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Ophena Magnetic Safety Stirrups Review

Ophena Magnetic Safety Stirrups Review

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When I first saw a video on Facebook of Ophena’s magnetic stirrup, I was skeptical. A magnetic stirrup? Surely that can’t work well or be very safe. However, my curiosity got the best of me and I watched the video.

Needless to say, I was captivated. So I browsed the Ophena website and watched every video they had available.

I read the reviews and searched for any reason why their magnetic stirrup wouldn’t work or be practical. But I couldn’t find one. 

Then on Christmas morning, my miniature dream came true, a shiny pair of stirrups were under the Christmas tree with my name on them. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry! The stunning packaging screamed “quality product” and the attention to detail was extraordinary. 

How Do the Ophena Magnetic Safety Stirrups Work?

Ophena’s magnetic stirrups work by sliding a magnetic insole into the bottom of your boots. These insoles then attract the magnetic inside the stirrups and move your foot into the correct position on the stirrups.

Here is a video below by Ophena showing how this works:

The insoles can be ordered individually for several pairs of boots or for different riders using the same saddle.

My dress boots fit quite snugly and I was worried that they wouldn’t fit with the insoles in. I knew they would fit with my paddock and field boots, so I opted to try them with my dress boots first. The magnetic sole didn’t add too much bulk and my boots still fit perfectly!

The magnetic stirrups added an extra sense of comfort and security while working horses but I decided to try them in the most rigorous environment I could think of, drag hunting. It had recently rained so the ground was a bit sloppy. The Ophena stirrups kept my foot in a secure position all day long. 

I’ve used these stirrups on my tried-and-true trail horse and on a young thoroughbred fresh from the track. In every situation I have felt safer and the stirrups themselves have made for a very comfortable ride. 

For more details, visit the Ophena website here.

Horse rider using the ophena magnetic safety stirrups while jumping

Ophena Stirrup Pros


I didn’t realize how much stirrup design can affect the comfort of a long ride until I had my first pair of properly fitting stirrups that fit my needs. Ophena’s stirrups are very comfortable and my knees and ankles didn’t hurt even after a 4 mile ride.


Due to an old injury, I have a habit of sitting slightly tilted in the saddle. As a result, I often drop my right stirrup. This is no longer an issue since their magnetic insoles keeps my foot securely in the proper position.


Due to the open design and magnetic materials, it is impossible to get caught in the stirrup during a fall. 

Gorgeous Design

These stirrups are beautifully packaged and look stunning with any saddle. They are definitely eye-catching, I received several complements the first time I used them in a group ride. 

Ophena stirrups review

Ophena Stirrup Cons:


It’s no secret that these stirrups aren’t cheap. Starting at $345 USD, these stirrups are an investment. 


Having one pair of insoles and several pair of boots could be annoying if you accidentally bring the wrong pair of boots to the barn. This could easily be remedied, however, by simply buying another pair of insoles. The insoles are also not very comfortable to walk in. 

Sharing Tack

Riders who share a saddle will have to either buy a pair of insoles for each rider or change stirrups each time. 

Final Review

Overall, these stirrups are a perfect choice for riders from beginner to advanced levels. The safety design makes them excellent for new riders, while professional riders appreciate the stylish design. They are available to be purchased directly from Ophena’s website.

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