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10 Reasons Why You Should Own a Horse

Owning a horse is a big commitment, however, there are also many benefits as well. If you are debating on whether to buy a horse or not, check out these 10 reasons why you should own a horse.

No matter how old you are, owning a horse is truly amazing and will bring you endless happiness. Nothing beats a long day spent at the barn. When you own a horse, you will create some amazing memories and cherish every minute spent in the saddle.

Here are reasons why you should consider owning a horse.

1. Horseback Riding is a Great Workout

Owning a horse will help keep you in shape. Not only will you exercise your body, but also your mind as well.

When horseback riding, you work your core, legs, back and arms, engaging many different muscles in your body. It improves your coordination, balance and flexibility. Depending on what you are doing, it can be a great aerobic workout.

2. Horses Teach You Patience

Patience is a virtue and horses will most definitely teach you it. It takes time when working with horses and you will learn you can’t rush things.

With how hectic the world can be, it is easy for people to lack patience. With horses, patience is key. You will learn to slow down, take your time and enjoy the journey.

3. You Will Meet New People

Owning a horse will give you the opportunity to meet new people and make friendships that will last a lifetime. Whether at your barn, horse shows or clinics, you will have many chances to make new friends.

Horse riding in the countryside with new friends

With the friendships you form through your horse, you will have new riding buddies that you can hang out with both at and away from the barn. It is always great to have friends who share your passion for horses.

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4. Horses Build Your Confidence

Horses will build your confidence and make you believe in yourself. This confidence can help you in all walks of life.

Whether you won a blue ribbon at a show or jumped a clear round, horses will give you a boost of confidence. The feeling of riding a 1,000 pound animal gives you a confidence nothing else can. It will give you the courage to set new goals and give it your all.

5. Horses Give You Freedom

Life can easily get busy and stressful. People can easily be overwhelmed with the hustle of everyday life.

Horses give you freedom away from how busy life can be. When you are with your horse, nothing else matters. You are able to unwind and enjoy your time at the barn. When riding, you experience a freedom unlike any other that will bring you an abundance of joy.

6. Horses Provide Unconditional Love

Horses won’t judge you based on your looks. They are a source of unconditional love.

Horses show their love in many different ways. Whether they nicker as soon as you walk in the barn or rest their head on you, they show their love and trust in many ways. When your horse shows you affection it is truly rewarding.

7. Horses are Rewarding

It takes time, dedication and hard work when working with horses. When you meet your goals, it is very rewarding.

Whether you are trying new skills or are taking a victory pass with a beautiful championship ribbon at a show, having a horse is a rewarding experience. You will feel successful when you meet goals with your horse, no matter how small or big they are.

Woman rewarding a horse she owns

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8. Horses Improve Your Mental and Emotional Well Being

Having a horse will bring you true happiness. Whether you are facing any mental or emotional struggles, horses are a great source of therapy.

Horses are amazing stress relievers and help you forget about all your worries. From grooming to riding, owning a horse will help you relax and clear your mind. The close bond you form with your horse can help boost your mental and emotional well being. 

9. You Will Have More Adventures

By having your own horse, you will become more adventurous. If you are stuck in the same everyday routine, your horse will help you get out of that.

If you show, you will get to travel to new places. You will enjoy the excitement of showing as well as exploring the town in your free time. If you trail ride, you will get to see beautiful scenery such as forests or beaches. Horses give you opportunities to get out of your comfort zone, try new things and travel to different places.

10. Horses Will Make You More Responsible

Owning a horse will teach you important responsibilities. This will help you become more responsible in other aspects of life as well.

You will become more disciplined, learn to budget your money, and how to balance your time. By learning how to care for your horse you will pick up many new skills. You will understand how much work goes into horse ownership and how to handle the different responsibilities you are faced with.

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