arguing that a horse shouldn’t be allowed on an airplane. Others defended the rights of the blind to live a normal life.

Horse lovers expressed a desire to share the row with a miniature horse rather than some of the unpleasant people alongside whom they have to fly.

It is safe to say the horse photo caused a stir. Some think it is outrageous to see a horse on a plane. But why?

To be clear, this is a miniature horse, not the kind of horse someone would ride. Horse enthusiasts are bound to be filled with excitement to see such an adorable travel companion. 

The miniature horse called Flirty is a service horse, not an emotional support animal as some have presumed. The purpose of a service horse is the same as a service dog. They provide increased mobility to visually impaired people by providing assistance in everyday activities. 

You can follow Flirty on her Facebook page ( and on Instagram (

The ADA is facing some backlash from the public over the number of animals now being identified as service animals.

Some argue that only certain domestic animals should be allowed to be taken into public places. It is still currently unclear where the line needs to be drawn, however.

The Air Carrier Access Act states that a passenger should not be denied the ability to fly on a public airline because of a disability and that their service animals should also be allowed to accompany them.

Prohibiting the disabled person or their service animal from boarding would be considered discrimination.

flight crew pose with a horse on a plane

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Friday 18th of December 2020

A service dog is fully house trained and does not poop on a plane. No horse, mini or regular, is or can be trained not to poop wherever it deems the desire to! Additionally, service animals are easily registered online- legally- with no proof of serviceability!

Pam Groff

Wednesday 25th of December 2019

I wonder how many people would have made negative remarks if the miniature horse was small enough to fit into a purse and be carried like the small pet dogs used to be "emotional support" animals. I love animals-- large or small, wild or tame. It shocks and angers me to see race horses repeatedly falling and being destroyed at the Santa Anita race track without public outcry, comment, or investigation of this outright brutality. Or the roundup of precious wild horses, irreplaceable icons of the wilderness. Ignorance and selfishness is amazing.

beth Glass

Saturday 7th of December 2019

Miniature horses actually make better "seeing eye" animals than dogs. Dogs concentrate more on what is below their nose and ahead of them. Horses, being prey animals, are constantly aware of what is going on, and, because of their size, can actually push a handler out of the way of danger.


Saturday 7th of December 2019

I'm glad for the pair. Thanks around for the smart pair. Bon Voyages.

Grace Roland

Saturday 7th of December 2019

Those angry people, in a way I hope they end up needing a service animal and get allergic to dogs. Then maybe they'd know what it's like when people judge those people. One person said what happens if something goes wrong and the horse acts up and starts kicking people. Ok, what if something bothers a large service dog and it decides to start biting people? Same difference but different actions. Same result---pain! Some people just need to get their stinking heads out of their damn asses!!!!