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Who Plays Halie on Yellowstone? Meet Orli Gottesman

Who Plays Halie on Yellowstone? Meet Orli Gottesman

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Making her TV debut in the sixth episode of Taylor Sheridan’s modern-day Western series Yellowstone, Orli Gottesman plays Halie, Carter’s potential love interest.

Halie catches young Carter’s eye, and she could be precisely what the teen needs to “come out of his shell” and experience what romance has to offer.

The two lovebirds certainly remind us of young Beth and Rip, but will their relationship be as tumultuous? And how will Carter’s adoptive parents react once they learn about his budding love with the headstrong Halie?

Orli Gottesman is an American model and actress born on 4 December 2006 in Florida. The 5 feet 7-inch-tall Israeli/Hispanic teenage film star now divides her time between the latter and Los Angeles, where her parents moved to help her and her elder sister land more acting gigs.

Orli Gottesman as Halie on Yellowstone

Halie on Yellowstone is Gottesman’s first major role in a hit TV show. However, this isn’t to say she’s green as an actress—her flair for acting has enabled her to star in a couple of movies, including Sam Lewis’ Adeline, Shane Brady’s Astronaut Camp, and Japheth Gordon’s Cattle Call.

Orli Gottesman’s Notable Movies and TV Shows

  • Astronaut Camp (2016) as Ophelia
  • Cattle Call (2017) as Alex Litman
  • Beast (2018) as Teresa
  • Discover Indie Film (2020) as Beast Teresa
  • 207 (2020) as Rebecca
  • Adeline (2022) as Bethany
  • 1-800-Hot-Nite (2022) as Britt
  • Yellowstone (2022-present) as Halie

6 Facts about Orli Gottesman

She’s Still in School

Gottesman is a junior at Cypress Lake High School in Fort Myers, Florida. Although most of her classmates aren’t big fans of Yellowstone, her teachers are, and they were pretty excited to learn she landed a role on the biggest show on cable television.

“Gottesman’s friends might not know “Yellowstone,” but she says her teachers at Cypress Lake High can’t wait to see her play Carter’s love interest.” An article by Fort Myers News-Press reads.

Halie on Yellowstone

Gottesman is a part of the Cypress Lakes Theatre Program to enhance her artistic talent and network with other film enthusiasts at her school.

Her Parents Fully Support Her

Gottesman’s parents have always had her back, and are willing to make a ton of sacrifices to see to it that she becomes one of the most influential figures in Hollywood.

For instance, when Gottesman got an opportunity to play Jessica Alba’s daughter on the two-season action-comedy TV series LA’s Finest, they packed up and left for California immediately.

In addition, when her manager called to let her know Gottesman had been cast as Halie on Yellowstone, they were in Mexico on holiday. But despite being there for only a night, they dropped what they were doing to book flights to Montana.

Halie at the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch in the Yellowstone drama series

Moreover, they stayed in the state for a week and took their daughter back several times during filming.

Her Sister is an Actress

Gottesman isn’t the only member of her family who leans towards acting. Her sister, Arielle Gottesman, is also a talented actress whose short acting portfolio comprises roles in various movies and TV series. 

Examples include Penguin Flu (2016), Tabula Rasa (2017), Beast (2018), 207 (2020), and A Spark in Nothing (2021).

It’s noteworthy that Gottesman and Arielle made their professional acting debuts in 2016. They’ve even been featured in the same movies, such as Beast and 207.

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She’s Filmed on a Ranch Before

Portraying Halie on Yellowstone isn’t Gottesman’s first time to work with horses and shoot on a ranch. She did all that before when playing the role of Bethany in Adeline, the 2022 mid-western movie Greg James directed.

Back then, Gottesman wasn’t comfortable in the saddle. But she spent time with the equines and their owners, who helped her settle into horse riding, which she delights in today, as she told Numéro.

“When I first started riding horses, I was actually uncomfortable and nervous because horses are so big. I didn’t know much about them yet, but I have enjoyed getting to understand them better. I feel so much more comfortable every time I ride now.” Gottesman said.

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She Was a Child Model

Gottesman embarked on her modeling career when she was only 5 years old. She collaborated with many brands as a model for TV commercials, including Commerce Bank, Florida Power & Light and Burger King.

However, her dream to become an actress was only conceived several years ago when she attended an acting summer camp in Los Angeles with her sister.

Speaking to Numéro, Gottesman said that her experience at the camp gave her a hint of what it took to appear in a movie, prompting her to set foot in the acting industry.

“At the end of camp they put together the ‘Hollywood experience’, which included everything from red carpet, photographers and film we were a part of shown in a theater for everyone to see. The whole experience gave my sister and I an idea of what it was like to star in a movie. It was an experience of a lifetime and I wanted to experience it again and again and again.” The Astronaut Camp star disclosed.

She’s Into Sports

Gottesman fell on most people’s radar due to her work as an actress. But many others know her because of her talent as a competitive tennis player and skilled snowboarder.

The actress knows that becoming a professional athlete is demanding. So, she might never see that dream to fruition because she loves acting more.

“Now that I am older I can see myself playing competitively, but being a professional athlete requires 100 percent focus and dedication and I am 100 % focused on my acting career.” Gottesman told Numéro magazine.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Orli Gottesman

Where does Orli Gottesman live?

As of this writing, Gottesman lives in Los Angeles and Florida with her family. 

Does Orli Gottesman love animals?

Gottesman seemingly has a soft spot for animals, which is why she even takes care of three rescue dogs together with her family.

Was Orli Gottesman featured in a music video?

Gottesman appeared in the official music video for “Still Dreaming” by Kolten Kirschke in 2019.

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