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Is 1923 Going to be on Netflix, Peacock, or Hulu? 

Is 1923 Going to be on Netflix, Peacock, or Hulu? 

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You might have heard of Paramount Network’s neo-Western American drama series Yellowstone, which became one of the most successful tv shows in 2022.

That much-beloved television franchise will have its own prequel series, “1923,” which premiered on December 18, 2022.

The prequel features a different generation of the Dutton family, which at the time was headed by Jacob Dutton (Harrison Ford).

They try to survive the trying times that happened during the Great Depression, Western Expansion, and Prohibition. These are significant events in America’s history as it transitioned to a more industrialized world.

Jacob Dutton, the brother of James Dutton of “1883”, also a prequel series of Yellowstone, took over the Yellowstone ranch after his brother and brother’s wife passed away. Moreover, he took on his brother’s children to raise them as his own.

Here the Duttons suffer the same fate as their predecessors as they try to fend off their enemies from taking away the ranch and endeavor to solve the disputes that threaten to break their family apart.

Is 1923 on Netflix, Peacock, or Hulu?

No, 1923 will not be available on Netflix, Peacock, or Hulu. It is an exclusive series for Paramount+ and can only be watched on there.

Paramount+ is a streaming service owned by Paramount Global, which also owns the cable channel Paramount Network, which airs Yellowstone. Paramount have the exclusive streaming rights for the Yellowstone prequels 1923 and 1883.

Paramount+ is available for $4.99 a month for the essential plan and $9.99 for the premium plan. Annual subscriptions are available for $49.99 a year with the essential plan and $99.99 a year for the premium plan. The plans include a free 7-trial day, and you cancel your subscription at any time.

You can also watch 1923 by subscribing to the Paramount Plus channel through Amazon for $9.99 a month.

Spencer Dutton and Alexandra holding hands while walking in African rush in the 1923 drama series

Paramount+ also offers a 25% student discount and the ability to save up to 16% with an annual subscription.

In the UK, you can also watch 1923 on various Sky platforms. Subscribers of Sky Cinema will have access to Paramount+ and the Yellowstone prequels at no extra cost.

The Paramount+ app is available on Samsung, Apple, Google, and Roku devices.