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4 Best Auto Tracking Camera Mounts for Cameras and Phones

4 Best Auto Tracking Camera Mounts for Cameras and Phones

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Embark on a journey with us as we explore the world of auto tracking camera mounts. In this increasingly digital era, where content creation has become a daily part of life, having the right tools to support your projects is critical.

Whether you’re a professional videographer, a vlogger, horse rider, or simply someone who enjoys capturing special moments, an auto tracking camera mount is a game-changer.

These innovative devices, designed for both cameras and phones, follow your movements to ensure you’re always in the frame. They revolutionize the way you create your content, providing you with professional-grade, smooth, and sharp footage.

In this guide, we delve into the top auto tracking camera mounts available on the market, analyzing their features, benefits, and how they could elevate your videography experience.

4 Best Auto-Follow Camera Mounts

Pixio & Pixem

Pixem auto tracking camera mount with accessories

The Pixem is an auto-tracking robot camera mount designed with equestrians in mind. Whether you are inside or outside, you can easily record your ride thanks to the simple setup.

To use the Pixem, all you need to do is set up the three beacons in your arena, wear the watch, hook up your camera, and switch on to start recording.

It is compatible with smartphones and tablets, so you don’t need a professional camera to use it. With the automatic zoom feature, you will always get the best angle of you and your horse.

Your videos can be live-streamed on Facebook and Youtube, so you can share your ride with your friends and family. It also includes live lessons through so your instructor can give you feedback in real-time through a headset as you ride.

As an official supplier of FEI Dressage, Pixio is at the top of its class. Just like its counterpart the Pixem, it is an advanced auto-follow robot cameraman that is a dream for equestrians.

The Pixio is designed to be used with any standard camera and camcorder to achieve professional quality auto-follow footage. A multi-cable is included that can be used with most Sony cameras.

It is simple to set up and can be used in indoor or outdoor arenas, with the ability to automatically zoom while tracking.

Just like the Pixem, the setup includes three microbeacoms and a wristband for a simple setup auto-follow that always gets the best point of view. An app can easily be downloaded to your phone that can be used as a remote control and your video can easily be edited with any software.

For your convenience, you can live stream your riding lessons with the ability for your trainer to provide instant feedback of your ride.

Pivo Max

Pivo Max auto follow camera mount for vlogging

No need to ask your friend to record your lesson, as the Pivo Max can do it much better. Compatible with smartphones, cameras, or tablets, it is a convenient and affordable way to film your riding no matter the discipline.

With enhanced versatility and smoother 360-degree rotation, the smart tracking auto-follow always keeps you in view. You can even record motion-tracked videos with your smartphone and camera at the same time, allowing you to easily create content for different formats.

An LED light ring allows you to never miss a beat with real-time updates. A handy remote allows you to start and stop recording, control rotation, zoom in, or change mode from up to 100 feet away.

The Pivo Max includes face, body, horse, and dog tracking, allowing you to achieve the best quality footage of your ride. Pivo will then follow the motion of your horse as you ride, whether you are walking or cantering. Your trainer can even use the remote to zoom in to focus on different parts of you during your lesson.

Pivo Max is compatible with all tripods and setup only takes a few minutes. You can even charge your phone as you record so you never have to worry about your battery giving up.

Overall, the Pivo Max is a great affordable motion-tracking camera mount that can be used with smartphones, cameras, and tablets. It has several different features that allow your creative side to run wild. The 360-degree rotation is ideal for arenas; there is no need to set up beacons or wear a tracker as the mount uses AI auto-tracking.


Camrola auto follow camera mount device

If you want a budget-friendly, versatile tracking camera mount, Camrola has you covered. No special app is needed to operate as you can easily use apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Zoom with live streaming capabilities.

The handy camera mount features an AI computing system using a built-in camera that can automatically recognize and track your face or body. With 360-degree rotation, it can steadily track your movement so you never miss a beat.

Camrola can easily be mounted to a tripod to allow you to adjust the angle and the height. The phone holder expands from two to four inches wide to securely fit any size cell phone. It is a great option for all your vlogging needs, with reviewers even using it for horseback riding as well.

Overall, the Camrola is a great option for those wanting an easy-to-use camera mount that is budget-friendly. While it may not be as advanced as some other auto-tracking camera mounts, it is a solid option if you are looking to record yourself for fun.


Jespan Auto Face Tracking Tripod

The Jesban adopts dual-core AI computing power which automatically recognizes your face or shape, tracking you as you move. With this technology, you will be able to capture your every move fast.

The mount uses a built-in camera and works with your phone so you can live stream without needing an app or Bluetooth connection. You can easily use apps such as Tiktok, Facebook, Zoom, Youtube, and Facetime to share with those you care about.

The 360-degree rotation means that you will never miss a moment. A clip-on selfie ring light is included so you can get improved lightning no matter whether you blog. You can attach the camera mount to a tripod so you can film in your arena as you ride.

Overall, if you are simply looking to record for fun or share with friends and family, the Jesban is a reliable choice. While it may not be as advanced as the Pixiem/Pixio or Pivo Max, it still is a solid choice for those who are on a budget. You don’t have to worry about downloading an app and you can use it with any smartphone.

Why Should I Invest in a Motion Tracking Camera Mount?

Robotic camera mounts are a great training tool for equestrians to use. They allow you to have quality footage of your ride without needing someone to record your lesson for you. It allows you to easily watch yourself and your horse with your trainer after your lesson to analyze how your ride went.

Here are the benefits of auto-follow cameras:

  • Allows you to analyze yourself and your horse to help you make progress in your training.
  • Does not require a person to hold while recording.
  • You can record your ride so you can send it to your instructor for feedback.
  • Allows you to get a better understanding of your instructor’s comments, as you can see for yourself what they were talking about.
  • Can be used with cameras you already own.


What is the Best GoPro for Horseback Riding?

The best GoPro to use for horseback riding is the GoPro HERO7, as it is small, waterproof, and can live stream video. It also features “HyperSmooth” image stabilization and 4K video for steady footage that is high quality. It can be attached to a helmet or chest mount.

What is the Best Auto-Follow Camera Mount for Horseback Riding?

The best auto-follow camera mount for horseback riding is the Pixio. It is used by many professional equestrian athletes both indoors and outdoors for capturing high-quality footage.

What is the Best Budget Friendly Motion Tracking Camera Mount for Horseback Riding?

The Pivo Max is the best budget-friendly auto-follow camera mount for horseback riding. At $250, it does a great job capturing riding indoors and outdoors with a 360-degree rotation. In addition, it has lots of other fun features that are awesome for creative people.

Can Auto-Follow Camera Mounts Be Used for All Riding Disciplines?

Yes, auto-tracking camera mounts can be used for all riding disciplines, even jumping.

Do Robot Camera Mounts Work at All Gaits?

Yes, you can use auto-follow camera mounts at all gaits while riding. They are best for use at the walk, trot, and canter, as some of them may have a hard time keeping center at a gallop.