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Labrador Adopts Miniature Horse After Birth Mum Rejects Her

Labrador Adopts Miniature Horse After Birth Mum Rejects Her

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It’s hard to imagine that anyone could reject a tiny baby animal but that’s exactly what happened to Chanel, the dwarf horse. The miniature animal was rejected by her mother at birth, leaving her life hanging in the balance.

Disabled and without a mother to nurture her, the odds weren’t looking good for Chanel but fate had something special in store.

Enter The Peeps Foundation and their Labrador, Huckleberry. Not only did they take her in, but Huckleberry formed a very special bond with the tiny pony.

Odds Stacked Against Her

Chanel was born with many disabilities and the miniature horse was so tiny, for a while it looked like she wasn’t going to make it.

Her birth mother rejected her, leaving the baby horse on her own to battle her disabilities.

The owner didn’t know what to do but luckily The Peeps Foundation were able to step in.

With specialist knowledge of dwarf animals, the charitable group had the expertise to gently nurse Chanel back to full health.

Small horse with dwarfism is rescued

Like many dwarf horses, Chanel’s leg ligaments were very weak and she was unable to support her weight. This made it impossible for her to stand or walk, huge disabilities which could have been devastating in the hands of someone else.

However, Jenn Stribl and Josh Dolan’s unwavering care made the difference, supporting the little horse while she grew stronger and feeding her two-hourly around the clock.

But it wasn’t just the human founders of The Peeps Foundation that were to play an essential part in transforming the fortunes of Chanel; their pet dog was to prove very important to the tiny horse too.

A Special Bond Between Dog & Horse

The family’s Labrador, Huckleberry – affectionately known as Huck – immediately took on a protective role when Chanel arrived.

Although the charity specialises in helping miniature animals, Huck and Chanel were to share a very special bond. Here is a video below of Hunk & Chanel chilling out.

The relationship between the tiny pony and the dog was to become so close that Chanel seemed to think she was a Labrador too!

Hanging out with Huck and his canine pals means that Chanel prefers to sleep in the house rather than the barn and her favorite pastime is playing fetch!

This wouldn’t have been possibly in the early days, but thanks to Huck looking out for her and the know-how of Jenn and Josh, Chanel’s legs have gradually grown stronger.

With special exercises such as hydrotherapy, Chanel is now able to trot around and enjoy the outdoors just like any other horse!

Although Chanel has grown since she was a tiny newborn horse, she’s still very small. This means she can sneak into the house and hide in a corner without anyone spotting her!

She loves to be petted but if she’s trying to avoid being taken back to the barn, she’ll snuggle down in a quiet spot inside and can remain there for hours without being seen!

Update: 22/02/2020

We had some sad news. Last week we recently reached out to The Peeps Foundation and they informed us that Chanel had passed away the start of the year due to heart complications. They informed us they would still like the article published in Chanel’s memory.

To help make sure the memory of Chanel never fades please share this Chanel and Hunk’s heartwarming story.

To keep up-to-date, follow The Peeps Foundation Instagram where they post regular updates of all the miniatures horses at the farm.


Sunday 12th of April 2020

Im so sad for her. I follow the Peeps foundation and I had understood that on a comment. Nothing published or I dont find it I started follow her because of this adorable Chanel Merrylegs ( May she can rest in peace)

Im from french so please excuse my bad English

I love her so much … im so sad

Little Chanel she had a very good life with Josh, Ithank him for that and for all he does Everyday for all those beautifull dwarfs horses.

Rest in peace little Chanel Merrylegs youre so sweet and beautiful.