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Miniature Horse Farm Makes for the Cutest Day Out Ever

Miniature Horse Farm Makes for the Cutest Day Out Ever

Everything’s bigger in Texas… except these Miniature horses! Little America is a farm in Austin, Texas, with big goals.

With over 150 horses in their herd, this may be the cutest place in the world. Fortunately, you can plan a visit to spend the day with these tiny equines!

Little America has been family owned and operated for more than 50 years and they welcome guests with open arms.

The owners, who probably have the best job ever, love to host guests and show off their fluffy little horses. Their Miniature horses come in every shape and color.

Little America’s Outreach Program

Once a week, on Thursday afternoons, Little America plays hosts to local children for an after school program.

These children range in age from elementary school to high school seniors. They learn valuable lessons on responsibility and hard work by cleaning stalls, grooming horses, practicing for shows, and working with newborn foals.

Local parents with school aged children are invited to call the ranch and sign their child up for the Thursday afternoon program. Parents are asked to stay for the duration of the session.

Miniature horse foal

Visiting the Little America Ranch

Visitors who want to spend the day surrounded by cuteness are able to pet, hold, feed, and take minis for a walk. Owner Tony Greaves is more than happy to show guests around.

Tony amazes visitors by being able to name each horse and recite their pedigree verbatim. Tony’s mother states that he learned to walk by holding onto the lead rope of his first pony.

The ranch hosts visitors from all across the country as well as several other nations. They have customers from France, Mexico, Belgium, Scotland, Russia, Canada, and Australia.

When planning a visit, be sure to contact the ranch first as they are by appointment only. The ranch can be contacted by phone at 512-295-4575 and their website.

What’s the Difference Between a Miniature Horse and Pony?

As we mention in our guide to the difference between a miniature horse and a pony, Miniature horses are a relatively new horse breed.

The American Miniature Horse Registry was founded in 1972 as a division of the American Shetland Pony Club. According to the AMHR, a “Miniature should be a small, sound, well-balanced horse and should give the impression of strength, agility and alertness.

A Miniature should be eager and friendly but not skittish in disposition.” It is a requirement that Miniature horses stand under 34 inches at the shoulder.

Ponies, however, have been in existence for thousands of years and have much broader guidelines. A pony can be of any size under 58 inches at the shoulder.

Also, read our fun guide to the smallest horses and horse breeds.

Uses for Miniature Horses

Little America currently has several miniature horses looking for their forever homes!

Miniature horses are competitively shown all over the globe in classes such as showmanship, halter, driving, free jumping, and trail classes. These tiny horses are also proving themselves to be spectacular service animals for people with disabilities who may be allergic to dogs.

Though small in stature, these horses are incredibly intelligent, loyal, and adorable! They have all the characteristics of a full-size horse in a compact package.

Recently, a miniature horse sparked controversy when it accompanied its handler on a commercial flight.

More Photos of Miniature Horses!

Appaloosa miniature horse
Small horses having a play fight
Little America's Phantom's Knightfall