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30 My Little Pony Quotes

30 My Little Pony Quotes

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Since it first got its start in the 1980s, My Little Pony has grown largely in popularity. It has garnered fans of all ages throughout the world.

Whether your favorite is Rainbow Dash, Pinky Pie, or Twighlight Sparkle, My Little Pony is full of lovable characters. From the movies to the TV shows, there have been some memorable My Little Pony quotes over the years. They perfectly capture the magic of this charming franchise.

Here are the best My Little Pony quotes:

1. “Never fear! Your friendly neighborhood Rainbow Dash is here.” – Rainbow Dash

2. “Hold on a second! Eternal chaos comes with chocolate rain, you guys! Chocolate! Rain!” – Pinkie Pie

3. “I simply cannot let such a crime against fabulosity go uncorrected.” – Rarity

4. “And that’s how Equestria was made!” – Pinkie Pie

5. “You’re going to love me!” – Fluttershy

6. “Uh, beg pardon Rarity, but, uh, we don’t normally wear clothes.” – Applejack

7. “It needs to be about 20% cooler.” – Rainbow Dash

8. “What fun is there in making sense?” – Discord

9. “We’ve learned that friendship isn’t always easy, but there’s no doubt it’s worth fighting for!” – Twilight Sparkle

10. “Reading is something every pony can enjoy if they just give it a try.” – Twilight Sparkle

11. “We can stay separated by fear and distrust, or we can choose friendship. We can choose love. That’s the true magic.” – Sunny Starscout

12. “Soup spoon, salad fork, pasta spoon, strawberry pick, I’m beginning to think that after friendship, the greatest magic of all is proper silverware placement!” -Twilight Sparkle

13. “Let the rainbow remind you that together we will always shine.” – Twilight Sparkle

14. “We’ll do our part. Hoof to heart.” – Sunny Starscout

15. “What’s it like to fly? Is your wingspan the same as your height? Do you need a license to fly? How far can you go? Do Pegasi wear horseshoes, or do they just weigh you down?” – Sunny Starscout

16. “Believing in something can help you do amazing things. But if that belief is based on a lie, eventually, it’s gonna lead to real trouble.” – Applejack

17. “Fine, I’m guilty! I wear false eyelashes. Oh, and I took a bite of the cake.” – Rarity

18. “Twilight, look at me! This will be the biggest celebration Equestria has ever seen. As the Princess of Friendship, you cannot fail. This day will define who you are. The pressure is intense. It’s almost too much for any single pony to handle!” – Pinkie Pie

19. “Do unicorns really live in trees? Do they eat pizza? If so, what toppings do they like? If not, why not? Can you actually fry pony brains with a single horn zap?” – Sunny Starscout

20. “I’m Princess Twilight Sparkle, and this is my home, Equestria. A land filled with magic, music, and most importantly, friendship! Life is perfect. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?” – Twilight Sparkle

21. “Everypony everywhere has a special magical connection with her friends, maybe even before she’s met them. If you’re feeling lonely and you’re still searching for your true friends, just look up in the sky. Who knows, maybe you and your future best friends are all looking at the same rainbow.” – Twilight Sparkle

22. “The crown may be upon your head Sunset Shimmer, but you cannot wield it, because you do not possess the most powerful magic of all: the magic of friendship!” – Twilight Sparkle

23. “I will need a box of macaroni, a tube of glue, fourteen gooey bunnies, and three jelly beans. Oh. And glitter. Lots of glitter.” – Izzy Moonbow

24. “Oatmeal!? Are you crazy?” – Pinkie Pie

25. “The truth is we can’t fly either. We’ve been faking it. You’d be surprised what some wires and good lighting will do. But I’m just so tired of living that ridiculous lie.” – Zipp Storm

26. “Someday, the both of us will meet unicorns or a Pegasus, and we’ll be best friends forever.” – Sunny Starscout

27. “Now that’s what I call a glow-up!” – Izzy Moonbow

28. “Dearest Spike, you should never be afraid to tell me the truth. We’re friends, remember?”- Rarity

29. “This is me being brave. I wanna be brave at home, locked in my closet, with my teddy bear.” – Fluttershy

30. “I’m doing scientific research. I’m observing Pinkie Pie, scientific name: Pinkius Piecus, in its natural habitat.” – Twilight Sparkle