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5 Best Horse Magazines for Kids & Young Riders

5 Best Horse Magazines for Kids & Young Riders

Horse magazines are a great way for kids to learn all about breeds, riding tips, care, and grooming. We are sharing the best horse magazines for young riders that are packed full of great advice for kids and teens that are horse-obsessed.

From expanding knowledge on everything horses to staying up to date on current events, these magazines are a must-read for all young equestrians.

These horse magazines for kids feature knowledgeable staff and writers that work to educate and inspire youth to follow their passion for horses.

Here the 5 best horse magazines for kids and teens:

Young Rider

Young Rider magazine for kids

Young Rider is a horse magazine for kids aged 8 to 15 years old that inspires kids and teens to pursue their passion for horsemanship. It delivers a fun mixture of articles on English and western riding disciplines, horse care tips, and stories of kids and their horses.

Within the issues, you will find beautiful posters and fun contests for readers to participate in. The articles are not only educational but also entertaining, featuring everything you need to know about riding and horses.

Young Rider has four issues every year. Find Young Rider magazine here on Amazon or

Blaze Magazine

Blaze Magazine for young equestrians

For kids ages 8-14, Blaze magazine is packed full of fun horse facts, crafts, and cool games. Inspired by a real-life Rocky Mountain Horse named Blaze, the magazine includes lots of informative and fun articles that span across all sorts of horse-related topics.

Every issue is interactive, so readers get excited to learn more about horses. Not only will you learn about horses, but also nature, history, arts and much more.

From reading about different breeds to busting myths, Blaze releases four issues every year. Find Blaze Magazine here on Amazon or

Pony Magazine

Pony Magazine for kids

From riding and care tips, gorgeous posters, quizzes, lifestyle articles, contests, and much more. Pony Magazine is a great resource for eager, growing riders, especially kids under 15 years old. Learn all about top-riders, get educational tips and further your passion for all things equine.

Pony is full of articles to help improve your riding skills by learning expert tips that are educational and practical. Stay up to date with the latest horse gossip and get in on behind-the-scenes action.

Pony Magazine has 13 issues every year and can be found here on Amazon or

Diagonals Magazine

Diagonals Horse magazine

For young equestrians, novices, and newcomers to the show horse industry, Diagonals helps educate and excite riders for the show ring. From featuring expert riding tips to help build confidence to outfitting show clothes, they feature wonderful and educational advice.

Every issue includes spotlights on horses and/or riders, giving a personal look into those within the show horse community. Posters, coloring pages, and other fun interactive items are included to get readers hands-on.

Every issue is a great resource for junior horse riders aged 8 to 17. Diagonals magazine releases two issues a year and can be found here on

Horse Illustrated

Horse Illustrated horse magazine front cover

Horse Illustrated is a wonderful all-around horse magazine for adults and kids. No matter what breed or discipline you ride, they share in-depth articles to help you achieve your riding goals.

They educate riders of all experience levels on different disciplines, breeds, horse care, training, and much more. In addition, they also feature lifestyle articles so you can stay up-to-date on what is going on in the equine world. Horse Illustrated has 10 issues a year and can be found here on Amazon or


Tuesday 2nd of November 2021

In Australia we have HorseWyse Magazine, which is aimed at young (and young at heart) horse lovers. It is packed full of horse related stories, how to's, young rider profiles, posters, activities and so much more! It comes out 4 x a year.