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McLeod’s Daughters Characters Who Die

McLeod’s Daughters Characters Who Die

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The beloved Australian TV series McLeod’s Daughters ran from 2001-2009. After the death of their father, estranged sisters Claire and Tess reunite to run the family’s ranch.

Life at Drover’s Run often comes with challenges, but the sisters commit to running the property. The series delivered many memorable moments and lovable characters.

Throughout the series, fans saw the deaths of some of the most popular characters. Many of these deaths were shocking and heartbreaking, leaving fans in disbelief.

Here is a look at the major characters who die in McLeod’s Daughters, as well as deaths that were faked throughout the series.

Major McLeod’s Daughters Character Deaths

Claire McLeod

Claire McLeod’s death was the most shocking and heartbreaking death in the entire series. The tragedy struck just as everything was beginning to fall into place for Claire.

Tess, Claire, and her daughter Charlotte were on their way back from picking up party supplies. After narrowly missing a car accident with a Brumby, the car hits a series of potholes and Claire’s foot gets stuck under the break.

Claire is able to get her foot unstuck and stop the car in just the nick of time. However, the car was left precariously balancing on the edge of a cliff.

Tess was able to grab Charlotte and get out of the car. Claire, unfortunately, was left stuck under the steering wheel and badly injured. While Tess tried to open the door to save her, the door was jammed close.

Realizing there was no way out of the scenario, Claire asked Tess to watch over Charlotte. Then to the shock of fans, the ute fell over the edge of the cliff, plunging Claire to her tragic death.

The death of Claire left many fans heartbroken. Many people believe that the series wasn’t as good after Claire’s tragic passing in season 3.

Brett Buchanon

Brett Buchanon in McLeod's Daughters

Brett Buchanon aka Brick was a station hand at Killarney. He begins a relationship with Becky after she begins working at Drover’s Run.

Eventually, Brett leaves to help his ailing uncle in Queensland. Becky doesn’t see or hear from Brett for a long time leaving her suspicious.

Becky then begins searching for Brett, spending several months looking for him. After a dream, she is led to a bridge where she finds his body.

In his pocket, Becky finds an engagement ring, making his death all the more heartbreaking. Becky mourns Brett’s death, knowing he had been there for some time.

Harry Ryan

Harry Ryan's death in the McLeod's Daughters TV show

Jodie had been rushing home to get to a business meeting and was distracted by a phone call when her vehicle slammed into Harry’s car. When Jodie realized that Harry was dead she became distraught thinking she caused his death.

Alex and Nick were left shocked and heartbroken upon learning their father had died. Harry and Alex had not been on the best terms at the time of his death, filling him with regret.

However, at the end of the episode, it is revealed that Harry had already died prior to the car accident from a heart attack. His partner, Sandra, tampered with his medication which led to his heart failing.

Riley Ward

Riley Ward in McLeod's Daughters

Riley Ward was a farrier and horse gentler who joined McLeod’s Daughters in season 6. Stevie had found Riley squatting on Drover’s Run.

After some clashing, Riley and Stevie begin a program to capture and train Brumbies. Eventually, Riley becomes the overseer of Killarney.

Riley begins a relationship with Kate, however, he ends up in a tragic car accident. While riding with Grace, Tayler, and Patrick, their car ends up submerged in a river. As Riley’s body is never found it is presumed that he is dead.

Alex Ryan

Alex Ryan death on McLeod's Daughters

Alex and a very heavily pregnant Stevie had just reunited after Alex returned from a trip to Argentina. As they were driving home, they stopped to move branches that were blocking the road.

After clearing their way, they decide to share a kiss under the tree. However, their romantic moment was interrupted as another branch began to fall from the tree.

Alex managed to push Stevie out of the way to save her from the falling branch but became trapped in the process. The branch struck Alex and fell on his chest, trapping him.

Sadly, there was nothing Stevie could do to save Alex. He died gazing into the eyes of the woman he loved dearly.

Stevie was left heartbroken by the death of Alex. She ended up going into labor the next day and gave birth to their baby boy.

Fake McLeod’s Daughters Character Deaths

Nick Ryan

Nick Ryan on McLeod's Daughters

Nick was presumed dead after a plane he was supposed to be on crashed while traveling from Argentina to Australia. Tess was left distraught over the news. However, it turns out that Nick never made it on the plane.

It turns out that Nick had actually been mugged on his way to the airport. He spent months unconscious in the hospital before anyone knew what actually happened to him.

After Nick recovers, he makes his return to Drover’s Run. Eventually, Nick and Tess decide to move to Argentina.

Jodi Fountain and Matt Bosnich

Jodi Fountain and Matt Bosnich in McLeod's Daughters

Fans were left shocked as it appeared that Jodi and Matt had died in a car explosion. However, it was revealed in the next episode that the car exploded without them inside.

Jodi and Matt orchestrated the explosion to fake their own deaths after a hitman was after them. While those around them thought that they died, they actually went into witness protection.

Matt is forced to go into witness protection after a work colleague of his was a big dealer. Jodi also must go into witness protection after a hitman learns she is connected to Matt. They only let a few people know that they actually faked their deaths for their protection.