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Rescue Dog Comforts Orphaned Foal Who’s Mum Passed Away

Rescue Dog Comforts Orphaned Foal Who’s Mum Passed Away

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When Karla Swindle of S & K Quarter Horses lost her mare who had just given birth, she was thrown into the position of raising an orphaned foal.

During this tragic situation, her rescue dog Zip stepped up in a big way.

For Swindle, animals have always been a larger part of her life. She does everything she can to make sure her animals receive love and care.

However, despite her dedication, tragedy struck just days after the farm welcomed a new foal.

When the foal was born, everything appeared to be normal. The birth went smoothly and the colt was on his feet in no time.

Dog and foal comforting each other in a stable
Photo by Karla Swindle

Yet despite a positive beginning, the mother, a 22-year-old mare named Sandy, started to show signs of being ill around a week after giving birth. Though she seemed to recover quickly, her health soon went downhill just a couple of days later.

When it became clear Sandy was struggling, Swindle knew it was time to call out the veterinarian.

Ultimately a heartbreaking decision was made to euthanize the mare, as it was the humane thing to do based on her condition.

On the night the decision was made to put Sandy down, Zip did something that took Swindle for surprise.

Though the pup had always shown interest in foals at the barn, this night he took a special interest in the colt. When the colt’s mother was no longer able to stand or care for him, Zip stepped in to comfort him.

Zip seemed to sense what was going on and knew the foal needed help. He laid down next to the young colt, licking and nudging his face. The faithful rescue dog wouldn’t leave the side of his new companion.

Swindle was thankful to have her loyal dogs help, as caring for an orphaned foal is not an easy task. The foal needed to be bottle-fed every few hours with a milk replacement.

Swindle knew she could count on Zip to make sure the orphaned colt didn’t feel alone.

Here is a lovely video of Zip comforting the foal:

If it was up to Zip, he would spend all day at the barn with his adopted foal. As the colt grows, Zip continues on his duties as a caretaker and friend.

The beautiful pair shows that friendship can extend to different species.