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12 Most Luxurious Horse Barns You Won’t Believe Exist

12 Most Luxurious Horse Barns You Won’t Believe Exist

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The first priority of a horse barn is to keep the horses safe and sheltered. However, some barns go above and beyond with impressive luxury.

Whether we’re talking about climate control or beautiful friezes on the stalls, there are horses in this world that live in the equivalent of mansions.

Here are some of the most luxurious horse barns in the world.

The Heilan Horse Culture Museum

Heilan Horse Museum - Horse Barns
The Heilan Horse Culture Museum has marble floors and a golden ceiling.
Luxury Horse Barns

Well, to be fair, this one isn’t a barn so much as it is an actual museum. While the internet often misplaces this to Dubai, the pictures are actually of the Heilan Horse Culture Museum in China. It’s part of an ecological tourism effort in Jiangyin and owned by the Heilan Group, which sells menswear.

The Museum houses 43 horses of different breeds, including imported Akhal-Tekes from Turkmenistan and horses from Mongolia.

The Versailles Stables

horse barns
The Versailles Stables are as luxurious as the palace they serve.

The Palace of Versailles is a landmark in France in and of itself. Known for its excess and luxury, it is a work of art in itself. The stables are no different, and they still house horses.

The National Equestrian Academy of the Estate of Versailles hosts shows and visits. You can find more here.

The Grand Stables of Chantilly

Luxury Horse Barns
The Grand Stables at Chantilly belonged to the noble Montmorency family.

France marks another entry in our list with the Grand Stables of the Chatêau de Chantilly. These stables belonged to French noble family of Montmorency, and at its height housed 250 horses and over 300 hunting dogs.

Currently, the Domaine de Chantilly is also open to visits and has a horse museum. It houses beautiful Andalusian and Lusitano horses, as well as draft breeds such as the Percheron and miniature horses.

Christiansborg Palace Stables

Luxury Horse Barns
The Christianborg Palace Stables are still in use and house horses used by the Danish Royal family.

This building now houses the Danish Parliament, but Kladruber horses from the Czech Republic still live in the stables and drive the Danish royal family on special occasions.

The horse barns used to house as many as 85 horses in its heyday.

Rallywood Farm

The Rallywood Farm Luxury Horse Barns
The Rallywood Farm integrates with the home.

This unique barn in The Plains, Virginia, joins luxurious homes for the horses as well as for the humans. In fact, both humans and horses are almost seamlessly integrated, as the horses can dine with their owners. This unusual choice doesn’t really detract from the elegance of the ensemble.

Selman Hotel & Stables

Luxury Horse Barns
The Selman Hotel & Stables offers a luxury 5-star hotel with an equally luxurious horse barn.

Located in Marrakech, Morocco, in this hotel, you rest in as much style as the horses themselves. The Selman Hotel & Stables features all the luxury items of a great hotel, as well as the finest Arabians and Thoroughbreds.

Hummingbird Ranch

Luxury Horse Barns
The Hummingbird Ranch has a beautiful, Spanish-style stable.

The Hummingbird Ranch is a popular filming and wedding location in Simi Valley, California. It also includes a beautiful Spanish-style stable, which hosts some very fortunate horses.

Hassler Dressage

Luxury Horse Barns
Image by Hassler Dressage.

In Chesapeake City, Maryland, the Hassler Dressage stables offer comfort for their horses in a gorgeous setting.

The Martha Stewart Stable

Luxury Horse Barns
The Martha Steward Stable. Image by Equestrian Quarterly.

Oh yes, you read that right. Martha Steward’s stables are as beautiful and tasteful as you’d expect. The farm was originally a cow farm, but after Martha acquired the estate, she converted it into this beautiful home for her horses.

The Royal Stables of Córdoba

Luxury Horse Barns
The birthplace of the Andalusian breed still operates.

This castle for horses has an even greater significance than being a luxurious home. Yes, this was where the Andalusian horse breed began. Commissioned by Felipe II of Spain, it has a militaristic style and was founded in 1540.

Reader’s Suggestion: the Spanish Riding School of Vienna

Horses at the Spanish Riding School of Vienna
The Lipizzaner stallions in Vienna are selected from the Piber Federal Stud. Image by Dennis Jarvis/Flickr.
The Spanish Riding School of Vienna
The Spanish Riding School of Vienna is popular for its grey Lipizzaner stallions and classical dressage.

The Spanish Riding School of Vienna got its name in 1572 and is the oldest still-existing riding school in the world, but its famous white riding hall was built only in 1729. It gets its name from the Spanish horses used to create the famous Lipizzaner breed.

The riding school gets its famous Lipizzaner stallions from the Piber Federal Stud, founded in 1798. Suggested by Horses Mad reader Mary Kamoss.

Reader’s Suggestion: Sterling Pointe Farm

Sterling Pointe Farm
Located in Rochester, MA, Sterling Pointe offers training and boarding

Located in Rochester, MA, Sterling Pointe Farm is a riding school and training centre specialized in saddle seat, driving and western-style riding.

So what do you think of these horse barns? Do you know more beautiful, luxurious places? Let us know in the comments!

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